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RE: Pay It Forward Entry - Week 15

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They're making ME into THEIR minions!!!!

You have it flipped, @bengy lololol
But isn't she the best? Hehehee I love watching videos.(ahem, nudge, point, wink.... Still waiting for one from a certain robot playing the violin for me in a special performance.... Tee hee hee)

But @eveningart is one of the crazy talented in everything newbies that we've had the beautiful fortune of finding and kidnapping loving.


They're making ME into THEIR minions!!!!

Aaaaargh! How many of you are there?

I don't know.... look around the room. count....(including yourself, of course) heheheheeh

Mwahahaha... minion army unites!

Thank you lovely (and am also intrigued by the robot/violin minion video!!)

I've enjoyed every minute of being kidnapped loved by WW ;)

hehehehehe please allow me to gush a little about my extremely talented robot friend... hhehehe

THIS is @bengy playing. My absolute favorite is the first.... so so lovely.

Ooh you can gush and gush and gush some more over @bengy - what an incredible talent! This as actually one of the very early posts I hit upon when I was very very new here and was just wowed by the music- but having scanned it- hadn't cottoned to the fact that it was him playing.

Bach. My favourite. Somehow never really translated the beauty of it when I was learning Viola ;)

E xx

Another violist! I also play it when I'm not playing the other ones!

But surely you must know Brandenburg 6? There are also a couple of really nice (but obscure) arias in cantatas for viola solo!

Yes yes yes... but I didn't by name! I think my teacher pulled out bits for me to practise and I've definitely heard the whole thing performed... think one of the small chamber groups my brother played in performed it (another viola player). I haven't played for years now. Youve reminded me how much i miss it.

By the way, whats the funky 6 string cello jobby?

Ha ha! The 6 string instrument is called a viola da gamba. It was one of the viol family of instruments that got replaced after the Baroque era by the violin family. The only remnant is the double bass, it is an instrument that is quite common in my area of specialisation (Early Music).

It is what Bach called for in this concerto, but modern classical groups don't have people that play it, so they are substituted with celli, which sounds very different!

You learn something every day! Well - this viola da gamba player certainly plays with flair- I was hooked in watching them!

Thank you, I'm turning red!

Haha, a classic case of Stockholm syndrome!

hehehehehe never never never! its TRUE love LOL

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