Sponsored Writing Contest: qiibee - Winners Announcement!

in crypto •  6 months ago

Thank you all for participating in this contest.

Finally, the winners of the qiibee writing contest!!!

@smaeunabs with this submission.
Takes home the first place prize of 55 STEEM!

@solcross with this submission.
In second place, goes home with a 45 STEEM !

@dmilliz with this submission.
In third place, takes away 36 STEEM!

Award 4.png

@jadams2k18 with this submission.
In fourth place, takes away 29 STEEM!

@outerground with this submission.
In fifth place, takes away 27 STEEM!

@oivas with this submission.
In sixth place, takes away 24 STEEM!

@acheever with this submission.
In seventh place, takes away 22 STEEM!

@kilatunzii with this submission.
In eighth place, takes away 18 STEEM!

@wakanda with this submission.
In ninth place, takes away 15 STEEM!

@monajam with this submission.
In tenth place, takes away 13 STEEM!

@ulqu3 with this submission.
In eleventh place, takes away 11 STEEM!

@nowonline with this submission.
In twelfth place, takes away 9 STEEM!

@gnarlyanimations with this submission.
In thirteenth place, takes away 8 STEEM!

@funmiakinpelu with this submission.
In fourteenth place, takes away 7 STEEM!

@antigenx with this submission.
In fifteenth place, takes away 6 STEEM!

@cheekah with this submission.
In sixteenth place, takes away 5 STEEM!

@ced000 with this submission.
In seventeenth place, takes away 5 STEEM!

@okipeter with this submission.
In eighteenth place, takes away 5 STEEM!

@dedicatedguy with this submission.
In nineteenth place, takes away 5 STEEM!

@allesia with this submission.
In twentieth place, takes away 5 STEEM!

2 Steem Bonus:


1.5 Steem Bonus:


1 Steem Bonus:



Video Bonus!












Great job everybody!

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Thank you @originalworks am grateful, and congratulations to all winners

Congratulations to the winners! Great job!

Wow thank you so much @originalworks and qiibee. Didn't expect this
one :D


Well Deserved @smaeunabs :)


I expected you to win once I saw the coin graphics:)

You are awesome @originalworks <3

Wow eighth on my first attempt. Aspiring higher.
Thanks @originalworks


Seems you just might get the top position soon. Took me three tries to crack the code. Won the 4th time :)


Wow am trying to crack the code, its not so easy tho. Lol, I saw your work really impressive, picked a few guides.


Indeed. Haha, glad I could be of help in some way. Hopefully, sooner, rather than later for you. Cheers

P. S: Just read yours, great effort. Just watch out for tenses and try to have someone proofread. Might be a factor, since they talked about it. Cheers


Ok thanks for the corrections.


good tip champ


Thanks, OG. Haha, meant "Original Gangster" in a hip hop sense. Just realised OuterGround =OG too. Cheers mate :)


nice OG, I'll take that :) pleasure's mine. I can see that you're helping the upcoming crypto writers, which is noble.

they say that the day you realise that you are not the star of the movie of your life, but are an important character in a thousand others is the day you truly realise what life's about. I'm not sure who that's attributed to or how badly I paraphrased it but it's quite profound. When I see someone helping, it always makes me smile and gives me hope for humanity :)

Yay!!! Am so excited! Thank you so much @originalworks you guys rocks

Congratulations to all the winners.I hope I will Win thecontest next time.

Thanks @originalworks for the contest and Congratulations to all the winers..

Congratulations to the winers.They are so lucky and you are so good @originalworks

Thank you so much @originalworks and congratulations to all winners!!!

Thank you @originalworks. There is always room for improvement. It a great work here. I appreciate.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for my prize. Always enjoy participating in @orginalworks contests

Wow. I won. Thanks @originalworks. I have seen my reward prize already. Any other contest?

Excellent, congratulations to the winners and success to the whole group @originalworks.

This was a tough contest, congratulations to the winners! Looks like I have a lot of room for improvement, maybe I should include more data next time on the current state of the system haha

Thanks for the bonus. And congrats to winners :)

Nice... Hope to make it next time... The Qiibee platform was indeed an interesting challenge.

Wow! Congrats to all winners!
I'm grateful... Looking forward to seeing the next update @originalworks

I kinda increase...can't say kudos to myself ...Am not doing well
Thanks @originalworks and my regards to Qiibee


You are doing fine! See you at the podium soon!

Congratulations for the winners

Congratulations to all winners!! :)

It was nice making the video
The next one will surely be better

Congratulations to the winners! Excellent

Infinite thanks to originalworks and many congratulations to all the winners ...

Thanks @originalworks for this amazing project.. Congratulations to all winners this week..

2nd place. Thanks qiibee and @originalworks. Really have interest in what qiibee is trying to achieve. Cheers to every other winner

Aww🙊 how come my name was not mentioned?

This is something!

Congratulations to the winners!. Thanks @originalworks.

Thank you very much my dear @originalworks for the reward and Congratulations to all the winers.

Great job, congratulations to all! Excellent. Regards @originalworks.

Thank you @originalworks for having this contest! I have not cracked the top 20 yet but this motivates me a lot to write better. Congratulations to the winners!!!

Thank you very much for the opportunity, I hope to continue competing. I loved it!

Thanks for winning the 20th place. Congrats for all the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners, of which there are many.

A really interesting challenge and best of luck to the qiibeeans who have introduced something quite unique in the space.

Special Congrats to @smaeunabs with a well deserved Trophy

& to the podiumistas - @solcross, @dmilliz & @jadams2k18

A Big Thanks to the host with the most @originalworks

who works tirelessly to orchestrate the sheer amount of entries, entrants & awards. (herding spiders, cats and jellyfish)and of course always writes a winning article each week.

A Special note this week to everyone who may or may not consider taking part, (and this is just IMHO)... If you haven't got anything positive to say about the project in discussion, please try to refrain from adding unqualified comments to the thread. It's not in the spirit of the contest and provides an unwelcome distraction and a bit of a downer for the many writers who dedicate their time to this most excellent and worthy pursuit ! you could write an article ? just thinking out loud here ;)




Very well said. And thanks for the congratulatory message. You are an inspiration to most of us. Cheers


thanks @solcross. I think everyone who writes on here is an inspiration to each other and the sheer quality and quantity of crypto writing being facilitated, honed and put to good use ceases to amaze me. I think @originalworks might get an honorary Professorship at this rate ;) !


Thanks for your words!


Thanks! @originalworks and congrats to all the winners! I didn't get in the spotlight this time around, buh i sure did step my game up a little. Hopefully, next time will be a game changer!

I was one of the first users to make my entry for earning 1.5 Steem and because I do not appear in the list of bonuses

@originalworks how can I contact to you? I want to held your writing contest by our blockchain project!

Thanks agian @original works and @qiibee . I really enjoyed diving into this project and I wish them nothing but the best. The world needs this.
Congrats to everyone, we are all winners as we are learning about the future now.

Congrats to the winners

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