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Reinventing the Loyalty Scheme by introducing an Ecosystem

Loyalty Reward incentive schemes are nothing new but they are ubiquitous and very popular. When I was a really small kid, my Mum used to get a roll of stamps at our local Co-Op when she did the food shopping. I'd help by licking the back of the stamps to fill in a book and when it was full, she would redeem it for a money off coupon against the next shop. it was worth 5%, a pretty generous loyalty reward scheme and a pioneering idea by the food Co-Op, but this was many moons ago. The Scheme was actually first rolled out way back in 1844 as a divi or dividend for members, based on what they spent. It was the forerunner of today's schemes; it was analogue, tedious and quite narrow focused but it did promote loyalty. A couple of years ago year my Uncle and Aunt very diligently did all their food shopping at Tesco and signed up their credit card for Airmiles. In 12 months they earned enough to exchange flights to Cyprus from the UK. Impressive and quite dedicated work !

Co-Op stamps img source

We Love Loyalty Reward Schemes

Some are better than others. I have one for Holland & Barrett wholefoods which is quite generous. I like nuts, seeds and buy all kinds of health supplements, so each quarter I tend to accumulate quite a lot of points. You can see ow many points you have earned on the till receipts. We also have a Boots Pharmacy card which accumulates a lot of points. We buy all kinds of necessary family items like toothpaste, shampoo and moisturisers, etc. It can add up to be quite a cost, so the points we accumulate are a welcome bonus for a hardworking family. We also have a Tesco Clubcard, A Nectar Card, with which can collect extra points on Ebay and my Wife, who travels quite a lot for business is signed up to several airmiles schemes with different airlines. I also have a Costa Card. Coffee is my friend. As you can imagine my wallet is bursting with cards and keyfobs. My Dad has a Costa Card with almost a triple digit balance on it. I told him, "that's a lot of coffee and toast, Dad". He only ever spends the balance when we visit and treats us to a latte at his local Costa. What a SuperStar.


It's a Lot to Organise

With so many loyalty cards and schemes, it's easy to forget about them, not bother so much with the ones we only use infrequently or worse, lose out, miss out or don't spend them before the points expire. That's probably not what the brands had in mind. Some schemes reward points which run out per quarter if you don't spend them. That can be really frustrating. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have them all in one place, keep track of them. Or even just convert them into spendable cash for purchasing anything you want or (importantly, may need). BlockChain would be a perfect use case for such a convenient and no brainer idea. It would be easy to use, easy for Brands to sign up for. It could theoretically dovetail seamlessly with existing schemes and would be fully trackable and easy to use for customers. You could in theory collect together points from different schemes and put them all towards a holiday, Christmas presents or just buy some ICO tokens for that excellent new Blockchain project about to launch.

They've Only Gone and Done it !

Some very bright sparks worked out that you could actually make this happen, brands would get it, customers would love it and qiibee was born. BlockChain Revolution, right there before your eyes. Socially and economically transformative is Blockchain's promise. Endlessly innovative and efficient is also often the outcome. As one famous brand who run a popular loyalty scheme in the UK would say, "Every Little Helps". Actually qiibee was not born as a BlockChain application. It was started in 2015 and it's come a long way in three years. qiibee points were originally envisaged as a way to consolidate existing loyalty schemes into one app but also encourage customers to get involved in earning points by participating in brand initiatives, like making brand related content.

qiibee header.jpg

It already sounded very web 3.0 and they became very busy in a short space of time. Over 12 months qiibee generated a massive 35 million data sets with over 100,000 users, 6 million customer activities and over 900 brand partners - all In ONE YEAR ! and the smart cookies at qiibee learned a lot about loyalty schemes.. brands & their customers. They discovered that brands like their own schemes points and they want control over the interface of their own programs. Customers constantly compare schemes and actually, maintaining 900 brand partners in one app is quite inefficient.

