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qiibee Loyalty On The Blockchain



So for this entry instead of the usual technical analysis I decided to write more of a personal testimonial as someone who grew up in a household where brands with loyalty reward type programs were cherished and sought out.


Picture This:

You are going out with some friends for the evening. Maybe catch a flick and grab something to eat first. You are kinda strapped for cash because you want to get something to eat at the movies as well. You look into your wallet at all the old coupons that have expired and are useless by now. You remember you had earned quite a few points on your club card from your favorite chain of sandwich shops.

But unfortunately for you all of your other friends want to go out for burgers to a place you have never been before. You plead with them to go to your sub shop so you can cash in your sub points so you will have enough left for the movies. Unfortunately it's 8-1 for burgers. Well I guess you can just get a free cup of water and politely wait for them to eat.

Now wouldn't it be great if there was a quick way you could just swap your sub points for burgers bucks on a simple app on your cell phone?

In Steps qiibee:

qiibii is the next step in the future of loyalty programs. And the future is now. qiibii is implementing loyalty reward programs with blockchain technology. Now imagine a place where you could go get something from one restaurant. Then when you collect loyalty reward points, usually in the form of a stamp on a card you will most likely never end up using. You can take them points and trade them on an exchange that works exactly like a cryptocurrency exchange. Except you can trade those store specific points into the form of qiibee coin's or QBX.

You can then spend, or swap those QBX tokens for another brands loyalty points. If you are all about saving money like me then qiibii will be a great tool to use. You can essentially shop around for the best deals and find out where you can get the best deals with your acquired loyalty points. And then trade them for points loyalty points of a business you have never even stepped foot in, but can still reap the benefits of your loyalty. This can be a great way to get new customers into your establishment for the first time.

qiibee's application before blockchain implementation already has deals with some of the most popular and famous brands today such as Subway, Dominos, and Burger King. The more companies that register only means more options for you to acquire and spend your earned tokens just as fast as you get them.

What's in it for my business?

There is many benefits just in having loyalty reward programs alone. They give customers a reason to come back. It makes them feel appreciated, and it's always feels great getting something when most of the time you get nothing.

I can personally vouch at how great loyalty reward programs keep customers coming back to the business. Growing up my parents always were collecting air miles, one of the most popular and successful reward programs around. Not only did they always specifically go the certain stores that gave air miles with a purchase. They would buy specific item's that had a nice size reward with them, even if it was something they didn't need at the time. It may not have even been a thought to purchase it if there wasn't a reward for it.

Business's can use these to their advantage by increasing rewards or just adding them at all on certain things that you would like to sell more of. If you have an overstock of certain items or if you need to have certain amounts of a product sold. Add it to your list of reward items or if all of them have one. Increase the amount and people will be inclined to buy more. It's a great promotional tool.

As well your business name will get way more exposure to eyes that may not have seen them elsewhere. Once they see you are part of the qiibee blockchain, they may just pop in to see what you have to offer. There you go another customer and you didn't even have to do anything for it. Having your name on the exchange will almost be like free advertising.

How easy is it?

It is a fairly easy headache free process to be integrated into the qiibee system. Their actually is a developer kit that is available to streamline the process and make things incredibly safe and simple.

Once you have made a decision on what your budget will be. Then your budget is converted and tokenized. It's that easy and all your current apps, websites can all be integrated with the tokenized reward system. No more wasted stamps and club cards. Your loyalty reward points are fully digitized and ready to be cashed in.

Not only that, customers that have recieved tokens from other companies registered on the qiibee exchange, can now exchange them for your tokens. Everyone knows that the hardest part of getting new customers is initially getting them inside your business, or getting them to purchase your products/services for the first time.

By running deals by offering discounts, or sometimes free products in exchange for your tokens. It is a great way to catch someones attention, and maybe they have tokens from business a that they regularly go to. Now they can exchange them for your tokens and come in and almost feel like they are already part of the family in some ways by enjoying the benefits of a blockchain based tokenized reward system.

The qiibee Team:

The qiibee project has been around for over 5 years already. In this time it has built itself up with not only a stellar line up of some of the biggest chains in the world, also a very skilled and dedicated team who are willing to put in the time and effort that this project deserves. You can see below is a list along with photo's of the core team, along with the team of advisors and mentors. Right click and select open in full screen to see the fully detailed version you can see the names of everyone on the team clearly.


air drop final.png

qiibee is running 2 different airdrops currently.

1: Go the qiibee Airdrop Homepage . You go to Airdrop Page and click on 'Join Airdrop'. Follow the on screen directions. You will need an active telegram account for this as well as an e-mail address and an erc-20 token compatible ethereum address.
Once you fill in the details you will then be e-mailed a secret code and you must go into the telegram chat room to which you are directed, enter the code and you are registered to recieve your free 300QBX. You can visit the qiibee bot in telegram to confirm all your details.

2: The second option is for Steemit users only. You can find the details Here. This one is for an extra 50QBX for the first 2,500 people to register.

Just send a message to @bountyworks with your telegram user name and ethereum address in the memo. Then join the qiibee telegram and stay there to be eligible. Be sure to be registered by May 30, 2018.


qiibee Website
qiibee Whitepaper
qiibee Telegram
qiibee Medium
qiibee Twitter
qiibee Facebook
qiibee Instagram
qiibee Google Plus

Thanks to the teams @qiibee, @originalworks, @mediaworks for putting this together for us Steemians





Really cool entry. Love the story. Amazing designs. Goodluck

Thanks I need the luck :) Don't forget to check out the air drops only takes a few minutes. Anytime I see an airdrop I try to grab it and hold it, you never which one will pay off in the future.

Yeah my friend. Well said. Thank you.

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Thank you for your post, well written for sure! Loyalty Programs however remind me alot of the ones in the movie called "Ready Player One".

I've already upvoted a number of posts for today bringing my voting power to only 50% so I would need to recharge it. I can't upvote your work for now but will be following closely for sure :)


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