Curie Author Showcase (September 5th, 2018)

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Featured Author: @landoflight
1-to-1 workshop in Glen Coe & Glen Etive area, Scotland, 27th August 2018

Images property of @landoflight

The first of today's authors to be showcased is a relatively new blogger on Steem who stepped on the scene with his best foot. Tomasz Szatewicz promised to share on his blog stories and photos from his photo workshops and tours across Scotland, and this post is exactly that.

Images Property of @landoflight

"I run individually tailored landscape photography workshops and photo tours across Scottish Highlands and Moray that help people improve their photo skills, learn about shooting with filters and also visit spectacular, often hidden and remote spots around Scotland." – @landoflight's introduction post

This post shares pictures from his "1-to-1 workshop" with his student, Bianka. This time they explored Glen Coe & Glen Etive areas of Scotland, from Loch Leven, Ballachulish upto Glen Etive. Tomasz shares his process behind composition, choice of filters and other details that make him such an amazing landscape photographer.

Tomasz's post achieved the respectable feat of getting a resteem on the Curie blog.

Go see for yourself how good this is.

Featured Author: @kaelci
Fifth; Wrong Temple

Image taken from @kaelci's post

This next one is the fifth of a follow-on fiction story (based on a prompt) written by Kaelci. It continues Nisha's adventure to a place from a story she had been told when she was a child.

"It was said that atop this enchanted mountain, past the singing trees, was a temple to a long-forgotten God."

This quest has so far taken here through an enchanted forest, a haunted mansion, into the dungeons, and set her back in time. In this installment, she encountered the wrong Temple.

Kaelci is finding "a little space here" for herself as she contributes fictional works involving side-stories from universes created in her head. In her words:

"I am an aspiring author who strives to write at least one piece of random fiction on Steemit every day. I regularly join in with the #365daysofwriting, #freewrite, and #fiftywords writing communities as well as occasionally writing a couple of ongoing Steemit-Exclusive stories.

"My ultimate goal is to write and publish my first fantasy novel by the end of the year, which will [be] Book #1 of a trilogy. There's only three months to go! Eep! Though fantasy, it's not a tale about adventurers battling dragons and working alongside elves in an epic quest to vanquish evil, but more a story about mages and those without the gift in their struggle to live side by side in the same world, and one unfortunate girl who is caught up in the middle. My ongoing message is that there is no good and there is no evil, it's all about context."

Tick tock! We are eager, Kaelci.

Read Kaelci's work, and maybe follow her blog for more.

Featured Author: @dollarsandsense
6 Majors Way More Worthless Than Your English Degree (Comedy Open Mic Round # 28)

Images property of @dollarsandsense

"So you’re on Steemit, eh? Sorry to hear; I have a worthless degree in Creative Writing too."

Satire doesn't come any better dressed than this one. I personally really enjoyed reading this shade thrown at "worthless" college majors. And I bet you too will. I consider this one of the most creative and entertaining writings I have encountered here as of... and what better platform to showcase that than the Comedy Open Mic (if you haven't already you should keep tabs on that amazing community).

This father, veteran, freelance writer, volunteer EMT embodied in the moniker @dollarsandsense would get you laughing and throwing keyboards as he "reviews" these majors, from Bagpiping to Canadian Studies and Astrobiology. Six of them.

Read it here. Just read it! ✔

Featured Author: @markshepard
Music Video: "Moon On The River" - Life In Song #138 - Mark Shepard

Images property of @markshepard

Mark has been writing songs since 1976. At least 600 of them. Little wonder he is so awesome at it. He shares his journey through overcoming that initial barrier, to sharing his music all over the world. One of those, Together We Could Change The World, according to Mark, got featured at the closing ceremonies of the Youth Pan-Asian Games and is the theme song of the Girls' Guide of the Philipines, among other exploits in Ukraine, North America and all around the world. Mark credits much of his success to hypnosis and NLP, which he currently offers coaching on.

About this song?

"Out in my Hypnosis on the Hudson Hornbeck Canoe, I lingered a couple of evenings while spectacular moon rises mesmerized me... and of course this song popped into my head." – Mark

Listen here.

Featured Author: @deadcountry
The Possession of Jack Torrance: Diary of a Photographer Page Three

Images property of @deadcountry

Inspired from Stephen King's The Shining novel and the adapted movie, DeadCountry creates this photographic image. He picks a pivotal moment in the story for his artistic creation: "the moment when Jack Torrance loses the last vestige of his humanity to the entity possessing him." That Here's Johnny scene.

The rest of the post details the inspiration and the process of creation of this piece.

Images Property of @deadcountry

@DeadCountry is a renowned artist who holds an MFA in Photography and have completed Teacher Certification in the State of Texas. His quest to promote his arts outside of "traditional settings" led him to Steem platform, and he revels at the opportunity to work by his value system. He has put out a vast body of work here already, and also runs a pop art shop, "where [he] gives access to an image file associated with [his] latest Diary of a Photographer post." You sure want to check out this artist and engage with them.

Possession of Jack is here.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @misterakpan (Ubokobong Akpan), often with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors and publishers.

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This photo where is water very misty ... it looks very cool :)

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Thank you @misterakpan! I appreciate the kind words and the support!

Congrats to all the other showcased authors!

Thank you @curie. Like others have said in this post, you have become a primary source of finding great new content creators. I'm really honored to be included among these great people. Congrats to you all and thank for your support. Keep Steeming!

Thank you so much for the feature, and congratulations to the other featured authors! :D

And I am loving @landoflight's photography, or that could just be bias because I have a thing for Scotland. ;) Just lovely!

I love you guys

Nice work guys love you and congrats to the winners!

Congrats to all the featured authors! The best kind of content is stuff that's not just thrown out into the wind hastily in a hurry to get attention but fine crafted material. :)

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