Off-Chain Inception

This was all accomplished off-chain. BlockChain is a natural evolution for qiibee and they make perfect bedfellows. It's another classic WIN3 situation. (like win-win) but everyone benefits. Blockchain seems to be uniquely able to provide win3 solutions. You win, I win, they win. Everybody's happy.

year one.jpg

So How Does qiibee Work ?

Simple as 1- 2- 3. qiibee uses an app and it has a plug and play system which makes it really easy for brands to connect their own unique scheme to the ecosystem. You simply spend and collect your points. quiibee keeps track of them in one handy wallet and you're free to accumulate and spend your points on what you like. I'll be happy to spend them as Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat currency. It's all money to me. This is the future and it's happening right now. I'm always interested in blockchain projects which act as a platform or build an ecosystem for others to utilise. They generally have factors more growth potential than singular apps,** in my humble opinion**, which as you might know is the correct acronym expansion of IMHO. As a Business Mentor who has helped over 100 companies develop their brands and roadmap, I'm also interested in an idea which you immediately get, one that contains an easy to identify USP and one which generates instant ideas about how it could be used in many different ways. Having read the whitepaper, I'd say this is one of those types of projects. So what's in it for Brands and Customers ? Quite a lot as it happens.


Advantages for Brands?


Plug & Play

quiibee have developed an easy to use plug & play system so you can connect your existing scheme into their ecosystem. Using Smart contracts with an ERC-20 token and a developer kit, it's easy for Brands to lift and shift their schemes seamlessly onto to quiibee.


It engages customers on a higher level and engaged customers are far more loyal. Business is not just about building but developing and maintaining trust. As the ecosystem promotes a synergy between customer's ability to aggregate their scheme points, loyalty schemes who fail to engage in quiibee are likely to lose out in the long term to their competitors. quiibee has the potential to be become a standard practice and a well understood platform, both by brands and customers.

Reducing Costs

By offering real live value in the exchangeable token, it frees up a marketing department's balance sheet, removing the liability of unknown quantities. Business likes certainty. Projections and predictions are for weather forecasters and horse races. This is not to be underestimated.

Secure Blockchain

Because BlockChain is SECURE it's an economical option for brands no matter their size. Large Brands could make big savings due to the advantages of BlockChain and this value can be re-invested into making loyalty schemes that bit more generous. Let's face it, some loyalty schemes offer less than 1% value in points where other schemes offer up to 5% with seasonal offers increasing it even further, like double or triple points on certain promotional items. Every Little Helps, not just the customer but the brand competing for your repeated attention, a share of the market and that all important lifelong loyalty, which makes customers come back time and time again.

Loyal Customers Get the Freedom they Deserve


One Location

Rather than a million separate loyalty scheme points stored on various magnetic cards (so 2015), everything's stored on an app in one place and available instantly to see on your phone (very 2018).

Loyalty Scheme Trading

Soon to become a sub genre of crypto trading, you'll be able to begin trading loyalty tokens against each other. How very novel, exciting and a totally new way to get your hands on some crypto. What's next ? micro blogging for crypto ;) oh yeah, we've got that already.

Real World Money

We're not all quite able to live exclusively off earning Intergalactic Credits, (yet) but you can sell your loyalty points for the very first time in $, ¥‎, € or bitcoin. I know what I'll be exchanging my Holland & Barret balance for !

qbphonetemp.8dabaf06 copy.png

The Team

qiibee was founded by two Brothers, Gabriele & Gianluca Giancola who between them have a deep understanding, knowledge and understanding of brands, loyalty and marketing. The third member of the Giancola family, Felicia Giancola-Teora founded her own global trading company and manages all legal and tax affairs. A very strong triangle, supported by a world class team of entrepreneurial spirits and technical wizards, the team has expanded as they head out into the BlockChain sector. Backed up by an equally illustrious team of advisors, qiibee is fully staffed and share a dream, to re-invent the loyalty sector with their ecosystem approach.



All good projects have a detailed roadmap and qiibees has clearly marked milestones for this year include the upcoming publishing of their developer kit, exchange and transfer functionalities (the exciting bit) and their very own loyalty conference and hackathon ! as well as onboarding 9 more brands on to the platform.


