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RE: Pay It Forward Entry - Week 15

in #curation3 years ago

This is a pleasant surprise, I just woke up and I run into this . :D You're right, you found me in a very peculiar way ... yes, I have some musician friends that I like to follow. And as you said, I'm relatively new and I do not understand very well how the entire steemet platform works. :O I think I have to wait and see how everything unfolds. I thank you in advance.


No problem, thank you for the great sketches!

So glad that @bengy found you and curated you!!!! I (along with some others) will be coming to your posts this week to shadow you. We have a little initiative that selects 1-2 newbies each week, and helps them with understanding Steemit and comes alongside them with help, support, and friendship that lasts beyond the 7 day course. 🤗
@zen-art, @andysantics48, @monchhichi23, @bluefinstudios, @penderis... Care to shadow? ♥️

Shadowing... That doesn't sound like stalking at all!

right???? i'm a writer. i know how to soften words out.

like... instead of crazy...."reality-challenged"

see? so much nicer. nice nice nice.

i'm going to go "shadow" now...... ;)

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