High Curation Rewards When Upvoting TribeSteemUp Members | First Proof

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There are many ways to earn Steem on this blockchain. But one of the coolest ways is by supporting other authors and earn curation rewards. A few days ago I wrote a post about how to achieve that by supporting @tribesteemup members and catching an upvote BEFORE the TribeSteemUp trail. Today I have the first proof.

First Proof

Last week I have upvoted a post by @conscousangel7, a fellow TSU member and friend from Anarchapulco. She got her post payout today and hence I got my curation rewards.


As you can see I have upvoted her post with $0.18 cents in SBD (or more accurately in Steem Token Units (STU), a term used on Steem Supply).



The upvote from me came in one minute before the TribeSteemUp trail upvote. On the screenshot from Steem World you can see very well that I set my SteemAuto time perfectly in order to catch the TSU upvote AFTER my own (TSU strikes at 30 minutes so I strike at 29).


Curation Reward

The payout came in today and with it my curation reward. As you can see, I have earned 0.094 Steem Power for this upvote one week ago, which is nearly 0.1 SP. That is a massive sum for an upvote that was just worth $0.18. When I compare that with my payouts I have earned on SmartSteem when I delegated my Steem Power to them I gotta say that this is not bad at all.


The $$$ value of this with today's Steem price is $0.22 USD. And the best thing about this is that I have supported my friend and fellow TSU member AND on top of that her post payout wasn't very high. The total value of her past was $12.21 USD which means that mostly TSU votes came in. So if you support somebody like @lukewearechange you will most likely get even higher curation rewards because he is very popular and catches much higher upvotes. Of course, this depends heavily on your upvote timing, his potential self-upvotes and the following votes from other Steemians.


What do you think about curation rewards? Are they interesting you as a source to increase your Steem Power or is this a broken system that needs more incentives for the user? Are 25% curation rewards ok, too much or too little? Have a gamed the curation system before like this? What are your experiences? Did you even know that you can earn more curation reward when a whale upvote follows your own?

Let me know in the comments below.

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I am still fairly new to all the voting timing and have never used a voting/bid bot. I've always done my own manual curating. But I have to say I find this post interesting.

When you're looking at the rewards payout at the end of the seven days... it does make sense to slip your own vote in right before the trail comes by. I can see that with your numbers and payout amount.

I have always (well, usually try to follow) the 30 minute mark for my UPvotes to others, but sometimes when I have a full plate I tend to get anxious and will upvote between 15-20 minutes.


Of course it is very nice to upvote manually. You will be 100% in control all the time. But you will miss most opportunities if you don't track the community 24/7. Personally, I don't have time for that and I am already a 100% Steemian. So using SteemAuto is a huge help to make sure my favorite Steemians get their vots and I get more Steem Power in the process.

Voting at 15-20 minutes will only be profitable when you expect a lot of votes coming in after you because you get a much lower percentage out of the curation rewards while the author gets more out of your upvote - which can be a valid strategy.


See... now you have taught me EVEN more by this comment.
I too am a 100% steemian and I realize even with ginabot I miss things... I may have to consider the steemauto especially now with it being my busy time for gardening and being outdoors. I am torn most days of which I should be doing versus which I am doing.

Voting at 15-20 minutes will only be profitable when you expect a lot of votes coming in after you because you get a much lower percentage out of the curation rewards while the author gets more out of your upvote - which can be a valid strategy.

This comment alone is making me think I need to study the voting % even more.

Means to vote on other people's posts is not at all detrimental.

The calculation of payment is not fully understood, but reading the explanation I understand better now.

I am waiting for post about SP delegation rent, whether it is beneficial for tenant or vice versa.

As a beginner in Steemit, many of which I have not understood.


Yeah, Steem/Steemit can be complicated. SP delegation is usually profitable but you will not grow your community/audience/respect on Steemit. You are also missing out on the Steem power you could earn by curating. Of course this is polarized and doesn't explain the whole picture. But I believe what goes around, comes around!


This bears repeating:

SP delegation is usually profitable but you will not grow your community/audience/respect on Steemit.

It's very nice to see concrete numbers on a profitable alternative to blind delegation. I am not (yet) powered-up enough to have really needed to think about delegating, but I like that there are alternatives, particularly ones which can foster community growth on deliberately chosen topics. If you accept that the long -term value of steem rests on the quality of the content, then it's also plausible that voting like you're suggesting makes is economically more rational than blind delegation. I'll be taking a deep look at some of my auto/habitual votes in the next few days.

I won the curation league from @abh12345 a few times and it gave me the name king of curation. So I know a little, only very little about curation rewards 😀

My upvote value is $0.02 and My record is 0.059 SP. So I estimate that you should be able to reach 0.2 or even 0.3.

On a total level I think you could be able to reach 28 SP per week as total curation rewards. Do you think it's worth to hunt curation fees?


