Steemit Openmic Week 94: “Takes A Village” original song

in openmic •  4 months ago

“Time Becomes a Loop”

This is my first experiment with live looping. That’s looping not pooping. I’m pretty happy with the results, much less smelly than live pooping and hopefully more entertaining. For most people anyway.

Learning the software took a bit of time, (that’s why I wasn’t here last week and this post is so late) and the process itself is pretty tough. My trombone chops are still not quite good enough to get everything right on the fly like that... but I really like doing it. I’m pretty excited about this overall and what I’ll be able to do with it in the future.

They Say it Takes a Village

This song is still in it’s early stages, I haven’t got many lyrics so there will be more to come from this village. It is a bit long, I don’t blame you if you skip through it but if you’ve got the time, I think it’s a super chill jam :)

Fancy Feet

Tanks to @andabout for some creative inspiration with this video.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you dig this then please upvote, resteem, and check me out here on Choon, a new blockchain based music streaming service that is nice.

Props and accolades to the awesome folks who bring this community into being every week. @pfunk @luzcypher @soundlegion @krystle @meno @passion-ground and @verbal-d as well as the folks at MSP-Waves Radio, Steem Monsters, and @curie, you all are awesome. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for this. Your recognition is really helping to keep me and I’m sure a lot of others motivated on this platform. Seeing your little hello in my comments is like a little ray of sunshine ☀️ =)


Thank you my friend


Shook, brother… This is awesome! I loved the “dancing feet!”
Incredible bass-lines and groove, bro…
Though I may not be down with the conventional mainstream concept of “the Village” as it were – I’m certainly down with your rendition!
Love your sense of humor, bro! :-)


Thanks a lot man, I was a bit hesitant to put up such a long track considering how much time you folks already spend watching our videos but it is remarkable how much time it takes to lay out a full tune peice by peice like that. Definitely a skill I need to work on. The feet on the wall were the brilliant inspiration of @andabout. We will be collaborating more on projects as we get ourselves organized, very exciting stuff coming i think =)

That was 12 minutes of pure joy !!! I knew you were a foot fetish !! I just knew it !!!


Hah! I do love feet. I can’t help it. Thanks man.

Man this is awesomelly done
Don't see a lot of this kind of originality on here too often!
Keep it up man, you're doing great with music :D
Oh and that bass line god damn, so.... greasy and chill
Like a huge greasy steak :D


Hehe, I will take that excellent compliment even though I don’t eat meat. Thanks very much my friend.


Ah, don't have to eat meat to have meaty grooves :D

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