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RE: Pay It Forward Entry - Week 15

in #curation3 years ago

I'm so honoured that you chose to feature my doodle post- thank you so much! It's my 1 month Steemaversary today, and I couldn't have asked for a better present!

Yup - I'm one of the WW minions, and am happily hopping around with my blue-rinse and zimmer this week as a Senior :)

Thanks again Bengy,
E xx


Congratulations on your 1 month anniversary! It's great that you've stuck around, unfortunately Steemit currently has a problem with retention.

Thank you! I really do love it here... but i joined for the writing and platform and community primarily and the rewards are an added bonus. For certain, I think people who join to make a "quick buck " disappear pretty promptly. E x

Good, that's the right way around! Rewards are the bonus, not the main meal!

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