My Easiest and Successful Crypto Trade Ever!

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Today I made my easiest and successful trade ever on Poloniex using Coinigy. 

In my previous post, I showed you how I messed up with my evening trades and hopefully it worked much better this morning with a $17 profit earned in 5 minutes. 

My Easiest and Successful Crypto Trade Ever!

This post is part of my trading journal where I learn to trade crypto currencies every day. Today I have very little merit with this trade because what I did is just sell my Bitcoin, which was having a huge pick, in Tether or USDT.

I use Coinigy to look at charts and place trades, if you would like to try Coinigy please use my referral link because I will get $15 if you purchase later on.


As I saw that Bitcoin was going crazy high, I thought, "Why not just sell my Bitcoin for Tether and get an instant profit?"

I just placed my trade with Tether (USDT) and waited about 5 minutes for it to execute.

I was able to get 162 USDT for my Bitcoin, which is $162 as it is equivalent to the US dollar.


This trade was successful because yesterday the value in my Poloniex account was $145 all in Bitcoin and by just selling them, the value raised to $162.

That's a $17 profit and what I'm going to do now is trade pairs with USDT, specifically Ethereum to try to grow the account.

When Bitcoin takes a dive again, then I will be selling my Tether for Bitcoin.

I hope this post is useful for you to see that sometimes trading cryptocurrencies is very easy.

I am a student of the cryptocurrency trading course and if you are interested to join, use coupon code "michelsentme" at check out, I will get a small commission and you will get a 20% discount.

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Michel Gerard


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How much do you get?

The answer is in the post!

Oh sorry, it's cool. 17$ in 5 minute. 3.4$ per minute))

Yes, would be great to make that every minutes. And in fact I just worked 30 seconds to place the trade, the rest was wait!

Thanks for sharing your experiance. Cool

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