Music Video: "Moon On The River" - Life In Song #138 - Mark Shepard

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In This Video: I follow a "thread" of inspiration... Out in my Hypnosis on the Hudson Hornbeck Canoe, I lingered a couple of evenings while spectacular moon rises mesmerized me... and of course this song popped into my head... so I cleared out my living room and attempted to record a decent take at home... I set up four cameras... and ended up using only this one clean shot in black and white... thanks for watching/listening!!!!

  • Mark
    p.s. Hey Guess what? I wrote this in 1989! It's technically "Eighties Music"... LOL

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my first song upload to D-tube in a along while... Thanks so much for listening!!!

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Hey dear mark :-) i think i never heared this song somewhere before...

its sound a little bit happy and also a little bit sad. I like it very much at the end ! Hahah and the effects are nutz ;-)

But seriously, your vocals sound really good, I've listened to the song 3 times now.

See you around later ;-)


Hey avizor, thank you so much for listening multiple times and your kind and considered comment! More on the Way!!! peace! groovyness! "boom!" - Mark

Songs like this is worth listening to especially when you need to calm down after a stressful day. Really loved it and can listen to it all day long. Songs of those days are amazing wosh I could simply go back in time and express that.

Watched the video and listened to the song and mind you if I say that it's worth every upvote and even more. Loved the echo, the video editing and the voice.

Big thumbs up 👍


Hey Trojan4, Thank you so much for watching and listening and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate making the connection! Rock on! plenty more on the way! :o)

The video turned out well, I love the edits, Its just cool watching the moon's reflection over the river.

This 80's song definitely is a gem. You sang and played the guitar really well!


Thank you so much "Audreybits". I really appreciate you checking it out! plenty more in the pipeline and on the way!!!! cowabungah, Shazaam! - Mark


You're welcome! Wow! I would love to hear them...

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