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If nighttime temperatures get much cooler, I may have to close some windows here at night. Last night it dropped to about 47F, just a tad chilly in here this morning but I’m not putting heat on yet. The cats are finding blankets to sleep under, the wimps.

There have been a few people drop by the Steemit Ramble discord to nominate posts. I’ll be reviewing them and deciding if the post gets included in the Ramble. I appreciate those who nominate other posts they think are quality.

If I don’t include the post, it could still be a quality post to some, just didn’t catch my attention enough to make the Ramble.

Onward to today’s rambling

Support those working to expose abuse, and save the rewards pool!! (Part2) Featuring: @sherlockholmes and @paulag

Excellent interview @inquiringtimes did with @sherlockholmes who focuses on investigating abuse situations here on Steemit. No matter what system is used, someone will find a way to try to exploit it to gain and easy buck or two or three.

People like @sherlockholmes and @paulag (previously interviewed) are working to expose the abusers. In @sherlockholmes case, he presents the facts and lets others do the downvoting, as it does take a village to keep a community functioning. I’ve seen his name mentioned more than once as someone working for the good of Steemit, so he has developed a strong reputation.

Introducing contests: The place you come to compete and win!

If you aren’t using discord, you may want to start soon. There is a growing number of Steem related servers over there and some of them are doing some really interesting things for the STEEM community.

I have been on the Whaleshares server for a while haven’t quite got my head around all that it does. Some of them do take some exploring. This morning I popped in there and happened to see this post. That account will be resteeming contests being sponsored by whaleshares.

I don’t participate in many contests but I know a lot of you do, so there is a way of keeping track of what is running from the whaleshares group.

August Posts Bench Marking Report - Business Intelligence Steemit

@paulag is a member who enjoys crunching numbers and looking at stats and has been applying those skills to Steemit. This post takes a look at posting, rewards and commenting stats for the month of August. Interesting reading that will give you a bit of an idea where you fall on the spectrum.

One Of The Most Respected Steemians @lauralemons Is No More - Please think of voiceshares to share your agony before taking an extreme step - Think of us once!!! Let's fight this together!!

@voiceshares follows up on the loss to the platform of @lauralemons by suicide. @voiceshares is letting us know they are there for support and as a place for you to reach out if you’re struggling and finding the darkness moving in.

Suicide is a Truly Dark Dark Place

Still on the topic of suicide, I wrote a post last night about some of my experiences with suicide in my life. If you haven’t seen it, I hope you find something informative from the post.

Steemit Voting Pattern Analysis based on hour and day of the week

I’ve often seen the question asked, when is the optimal time to post for voting purposes. @dbdecoy has also crunched some numbers and is sharing them to provide a bit of a guide for good times to post. Interesting reading.

Invited as a Witness for the Unmentionables First Raffle Result

@littlenewthings was invited to witness the unmentionables first raffle drawing. So, since I promoted the raffle in a previous Ramble, here is the result.

B&W Photo Contest - Food -"Mushroom hunters have questionable morels"

This post was nominated by @ajdohmen. Thank you for the nomination.

@fabulousfungi has done a great post here, a nice photo of the subject and a great writeup about morels. Well written.

🔄#thealliance🔄🙌Updates🌊and📣Announcements 090917🐬 (Heinz 57 - New Contests - and - Explosions?)

As I have mentioned before, there are several Steem related discord servers which have formed. Some are doing some great projects. I could almost spend the day jumping between servers but I keep my time a bit more productive at times.

They are a great way to get to know fellow Steemians and even better find some great profiles to follow. This morning I came across a link to one called “thealliance”. I clicked it of course, who doesn’t want a rabbit hole to follow :)

I explored around, but no one seemed to be around until later when @enginewitty asked me to read the new update and comment. Well, my questions were answered and now I’m sharing with you.

What A Lovely Day To Be An Ab-Agnostic!

This post was also nominated by @ajdohmen. Thank you for the nomination.

WARNING: If you don’t get satire, do not look at this piece.

I don’t get all satire but this one I got and liked. One of the things I like about satire it is ability to afflict the comfortable. That phrase being drawn from a chaplain I respect oft made comment “I have been comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”

Curiouser and Curiouser: Why Alice's Wild Trip Still Intrigues Us!

@suicidalviral does an excellent analysis of the perennial children’s favourite “Alice in Wonderland” and why it still is one of the most widely read children’s books 100 years after it was written. Well done.

Are you Steemed that all your Steeming is not producing the Steem you expected?

@jasonshick follows the general pattern of a newbie to Steemit and how they go from the high of being able to make money to post content to the low of giving up. He talks about how you can get past that and stick around on the system. A lot of it is the mindset we approach the platform with.

How not to feel homesick when living abroad.

I haven’t done much moving from place to place during my life. I’m not the restless sort who finds the need to try living some where else nor have I had to move for work.

I can see how it can be difficult to adjust to and fit into a new country. Hell, the few times I did move, I wasn’t crazy on the newness of a new community.@crazybgadventure writes about how to make that transition easier so you actually do feel at home in this new place.

Wrap-up on Day 119

Well, it has been an interesting day roaming around Steemit and the related discords. I visited some different channels to find posts today and was glad I did. Nothing like doing things a wee bit different.

Still Pending Posts

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Below are the posts still pending payout as of the time of the writing. I invite you to visit the posts and upvote them if you like them:

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I Promise I'm Not A Crazy Cat Lady -- Crazy Maybe :)
September 7 -- Steemit Ramble #118 -- Curating Great Posts for You
Suicide is a Truly Dark Dark Place

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting.

Nominate Your Favourite Post

With all the chaff that I end up trying to sift through each time I sit down to do the Steemit Ramble, I think it is time to give you dear reader an opportunity to nominate your favourite reads.

Just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord and post the link in the Nominate-A-Post Channel.

This is NOT an invite to SPAM!

As much as you may love your own post, I am really looking for someone else to say, “Hey, I like this post, have a look”. When I post a Steemit Ramble, that is what I’m telling my readers.

Once you’ve shared someone else’s post, you’ll be given access to a channel where you can share your own posts for me to consider them. It’s only fair for you to have the chance.

Please Join the Curation Trail

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And thank you for your continued effort to support and promote quality content. Making Steemit great!

Thanks for the nomination @ajdohmen!
And thanks to @shadowspub for promoting my post. I'm glad you liked it!

Excellent and detailed curation post. First time hearing about your initiative. I dig it! I'll be back in the morning to show some support to the pieces you mentioned. Thanks a lot for your mention of mine. Have a great night!

thank you @d-pend and thank you for the work you do to add to the site. Without quality material like yours for me to find, the Ramble just wouldn't work.

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awesome curation post, and even more awesome that I have been included. thanks, you rock

thank you for the work you are doing on Steemit. Not everyone is willing to crunch numbers and then be able to apply expertise to the task.

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