Tomorrow I Will Be Giving My First Speech About Cryptocurrency At A Dash Sponsored Event

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Lots of exciting things happening in my life lately. Tomorrow I'm giving a speech in Cancun at the Grand Oasis to a group of business owners on the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies.

My first speech about crypto.png

The event is sponsored by Dash who sponsored The Bitcuners who are hosting the event. Also speaking at the event is a well known person in the crypto space named Juan Galt.

You can watch a speech of his given at Anarchapulco 2016 here.

DASH is better money than Bitcoin. Anarchapulco 2016 Speech

You can also read more articles written by Juan Galt on here

I think the event is being recorded so I'll make a post about it with some highlights after the event. This will be my first time speaking about crypto to an audience at an event like this and I'm really looking forward to it.

The Bitcuners generously paid for a room at the resort for me to stay overnight and mingle with the attendees. Very cool. Thanks Bitcuners and thanks Dash.

Then the next day when I return to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico I move into my new apartment which I'm very excited about. As fun as the Hostel Rio has been I'm ready to move into my new place. Will do a post about it and once I get settled in and have a housewarming party.

Life is good and cryptocurrencies, starting with Steem, has changed my life for the better. Love it.

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Go @luzcypher and Go Dash!!

Great...cryptocurrencies especially steem will positively impact our world as ordinary people will regain power and ther future...looking forward to your speech...Upvoted!!!great post and thanks for sharing

Agreed. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Interesting times.

Crypto-anarchists and anarcho capitalists are creating wealth at an ever expanding pace. The influence of this new wealth will be very interesting to watch.

Good luck with your speech!

Thanks. I'll post an update soon. Very interesting times we live in indeed.

A good publication! @dioneaguiar

I am really waiting for your speech! All the best to you!

That is awesome - Good luck

How did it go???

It went well. Will post about it soon. Juan Galt and the Bitcuners are in my new apartment right now. Juan is interviewing us for his podcast. Cool.

Hey, that's pretty awesome. Indeed crypto and Steem have change our perception of life, social media and finances for the better!
¡mucha suerte! :)

It sure has made the possibilities in my life more flexible and obtainable. Steemit is my first and favorite.

Thanks for the work you are doing. Love seeing the crypto becoming more and more popular.

How the wealthy get rich and how you can copy their mindsets to gain leverage in life: Posting 42 inspirational articles everyone can relate to. Following all steemians interested in the project:
Blog: Above average - The 42 Millionaire Shortcuts

Crypto does seem to be going closer to mainstream.

Hi luzcypher,

Good luck on your speech at the Dash event!

You'll do great, Good luck!!

Thanks. Dash is so cool too. Love this crypto world we live in.

Have fun. That'll a great experience. Don;t forget to say steemit several times out of the blue with no context. ^^

Oh I will. It's part of the presentation.

Love what you are doing bro good luck !
People like you, make the crypto-world powerful !

Thank you. The crypto-world is powerful. I'm just enjoying the ride.

Good job, it's quite inspiring to see successes like yours here. Hope for all :) Hope the speech goes well.

I hope so too. I feel it will. Love talking about this stuff. Thanks for the encouragement.

Excellent news, congrats!

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nice :) all the best for your speech! ;)

Upvoted and followed, hopefully you can record some of your speech and post it here!

Thank you. I believe the event is being recorded. I will make a post about it.