180 days of Poetsunited Poetry Review and Vote battle (part 9 of 10)

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180 days of Poets United! (9/10)

Hello Poets and poetry Lovers!

After this there is only one more post to go in this series, what beautiful and inspiring poetry we have dug up from the past! It was good to re-read it for this occasion. I hope you are enjoying the series so far, we still have more poetry coming your way. Please upvote the comment corresponding to the poem you like, and if you want the post itself too. In the end one poem must take the win after all.

We wanted to celebrate this occasion by selecting the 100 best poems out of the hundreds that were submitted to us over this period. All of these poems deserve more attention than they got in our opinion, even if they were reviewed in the Daily Dose. So we have come up with a novel way to make those poems earn some more praise, votes and comments once again. Right below this post are 10 comments by @poetsunit, they are numbered the same as the poems in the list below this text. If like a poem and you would like to give it an upvote, then upvote the comment where the poem is mentioned. Comments can go on the original post or below the matching comment here. We will make sure the liquid post payouts will go towards the original author. We think this is an awesome way to get the old poems some of the shine they deserve. Obviously you can vote for more than one poem!

We are going to make 2 more posts with 10 poems like this, the poem that gets the highest number of votes on August 1st will win 5 sbd, the number two will win 3 and the number three will win 2 sbd, on top of their post payouts! So, if one of your poems is mentioned in one of the 10 issues you might want to give your friends a nudge ;) Also every poem that is mentioned in these 10 issues will be reviewed again when we make it to a year, that would be 15 January 2019. Who knows? We might even get it out on paper by then! Our very own paper "One Year Anniversary" issue! So, with all that being said, let's get to the next ten poems now:

And remember: Do not upvote the original poem! They are all past post payout, so no use...

81@illusions16 Is She
82@madevi Eleven Cities
83@miraeff Truthful Lie
84@mah7 Her Only Crime was Love
85@poetrybyjeremy The Puppeteer
86@damianjayclay Swanage
87@elisnext2you You
88@zaimrofiqi Tales of Love
89@acousticsteveo Emerging (10)
90@quillfire Minnow's Song
These are our ten picks for today! Tomorrow we will have ten new old poems for you! If you got inspired to write a poem about poetsunited and would like it to be the intro for one of the remaining eight posts, send it to a Restless Soul...

Now let the upvote-battle begin!

The @Poetsunited Team.

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