Wow, that is three times more than you upvotes in the first place. Well done! Yes, I do think hunting curation rewards is great - as long as you don't compromise who you upvote. If you just upvote to get rewards than you don't care about the content anymore. So I love upvoting TSU members because I follow some of them longer than I even know Steemit. I really want to support them and if I can earn higher rewards than that is ideal and makes me even more generous with my upvotes.


I think of you only upvote TSU you can already come close to the 15-30SP range for your curation rewards.
If you combine it with others like utopian, dlive, etc it should easily be possible.

I think you mean thirty times instead of three times 😀

I've recently been testing SV on the thirty accounts I like to support with my votes. I started voting at 20 minutes, then 25, 8 and now 16 minutes. I saw a little jump when I tested one vote by waiting until 33 minutes had passed. Voting too early or too late can be detrimental for you. It's nice to see that steady tiny trickle of passive income come in over time. I also played around with the slider now that I have it and settled on a 25% upvote to help preserve my VP.


Thanks for your insight. Have you worked with whale accounts following your upvote one way or another?


That would be ideal to be the first voter at 30 minutes then have Whales upvote it to the hot page. That may have been what happened (not the hot page part), when I waited 30 minutes to vote on my own post as someone suggested. I remember watching a video before I joined Steemit and some Whales discussed waiting 30 minutes then voting on each others posts.

I'm testing not using the upvote bots as they may be good for exposure, but they tend to drain your wallet over time.

Very interesting post, @flauwy. It helps me understand a little better what I I have to admit to be fairly lost in the super complex curation game. The times I tried to figure out what I got, the most I ever saw was around a miserable 1 or 2%. Of course that's mainly because I've hardly ever been able to catch a post many times to be able to upvote at the right moment, and to be honest it never made much sense to me why they designed it to be so complex like that. So in my view that's one "broken aspect" of many frustrations I've had with steemit.


Yes, catching a post at a certain time is nearly impossible. That's why I use SteemAuto to do that for me with the people I like to support anyway. I usually still read all their posts but at a different time then my upvote comes in.


Thanks, @flauwy. I was able to catch one yesterday. It's like fishing w/o SteemAuto... :)

I am happy you highlighted this topic and explained it vividly
Often times Steemians particularly newbies seem to be so enthused with getting upvotes neglecting the fact that their upvotes could earn them curation rewards too.
25% curation rewards is cool

Did you even know that you can earn more curation reward when a whale upvote follows your own?



Yes! In fact, it doesn't even have to be a whale. Any upvote after yours increases your own (assuming you did NOT vote before the 30 minute mark because then it gets complicated but still is valid somehow). But the higher the upvotes are the more you will receive because you came before.

I like the idea of 50/50 split between author and curation. While the author spends sweat equity creating great content, those of us who have invested in Steem need to spend valuation time searching, reading, upvoting and commenting on the post for it to have steem based value.


Yes, this could be a valid concept for some platforms using Steem in their own way. I am not sure of this is possible to set up with Steem currently but I heard it will be with SMTs in the future. I would favor that and even post myself on a community platform that works with such a distribution.

Some serious analysis here:) Thank you again as this is very informative, and i learn something new with each of your posts. Aldo obviously curation reward is directly dependant to the steem power, so with small amount of steam power it is not worth the thinking. I just try to give my small sencier vote to people and things I found interesting. But good to have this information, so in future when i top up my account, to vote wisly :)


I hear this argument over and over again. But it is not true! Every amount of Steem power can increase their curation rewards - even if the final payout number is still low. It all accumulates and 0.002 is better than 0.001.

I think curation rewards even start to get interesting if you have at minimum 3000-5000 SP.
Under this amount you don’t really notice profits.
But everyone starts little and with enough persistence the curation rewards will pay off someday


This is just your perceiption but nothing more. It doesn't matter if you have 50, 500 or 5000 SP because it is always the same percentage you get which depends on timing and overall upvotes. So even if you have low SP the actual amount you earn in curation rewards can increase by gaming the system. Of course it is nicer to see higher numbers. But growth is growth and everybody can increase that. :)


Yeah you're totally right with this.
At least this is my perception for me personally.
I know that I could easily increase my curation rewards with a better timing of my upvotes.
In general I try to upvote in minutes 27-30 but I don't mind voting earlier or later if I don't have the time to read a lot of posts.

But growth is growth and everybody can increase that. :)

You nailed it ;-)

Timing is very important when upvoting a post especially a popular Author post, from your analysis it seems it is more profitable to use auto vote in like steemauto to vote on post than delegating steem power to voting bots. I will definitely test it out to know which one is more profitable @flauwy


I did not say that it actually is more profitbale than delegating to bots. But it looks like it is getting closer than I thought. I need more data to understand it better.

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nice thanks for the proof! you've encouraged me to head over to steemauto and set some fans up for myself ;) thanks flauwy!

Great this is for all the steemians to try and up the game of curation :D

If you delegate to @tribesteemup, are you going to get boys from the curation teem?


I have answered the same question of yours in my latest post. Simple answer for all others: NO!