To Find Out More

qiibee Website
qiibee WhitePaper
qiibee Telegram
qiibee Medium
qiibee Twitter
qiibee Facebook
qiibee Instagram
qiibee Linkedin
qiibee Google Plus

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They're Doing An AirDrop

Either visit the qiibee airdrop page click on join aidrop & follow the instructions to earn up to 300 QBX tokens. join the telegram group.. stay in the group to qualify (I've already done it)

Steemit Airdrop!

qiibee is offering an extra Steemit airdrop (RAD !) as a bonus in addition to the airdrop above. An extra 50 QBX for up to 2,500 people. Send a message to @bountyworks with a nominal 0.001 sbd / steem & your Telegram @username, your ETH address in the memo before May 30th. Your ETH address will be public so if you're not comfortable with your ETH address being publicly listed on the blockchain, just take part in the ordinary airdrop

This article is not an endorsement of qiibee. I recommend all potential investors to conduct their own research and due diligence and not rely solely on the advice of others. I also recommend reading the whitepaper. Remember, investments can go up as well as down.


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An important characteristic of most loyal customers is their willingness to recommend the brand to others, and social networking is the best place to do it.


that's a really interesting point @celioeguga ! I once heard that when you get good service you are likely to tell one or two people, but when you get bad service it's more like 10. qiibee have the potential to totally re-invent how brands (and customers) see loyalty schemes. exchange and transfer of different loyalty points is blockchain revolutionary !!

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@yabapmatt has my vote and steembottracker is a very good steem tool !


Tutor me then...Good team you have good here

Im failing to understand where value of Qiibee will be coming from? in steemit value = content and human traffic. what about Qiibee?

maybe you could help me out to find the answer to this question? :)

anyway good piece of work. upvoted.


hi @crypto.piotr I think the value of qiibee is as a platform or think of it as an ecosystem. the more brands join the greater it's attraction and value will be. loyalty schemes are worth billions. qiibee is overhauling the way customers can utilise any particular points system rewards by providing a convenient method of exchange. I think customers who are members of multiple & existing schemes will fall over themselves to take part, collect, exchange and use their qbt to buy whatever they want. hope that answers your question ;)


Thank you for your post, well written for sure! Loyalty Programs however remind me alot of the ones in the movie called "Ready Player One".

I've already upvoted a number of posts for today bringing my voting power to only 50% so I would need to recharge it. I can't upvote your work for now but will be following closely for sure :)



I agree with @outerground as well, plus it will be great advertising just having your business name listed on the exchange. Thats thousands of new eyes your exposed to your name every day. I know lots of people who go to certain stores and buy certain things based on the fact that the get a free meal after a couple or something like that. If you have overstocked items, just increase the amount of points with purchase and they will sell out quicker. Also you can get free stuff from a place without ever having made a purchase there. Imagine eating subs everyday at work, 5 days a week. Then at the end of the year you go get a free tv or something somewhere with all your points that you exchanged from subway to future shop. I see many possibilites, especially hardcore coupon people.


Hey @gnarlyanimations, good to see someone's awake ! I'm not sure everyone understands what loyalty schemes are about and unless you've been exposed to them in a professional context, why they're so very successful, popular and becoming more so all the time. It's not a great leap of imagination to apply some simple blockchain logic to qiibee's offering you'd get their concept. duh or what !


@gnarlyanimations @outerground thank you guys for your replies and comments. Myself I've very little experience with loyalty schemes and I didnt mean by any means sound negative in my previous comments.

if i did sound this way then please accept my public honest appology


Dudeeeeeee....Another excellent one!


thanks @adam.tran. I enjoyed researching this. qiibee has lots of potential as a blockchain project and I think if you get it as a blockchain concept, it becomes much easier to see the potential upside !


Ima keep an eye on you lol jk. Good luck with the contest this time!:)


I'm keeping an eye on you too. you have a new follower ;) Noodleman


Lovely! Thank youuuuuu~