Spyderco Paramilitary 2 (Knife 🔪 Review)

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"When the World is at Peace, a gentleman keeps his Sword by his side."

- Wu Tsu

  • Do you want to know what grind this knife has?
  • How long the blade is or overall length?
  • The weight of the knife?

No, I don't want to know. I most likely checked it on company website. I see the grind myself. For length comparison, show me it in your hand. Or put easily relatable object close to it.


And all the other information reviewers throw at you just to fill the time with talking. I am ready to puke. At the end of the review I did not learn anything what I wanted to know or what I couldn't read for myself on the product page.

  • How does it feel when I hold it in my arms?

That's what I want to know, before I buy. The Unknowns that I talk about a lot on my blog. And how Does it feel in your arms? It's amazing :) Slick design fits perfectly anywhere you put it. Front pocket, cargo pockets or backpack.


Even though it's slick, holding it is comfortable, it has no hot spots, it's really well thought out knife with black G10 scales. That combined with the design of the knife, makes a very solid grip. Love the choke up, feels secure in the hand.


The compression lock is extremely solid, once I showed this knife to burly outdoors man, who presumed it's Slip Joint and tried to bend it shut with his big arms. He almost broke the knife (at least it looked so) but the knife didn't close. You could see he was putting real pressure on it, to the point his arms were shaking. I would trust my life on this kind of lock.


I have done extensive research into knives, I know most of the major steels that knives are made of, except for exotic stuff which I really don't care about much. So, when choosing THE knife I wanted to get, this one stood out amongst them all.

And where did you buy it?

Well, I had to go through half the Europe to find it. That's not an exaggeration. Finally, I got it
in Dresden, Germany for way higher price than it's worth. But, I was happy with it and I still am. After 4 years of owning it, I just grow to like it more and more.


I mentioned the steel of paramilitary 2 in my first post about knives. (Here: Knife 🔪) So, besides the feel in the arms, does it cut well? Yes! It cuts exceptionally well! If you know how to sharpen knives it will stay sharp! Just let me tell you, it does not cut Wood exceptionally well. It's not a bushcraft knife, but anything other then wood, it does more then well. For wood cutting knife I will make a review bit latter.


Can not have one knife for everything. Cutting food for example, bushcraft knife is terrible at. Ever tried to split an apple in half with bushcraft knife?

So, is this the only knife that cuts well and is comfortable in hand? No, I have no doubt that Any knife will do it's job in almost all everyday tasks that you would like it to do, open a box, a letter, cut a rope, scrape that little thing of gum off or anything else you would use a knife for. Where this and many other high dollar knives stand out is quality.


It opens baby smooth, with that Spyderco's thumb hole in blade, almost too smooth. You will feel the difference instantly and comparing to your 20$ knife, you will say: I want the more expensive one. So, do yourself a favor and buy a quality knife when choosing (best knife you can afford!). Whether it is Spyderco's Paramilitary 2 or any other.


I could talk about this topic till morning. Anyway, hope you found it interesting. If you liked this free format review give it an upvote and comment to see more reviews like this.

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Great hands on and reasons for pur hase knife review. I really like your use of GIFs with these reviews - makes great sense in this blog format.

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