Sept 24 - Steemit Ramble - Notes on My Favourite Reads

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Well, last night was a success. We had 90 people out to celebrate our 85th anniversary of our Legion branch. One of the highlights of the evening was presenting a WW2 veteran with his bar for 60 years of Legion service. Comrade Don has been an active member not only serving the branch but the community as well. What an amazing achievement.

Our guest speakers gave a presentation on a database they are building to catalog Canada’s war memorials. They define memorials as anything that exists to commemorate battles, units, places, individuals etc from wartime.

For example, we have a wall of honour displaying the pictures of Canadians killed during the Afghanistan war. That is a memorial. We have a painting a member did years ago depicting then Lieutenant Charles Rutherford earning his Victoria Cross, that is a memorial.

After dinner, some of spent the evening in the clubroom enjoying some drinks and a few laughs. Great fun. I’m expecting some pictures sent to me from the event in the next few days. I will try to post some.

Onward to today’s reading

Dude Where's Our Votes? #DolphinSchool, the vote weirdness of the past two days and a balanced approach to it!

@markrmorrisjr writes an excellent piece that should clear up any confusion over the voting. We still have 40 votes a day, not the 5 full power or more lower power that was being discussed for one of the hardforks. Even though we have sliders for our votes, unless your a whale, for the most part, you might as well vote at 100%, especially if you don’t go over 40 votes a day.

Why you receive Steem and how to Power Up with Steem ? – A visual step by step guide

@steempowerwhale writes a very concise post on how Steem appears in your wallet and how to use it to powerup. Information worth knowing.

The dirty secrets of internet marketing and how it all pushed me to Steemit

The language is a little rough in this post but @aldentan writes a brutally honest piece about the seedy side of online marketing. He’s dead on, at least, much of what he says has been my experience. I had to look past a lot of what he’s written about trying to find real ways of marketing honestly.

5 Reasons why I quit my job and became a full-time Steemer instead

@modernbukowski writes about why he’s focusing on doing Steemit full-time now he is without a job. He has five main reasons/benefits of working from home on Steemit. I have a similar outlook.

Identity & Content Verification Guide: When to Ask and When Not To

One of the chats that I watch on Steem Chat is the abuse channel. One reason I watch the channel is in case something I’m about to name as a favourite read is on their radar as they try to watch out for copy/paste and plagiarism. One of the controversies I see rise over there are times is about account verification. @steemcleaners has written a great piece about the subject. Well worth the read.

Audrie & Daisy (speaking out about sexual abuse)

@lauralemons writes a post about a documentary on Netflix that deals with victim blaming when girls report sexual assault. For many girls and women, the ordeal of reporting sexual assault is as bad or worse than the assault itself while all too often, the perpetrator either goes free or gets a slap on the wrist. Assaults happen to males and while the article doesn’t deal with it, that opens a whole new area of abuse if they report it.

The Steemit Wish List - Avatars, Notifications, Multi-Language Support, and More - Oh, My! (v2.0)

@timcliff writes an extensive wish list for possible features and additions to Steemit. I don’t agree with all the ideas but that’s okay.. That is what ideas are for, discussion, debate, consideration. I really don’t like the suggestions about allowing autovotes and the advertising.

I currently like the absence of advertising but should it become necessary to support the site, it will be a necessary evil.

As for the autovoting, I think that will take too many incentives away from the site. For example, if everyone and their brother is auto-voting, why bother with creating quality content once you have developed a reputation? I know there currently are bots on the site, some just there and others with a specific purpose. There is plagiarism too but that doesn’t make it a good idea to sanction it.

How to Play the STEEMIT LOTTERY - 5 WAYS TO WIN! - The 500+ Follower Post from @papa-pepper

When I first saw @papa-pepper’s title I thought it was some sort of lottery scheme. I didn’t realize until I started reading the post that he title is an analogy between posting on Steemit and a lottery. A long interesting read, that you will likely need to come back to often.

Groovy Grannies

@phoenixmaid posts about a project she’s started and the ever favourite granny square used in crochet to create many types of projects. This post appealed to me because I have done a lot of crocheting and remain interested in seeing what is happening with the craft.

Historical Misfit: VZ-9 Avrocar - "The Flying Jeep"

@getonthetrain writes about a futuristic concept aircraft by The Avro Aircraft Company of Canada. It was a concept that was never able to take off. It is a concept that may see some development in the future but the technology just wasn’t there in it’s era.

Wrap-up of Day 19

I found some interesting posts today on a variety of topics. Reading was slow on my part as I’m battling some fatigue from the amount of outside activity I have going. This is just the beginning of a very busy time that will not real ease up until after January 1st at the earliest.

I am determined to keep up regularly contributing here on Steemit so my time management is going to get interesting.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting. I know some of the posts have done okay by the time I post my ramble, but some really could use the support and upvoting.

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Thank you for the great list of posts. Up here in the far north the Legion, and VFW are very actives places. Upvoted!

thank you @exploretraveler .. how far north is the far north for you?

Just a bit south of the arctic circle in North Pole :-) Getting cool now, and expect snow very soon.

So you are in Canada or Alaska?

We are in Alaska our home base. We travel internationally from North Pole Alaska.

very cool.. nice to meet you. From what I hear, the Legions in the north are often an only option in a community.

Hey, thanks for the shout out. I definitely agree it happens to males I just don't have that perspective to give as I am a female victim. In sexual assault it is more often males perpetrating but in domestic violence it is actually more often female aggressors and yet males get no sympathy/support. That may be something I post about as it does upset me. Thanks for the perspective. :)

I realized where you were coming from @lauralemons. My comments were more an aside than any inference you left anything out.

Okay, I do agree it is something not talked about a lot. Also young boys get molested a lot actually just like young girls and I think are even less likely to come forward. :( I imagine a boy/guy would feel more pressure to stay quiet.

It's a tragedy when either gender is assaulted ... it's also a tragedy that the system assaults them again whether it is the courts, social services or individuals doing so.

Hey! Thanks for the mention. Gonna check out every post here. :D

Awesome ... hope you enjoy them

I guessed i missed the steemit lottery post. Thanks

it's a great post, I'll probably read it a few times.

Awesome! Honor to be included!

Nice to meet you shadowspub. Thanks for including me in your round up i'll be sure to pop by and check a couple of these posters out.

thank you @phoenixmaid you wrote a good post.

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