Curie Author Showcase (July 24th, 2018)

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Featured Author: @idkpdx
A supplier of good memories

Images property of @idkpdx

"I'm not sure if I want to blame or give credit to photography for changing the way I see the world. — Thatcher

Images Property of @idkpdx

Thatcher (@idkpdx), with his partner @Alexa.creates share their experiences in and around Oregon on his blog. In his work, he expresses a clear love for abandoned buildings – according to him, an opportunity to ask questions like, "What was life like before the story ended?" "Why did the story end?"

It was one of such inquisitions that led him to photographing the Nelson Homestead in Oregon, one he tags as a "supplier of good memories." Just in time before this dreamy place was gushed by The Dalles Substation fire. This post is a photo-documentary of this enchanted place, with portraits of Alexa too on the location.

Take a look at these images that drip with emotions.

Featured Author: @dreemsteem
Destination : My Fairy Tale entry into the CELF Writing challenge

Image from author's post

At first the author's very deliberate attempt to give common nouns the wielding characteristics of "proper" ones will grab your attention. Words like "Destinations," "Unknown" and "Completion" begin to take new meanings with their capitalization. It makes you curious, and you want to read on to discover this place, thing or whatever one-of-a-kind item that all combine to weave this world in @dreemsteem's imagination.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I liked to imagine things," she told me. "I like to play 'make-believe', and now instead of just dreaming about things I create new worlds with my writing!" And a new world she created with Destination.

Jax is dealing with some strange quest we will likely understand better in the sequels (pleeeaseee, Dreemsteem!), but you will identify with his feeling of external pressure, and being dealt like the runt in his pursuit of the "Coordinates." It gets even more interesting when Penny gets in the picture. Ambition meets emotions, and "logical" gets the boot. It makes a very smooth read.

Dreemsteem's most favorite work, according to her, was the Fireflies, a 32-chapter serialized story that was exclusively published on Steem. That is a lot of reading to do, because I promise you will want to devour all of her blog posts after reading Destination.

Give it a try.

Featured Author: @knightbjj
Academy to Street Jiu-Jitsu | Collaboration Video Featuring 4 Black Belts

Eddie Kone and James Gregory, along with fellow black-belters Professors Jared Jessup and Paulo Rubio take us on this drill of some self-defense techniques: "technical details and concepts for defending and escaping the headlock." The first part is inside the academy, in the kimono, and a second iteration is on the street, to factor in some real world environmental conditions one will likely deal with when executing these martial techniques.

It is fun to watch, it is informative, and you will come out beaming with the confidence of a black belter.

Watch it here.

Featured Author: @roadsuntraveled
Is this Tuned Volkswagen Mk7 Golf R more addictive than Marlboro Cigarettes?!

Tom's hatchback looks unsuspecting, but it holds its own both on the race track and in the city. In this post @Roadsuntraveled deliver yet another detailed on-the-road performance review of this tuned 2017 Volkswagen Mark 7 Golf R. Experience the excitement of this top-of-the-bottom hatchback, the duo-clutch AWD "mini GTR." There's some adrenaline rush going on here. Be warned!

Don't forget to hit the follow button on this auto blogger if what runs on wheels give you chills.

Vroooom! Let's go check it out!!!

Featured Author: @shookriya
Steemit Openmic Week 94: “Takes A Village” original song

It takes a village to put together a musical ensemble. Well... not when you're Shookriya, and the title of the composition is "Takes a Village." Enjoy this live loop music video, the singer's entry to Steemit Openmic contest.

Shookriya admits that communication "can be difficult," with unfamiliar people, and especially with a crowd of people. So playing music serves as a language that gives him great joy ("of an extremely conflicted, sometimes tortured variety") and helps him with this communication with people. His music blog is a testament of this assertion as he seeks to cement his foundation in a community while expressing his innermost self.

Listen to his music and explore the rest of his blog.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @misterakpan(Ubokobong Akpan), often with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors and publishers.

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FANTASTICAL highlights @curie!!!! They are all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but my best is the one by @dreemsteem


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It's wonderful the healing work they do weekly by helping so many artists with their artworks to make their way into the community by being recognized for their great job!

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Thank you so much @bafi!!!!! This was such a special treat! ♥️♥️♥️ I'm so honored to be featured and @misterakpan did such a wonderful job summarizing everything ...thank you!!!

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