Four Crypto Trades Today: 3 Successful / 1 Fail

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Would you be interested to see the four crypto trades I made today because this might help you get the confidence to get started like myself?

Four Crypto Trades Today: 3 Successful / 1 Fail

The first thing I did this morning is to browse the different pairs to see which ones would have a good potential for me to trade today. I selected Golem and Ethereum

I use Coinigy to look at charts and place trades, if you would like to try Coinigy please use my referral link because I will get $15 if you purchase later on.


I entered this trade at a bottom and it did nothing for 45 minutes, then a big surge in the green where I immediately sold. To be honest, I was prepared to see it dive, but it went the other way hopefuly.

BTC/ETH Trades

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrency that I will trade every day because there is a lot of volume and movements up and down, so it's easier to predict how it might go.

I made 3 trades with ETH today, two were successful and the last one failed.

The first one was very short. I placed the buy feeling it was going up, which it did, and as I saw it was trending down I sold.

The second trade was much longer as I entered again when it hit bottom. It didn't go as high as expected and as it was going down and the reversal didn't happen, then I sold at a small profit again.

I completly messed up the third trade. I wanted to enter as it was raising again, but the order was not filled, so I cancelled it and put a new one. This new one didn't go through immediately, but did when I tried to cancell the order. Unfortnatelly it was filled when at the top. As it was going down again, I decided to just sell at a very small loss.

Today, I've experienced some delay with Coinigy, thinking the buy or sell didn't go off when it did, and then believing that it did when it didn't...  

I hope this post is useful for you to see what a beginner can do taking baby steps in day trading.

I am a student of the cryptocurrency trading course and if you are interested to join, use coupon code "michelsentme" at check out, I will get a small commission and you will get a 20% discount.

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Michel Gerard

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I don't see it listed, does Coinigy offer a way to set up predetermined trades? (Meaning, you can set the trade to go off when certain criteria are met.)


Yes, you can set a stop buy or stop sell so it goes by itself without you having to look at the charts.


Sweet. (Somehow I didn't get a notification that I had messages. Glad I found this one.)


Look at the Replies tab.

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