Comedy Open Mic Round Rules

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Please read the rules carefully and good luck in the coming round. The beginning of each round will be announced in a separate post.

  • Contestants must nominate 2 people to enter the contest per submission.
  • 1 tag must be "comedyopenmic".
  • Include "Comedy Open Mic Round # [put the number of each round here]" in the title.
  • Self voting allowed up to $0.50 in value (To even out the playing field for little guys)
  • Bot upvotes are not allowed. (If you use bots to upvote your own post, you will not be considered for a prize)
  • Limit of 2 entries only per account. (only 1 entry will be considered for a prize)
  • Original material Only. Entries that are not the original work of the poster as least in some form will be disregarded. If you are unsure if your entry is original, please ask us we will happily let you know.
  • Resteem the rules and contest start.
  • Entry via a new post only (no recycled posts).
  • Please go through and upvote 3-5 other contestants to show encouragement (even 1% will be greatly appreciated)
  • Entries should be in english, it will be difficult for me to laugh if the judges cannot understand them. (Thoroughly encourage translation of non-english entries)
  • Patience will be required as the process is all manual.

I want to use someone else's writing to create a funny audio thing and I have permission..Is that considered original if we are collaborating like that ?

Yeah, no issues with that

Welcome to the contest :)

I happen to be split personality but the other guy is funny and I'm kinda with him all the time. I already feel guilty taking his material. Perhaps you can weigh's keeping me up at night..raging lunatic part doesn't help either. Thanks. Have to go because he may come out again (6).gif

Having already resteemed these rules once for my previous entry, how do I resteem them again?

No need, the rules aren't changing this round. You can just link to this post if done one asks. Otherwise you can resteem the round announcements and the winners post

Ok. Thank you



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Cool contest .... I guess I will have to think up something. I do have a little story / Joke I created to accompany a meme I may submit that ....

This is Cool.
I'll be happy to participate

Are we to post the link of the post here....

No, Please read the rules.

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Pls am new here and i dont know how to resteem the rules.

Hey how do you nominate other people and where can you look for the contest entries?

You made me come and read the bloody rules even thou you summarized them for me!

We both know that translated entries will be even funnier to read !

Patience will be required as the process is all manual.

I have a laugh-o-meter BOT

Okay @comedyopenmic. The rules has fully been understood.

Oh I didn't know we can write stuff for comedy open mic. I thought it was just all videos. Haha. Now I think I will join. 😛

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Hey :) I can't find a resteem button for this post. Is it because it is too old ? I can not remember I had resteem it already..

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