1-to-1 workshop in Glen Coe & Glen Etive area, Scotland, 27th August 2018

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Thanks again to Everyone for kind words and warm welcome!

So here's my second post - something fresh out of the camera - selected shots from my 1-to-1 photography workshop with Bianka - amateur photographer from Germany that I had pleasure to meet this Monday...

This workshop was actually booked for Tuesday but forecast predicted good amount of rain so we managed to go on Monday instead and turns out it was a good decision!

We started around Loch Leven - picturesque Loch (lake) surrounded by mountains, forests and little villages.
There are various spots around the Loch with great views of the mountains - Pap of Glencoe, Bidean nam Bian, Beinn a' Bheithir. One of the lovely places near North Ballachulish is called 'Bishop's Bay'. I really like this viewpoint at the bay where trees and heather frames the lovely view beyond, there are always some boats around and Grey Herons can be seen often as well, very postcard-like or calendar-like type of view especially with the nice mix of clouds and sunshine breaking through that we had on Monday...


Next spot on our way to Glen Coe - viewpoint above old Slate Quarry at Ballachulish (one of the villages around Loch Leven). Short hike up the hill offers some great views at Loch Leven and Beinn a'Bheithir - the mountain in picture below. I really like the colours this time of year when some of the heather is still in bloom giving a bit of purple/pink tones and the grass starts to change colour from green to yellow and orange. I often shoot with Polarizing filter on my lens as it cuts off reflections not only from water but from leaves and grass as well so it enhances the colour of photographs. Couple of ND graduated filters (0.6 + 0.9) used for this shot due to shooting directly into very bright sky...


And that's Loch Leven, Ballachulish Bridge and Ardgour mountains in background photographed with a bit of zoom (70 mm on full frame camera) from the viewpoint above Balalchulish Quarry. I like shots with multiple layers, distant mountains and recognizable elements - houses, boats etc for the sense of scale...


Next stop - Glencoe Lochan, lovely little lake surrounded by trees and mountains, as it's sheltered from the wind it is usually still and offers some great reflections, apart from being a very picturesque location for photography it is also a great place for family walk or jogging. Circular Polarizer filter used cutting off some reflections and enhancing colour and contrast + ND graduated filter (0.9 Soft) to darken the very bright sky for balanced exposure...



Three Sisters of Glen Coe photographed during our drive through Glen Coe valley towards Rannoch Moor and Glen Etive...


After Glen Coe it was time for chapter two - taking long exposure photographs with solid ND filters (5 stops, 7 stops and 10 stops). We started at this lovely spot at River Coupall with the iconic mountain - Stob Dearg (Buachaille Etive Mor) in backrgound. I could actually spend whole day photographing multiple spots along the river with richly textured colourful rocks and cascades of water, very relaxing and almost 'healing' experience when you can easily forget the outside world...

I shoot with real filters and always try to get the best shot I can on the spot so there's not much work later in post processing. 7 stops ND filter darkened the scene here allowing 15 seconds exposure that creates this soft/silky/misty effect on flowing water, Circular Polarizing filter cuts off reflections to show colours from underneath the water and ND graduated filter (0.9 Soft) darkens bright sky that otherwise will get overexposed...


It was about the time to make decision where we should go for sunset shooting and decide to go for Lochan na h'Achlaise at Rannoch Moor, unfortunately due to some serious car accident the road was closed so we came back to Glen Etive to continue taking long exposure shots driving and stopping at various spots along River Etive - fantastic locations for this type of shots, especially on a cloudy day/evening.



We had some hopes for sunset but it just got cloudier and darker without much colour, still a great view and location to finish the day - Lochan Urr, Glen Etive with Buchaille Etive Beag and Mor in background...


I hope you like this post, if you do - please upvote / resteem / follow my profile - many thanks!

You can also find my work at:

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That's a wonderful view...lovely image of a place to be in. The water, the mountain and the greens. Perfect!

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Thank you @mers, very glad you enjoy it!

This is very impressive well, I would love to climb the mountain

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Looks awesome, resteeemed!

Those are absolutely beautiful @landoflight. You make me wanna buy those ND filters I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m curious: do you use variable ND filters and would you recommend them?

Looking forward to see more of you !


Hi @atmospheric-haze, thank you for enjoying the images, no I don't recommend getting variable NDs, you'll end having awfull vignette and uneven effects, the best solid ND filters are the square ones that you slide into the filter holder or screw-in ones but the problem is you will have to screw and unscrew them every time you want to change it, it's easier to just slide them in and out of the filter holder. The ND graduated ones are the rectangular ones (100mm x 150mm) that you also slide into filter holder, this way you can always adjust the position of the filter regardless your composition, I would also recommend buying good quality ones (Progrey USA, LEE, Formatt Hitech or NiSi) - better to get couple of good ones than a set of poor quality ones that will ruin your shots by adding weird colours to the sky, hope this helps a bit...


Good day @landoflight. Thank you so much for your detailed answer. That’s something I didn’t know about this variable NDs. I’ll stay away from them. Like you said, the filter holder seems like best choice for speed and usability of grad filters. I will go this route ! Thank you again, and have a good day !

