Preppers' Curation Day- Weekly Edition 13

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Prepping Curation

There are many posts and curation pages displaying a wide array of topics, but yet have I discovered one solely dedicated to prepping, preppers and survival; and if there was one before I have not seen an update in months. So, in my endeavors to curate more topics under the main umbrella of homesteading, self-reliance, off-grid living and more, I will be doing a weekly post every Monday dedicated to preppers.

Topics I will be searching for include (but not restricted to):

  • Prepping
  • Survival
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-sustainability
  • Bushcrafting
  • Food prepping
  • Protection (of home, family and possessions)
  • DIY Health
  • 2nd Amendment concerns
  • Gear and supplies
  • Skills & DIY Instructions

Now keeping in mind these posts will be written by other steemians, considered good quality and not plagiarized.

When I find new posts in the above mentioned topics that meet criteria I desire the posts to have, I will post in upcoming Preppers Curation Day Weekly Editions and let the author know of the sharing and curation.

I will be looking through the Preppers and Offgrid-online Discord groups and channels and taking recommendations from fellow preppers in the same group and community. PLEASE FEEL FREE to message me on Discord with any recommendations of posts and new prepping steemians you come across

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 -Knife 🔪 Review by @juozas

Do you want to know what grind this knife has?
How long the blade is or overall length?
The weight of the knife?
No, I don't want to know. I most likely checked it on company website. I see the grind myself. For length comparison, show me it in your hand. Or put easily relatable object close to it.

Doighouse Series - Shower for the Earthship Build @stortebeker

No Need for a Shower Curtain
I believe most people will agree, the worst part of showers in general is the curtain. It doesn’t do a great job at containing the water to the shower basin, even in indoor settings. In a windy outdoor one, however, it would be virtually useless at maintaining the desired privacy. Not to mention the elephant in the shower-room: the mold growing almost instantly between its folds!!! So what’s the most efficient and elegant solution? That’s right: the spiral wall!

DIY Bushcraft Knife - Upcycling A Metalworking File #2c -Tempered@eggmeister

I have now tempered the blade in my mum's oven yesterday while I was cooking the Sunday Roast :) The oven was set to just below max (around 225c) and the knife was in for about 50 minutes. The shiny parts of the knife have taken on a golden/champagne tinge now with just a few spots slightly darker.

ALL earnings from this post will be divided up among the THREE featured authors above. Curating is for the people featured and it is my privilege to share some new steemians, their work and creativity with my following. The earnings will be divided up equally at the time/day of payout. Thank you for being a part of my curation post(s).


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I look forward to your posts!
Annealing an old file in a kitchen oven is an interesting idea. I have a regular annealing oven I use, but this would work.
I am building a shower in the homestead, that has no door, for the same reason as you posted; the door, or a curtain are obstructions, and are of limited use.

Good selection of useful posts! :)

I've seen a few guys using an oven for the tempering process so I thought I'd give it a go to :)

Dare I baton some wood with it though???? ;)

Thank you for stopping over and reading the posts I shared. They are all some great posts filled with knowledge and ideas I wanted to share with everyone on my feed.