Steemit Outdoors! Steemits premiere outdoor channel- EPISODE #001!* The basics of preparedness, keeping a cool head and remembering a few basic but VITAL things!

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 Hello there all our beloved Steemians and Outdoorswomen/men!  Steemit Outdoor host @bambam808 here checking in with another video!    As we discussed in our previous INTRODUCTION post (Link below,) We are here to bring you more of those good ole survival and outdoor skills as well as a good TIME!


"As any good outdoors person would say, preparation and preparedness is key."  

Without a doubt more times than not, when something goes “bad” and you find yourself in a situation, Its the basic essentials that mean the difference between life and death.  Its the mundane and basic things that we all should and could have in our car, but we always think,, “ehhh I wont NEED that!”    

Well you just might!  

The other downfall for many is a lack of decisiveness on the truly important things that will keep you alive.

With that said, a HUGE thank you to all of you for your time and consideration as we introduce episode #02 of Steemit Outdoors! Called BYGO! (Before You Go Out) 

 We apologize for the semi professional quality at best, we are STILL avidly saving for some better quality gear! (which is partly why we chose to present pictures of the equipment rather than in video, as it is much clearer) 

What do we need hope for from all of you?    

Your enjoyment, and most of all, for you to learn these skills as they can help in a huge way!  Your support goes a long way as well, and will go DIRECTLY towards new filming equipment. While there have been some extremely awesome projects and people who have brought these skills to light on the platform, we would like to try and take it a step further.    Below are a list of some people who have done wonderful things to teach the outdoors to Steemit!    









AND MANY MORE! (We would love to chat and include some of your beautiful talents and skills into this project!) 


Love what ya saw? Interested in finding out ways you can join and help the cause? 

Please Contact us at : 

Discord: bambam808 bambam808 

[email protected] 

Want to remain anonynmous yet still love what we are trying to do? 

BTC: 18TysJJGM33HdQN11mEEdeo5KS8GTXQ12v 

LTC: LV62sAtMwNK9vHCoNmji2mTWP6sLbQvQLL 

ETH: 0x31850a11d7e4f59eda60a554a9f87d1fa5e9cfd4 

STEEM:    Address: deepcrypto8 Memo: 106762238
 A huge thank you to all of you for your support, comments, concerns and real interaction.  Without everyone on steemit, we would not have many of the things here that we do.  Including but not limited to @steepshot , @dlive , @dtube, etc.    With that said a special shoutout to @brandybb for putting her skills into this project and making it beautiful and professional.  Thank you to @zord189 for the amazing logo creation, and for being an awesome genuine friend.   

Some people that we would love to chat with and that we feel would find this as a very positive step for education on steemit! 














 DISCLAIMER: **We are not experts nor are we professionally trained.  The outdoors is serious and the wild can become something life threatening in seconds within the wrong sitatuion.  SO, PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS AND USE EXTREME CARE.  These skills are used when needed not for fun and games.  This is for entertainment, as well as to learn the BASICS! (we would never urge you to go out and “survive” for a week without all the proper gear, gps equipment, notice to wildlife officials etc of location you intend to visit etc.  These are all important and vital things when going out into survival mode.” This is not some crazy extreme show, this is for the average joe.  We will show our faults and fails as well as our successes!  Teaching tips and tricks that could help you out in a sticky situation!  We will be right there learning with you, seeing what works and what doesnt. This show is for the person who loves the outdoors and loves testing their skills, as well as the person who enjoys a good ole “survivor” type show. hint hint there will be eating of critters!   


beautiful words .. We must learn gratitude
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Another shitpost xd

another? This is the first episode. As well a brand new initiative. A bit harsh maybe?

Likely because you spent so much on the bots.
I support using the bots to promote a project, but try not to overdo it so as to avoid backlash.
Hit me up on discord at

More people need to have at least a basic understanding of the wilderness, it’s unfortunate that so many don’t. I have supplies in my car that most people would throw away but if ever in one of those situations they would certainly come in handy.


I know a girl that also works outside....she works in a street close to mine but she charges 50 euros each time...It's better Vanessa, in spite of not having teeth

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yes i'am sure you success more in future

WoW this is awesome, well done on working towards building a wonderful Steemit community, I'll definitely be following closely.

Have fun achieving your goals!

i hope you success more in future!

I agree with you, hope successful for all of us 👍

Your honesty and straight forwardness is rewarding. Keep it up.

Well done you're achieving greatness and being rewarded in steem. Well done!

I have followed and upvoted this post. My husband @jbreheny and I have just started traveling the US in our travel trailer full time. Absolutely would love to connect with you. We are on our way to Yellowstone to work and live for the summer.

We are newbies on Steemit, but have some great stuff traveling to partner you on.

I love the post and the video. Good luck as we know how expensive and important good equipment is to have.

That would be awesome! We are always looking for guest appearances and hosts etc! Steemit is a hard place, but also a very rewarding place to be! We are glad you both have found Steemit and have reached out to us! Reach out to [email protected] :) or on at @bambam808 ! Travel ON!
PS- My girlfriend and I have also begun looking into the "tiny home" dream, so we can free ourselves to travel and live life! We could do a segment on living mobile/tiny etc :) and ways to improve that journey of life!

Awesome! We are in the Mt Rushmore area for the next two days and internet of any kind is a struggle. This how now become our first order of business for internet continuity no matter where we are.

Very helpful tips & nice initiative! ;)
Now I follow / resteemed.
{having a lot of friends from portland and want to visit your woods someday, we also have beautiful nature here in Bulgaria and sometimes I practice survival myself}

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