Really a master piece of natural beauty.
Thanks for sharing such alluring scenes.


Pleasure @needu, thank you for enjoying them!

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Really nice photo. It looks like a wonderful place. Which country ?


Hi @marc-allaria, it's Scotland as in the title of the post...


Yes !!! I was looking for in the text and around photos. Oups, sorry ! Really nice longexposure.


no worries @marc-allaria, glad you like the photos, thank you!

I love the shots from Glencoe Lochan. The water looks so serene and the reflection says it all. It's the perfect angle.

Though i like also some of the spots in River Etive, Glencoe Lochan's photos has it.


Thank you for enjoying the shots @imawreader!

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Hi landoflight,

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Thank you for the support!

Wow, it would be better if you can share some inputs about Photography as a form of Tutorials too, it will help other amateur photographers to benefit from that who cannot get 1 to 1 sessions directly from you.


Thanks for the suggestions @codingdefined, at the moment I am more into travelesque type of posts with some advise regarding locations and a bit of photography tips and comments, I may consider putting together more tutorial-like posts in the future but in my opinion there's nothing like practising and actually doing it 'hands-on' rather than just reading about it, there are already several detailed tutorials online about almost every technical aspect of operating the cameras, filters etc...

Wow ! I have just been to Ireland. Never been to Scotland. Such breathtaking images. The land looks so fresh. Its mind boggling to think that Scotland has been inhabited by people since the earliest days of man.


Thank you for the comment @visionaryart, Scotland is a special place on Earth indeed!

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  • @landoflight Your shots are a true work of art. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy such a beautiful and colorful landscape. You got a stunning result in every photo. What an amazing place in Scotland. It's magical and fascinating. Thank you for allowing us to meet you through your lovely photos. A big hello.💞💕

Many thanks for your kind words @yeninsfer! Scotland is an amazing place and it's great to hear if I managed to capture its beauty, best regards!


Thanks to you for showing us the beauty of the magical place through your excellent photos. It allows us to get to know the wonderful place that we have not yet visited. That's why I love photos so much because they bring us together with other cultures, countries and friends. Happy day, buddy.

Great, I also want to go there

Amazing photos!

Hey dear @landoflight, you showed us some extreme good photos! Thank you for that. I dont want to sound like a spam, but i think you had heared it 1000times before ;-) how good the pictures are !!

I personaly would like to go out on a little fishing session with you on this great lake (loch) , perhaps we find also nessie ;-)

Hello your photos are amazing!!!The lack looks so beautiful i really like the last photo with the reflection of the montain and clouds in the lack it looks stunning.

You have awesome photos and you hit the jackpot with the big guys here. This is incredibly rare. Keep posting and be sure to interact with them so they don't forget you.

I'm letting you know I followed you on Twitter and added you to this list:

I hope you will tweet your posts out and add the steemit tag so others will support you over there. It's easy to tweet from your posts, but you need to fix the tag each time. Your twitter link on this post is broken, but I found you anyway :)

Best of luck, and I hope to see more of your fantastic work.

Wow am so amazed at how the pictures are so clear. You have a good sight in picking up the perfect spots. Bet your camera is really expensive.
Which are you using if I may ask

howdy there from Texas landoflight! well I'm not a professional photogapher but in my opinion you got many calendar type pictures here! simply stunning with my favorite being the Glencoe Lochan photos...but all the running water photos were magical too!lol.

simply wonderful, I'd love to go there sometime, do you travel all over or specialize in Scotland?

Your photos are really fascinating! You choose great locations for your shoots, I am having a hard time deciding which I love the most. I will go for Glencoe Lochan or maybe Lochan na h'Achlaise (it photos of water flowing there looks so magical and the mountain there is just magnificient). I don't know really, they are all breathtakingly beautiful and I wouldn't mind staring at them all day!

I love that these photos are all covered in "greens". It must have been refreshing taking those shoots. You sure have great techniques to get the perfect shoot you need and a taste for amazing locations. I enjoyed all of the photos ( even though the techniques weren't for me)

Wow, those are some truly stunning landscape shots that you've taken. I've been to Scotland a couple of times and it's such a beautiful country to spend time in.

I really like the shots that you've taken of the river flowing through the stones and the path that it's burrowed out over the centuries. The quality is amazing.

Wow! Gorgeous shots. I love those long exposure shots of the flowing water. Awesome.

Simply beautiful, you work some real magic with your filters and exposure. I really like the effect on the moving water, giving it that surreal feeling adding to the natural ambiance. I would say that Three Sisters of Glen Coe is probably my favorite with the ancient wall in the foreground. Exceptional job, it definitely makes me want to visit and see the country for myself. It would be going back to my ancestor's roots.
Hope you have a great day.

These images are fitting for a relaxing wallpaper. It's amazing that these places are real. I would often encounter such beauty in playing rpg games (playing on high resolution) mostly and it amazes me to see real world equivalent scenes.

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