#2 Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!!

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Hello Steemians,
The previous contest had a good resonance and we want to help the different authors to create original content in Steemit. For this reason we have decided to create a new contest.

Writing Contest2.png

There will be three winners, with the following awards:

1st prize 25 SBD!!!
2nd prize 15 SBD!!!
3rd prize 10 SBD!!!

Contest rules:

1. Write a Creative and Original Post (more than 500 words). Place the Link of your Post as a comment in this Post.

2. Vote this Post with 100%. This will help to finance the Prize funds.

3. Resteem this Post. This will help other users to take part in the contest.

4. Promote your Post with @minnowhelper.

5. Do not use bots that vote your comment to increase your chances of winning. And if you do it anyway, the votes will be counted as negative points.

Only Authors who comply with these 5 rules may compete in the contest.

Who wins the contest?

The jury are all Steemit users, each user can vote for the links he wants. The link with the most votes wins the contest.
Upvotes have a positive value and downvotes (or votes of Bots) a negative value, only Votes will be counted. Regardless of the weight.

example of the last contest

Who will be disqualified?

Users who send Plagiarized Post, or just an image, or meme without any text, or just a video without any Text.

At this point, we would like to thank all users who use @minnowhelper daily and especially those who participate in the contest. Good luck to you all.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.


Thanks @minnowhelper.. Have followed all the rules...upvoting, resteeming,promoting my post with minnowhelper, and also my post.. This is the link


Done bro. Go get it.

Best of luck and success

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please,, no chopping o,, Tigers are now going extinct..., it is a criminal offence to chop

Wish you luck.

Nice one bro.

Good luck bro

Best of luck

Good wishes

wish success bro

awesome bro. all the best

Nice write up, good luck.

Nice write up bro
Good luck to you

Shine on Bros, I like your hustling spirit...

Good luck on this. Bring it home!

All the best bro

Good luck bro

good luck Mate

You too much abeg... Truly without colour this world wud have so dull...

Sadly we won't even have known if it had been that way🤔

Good luck darling

wonderful write up.. You deserve to win.. Cheers

All the best

Wish you best bro

Best of luck dear

Good luck bro

Good luck brova

All the best Mittymartz.

Good luck bro

see you at the top

You deserve to win.. Best of luck

you are there already.good luck

Good luck brother. All the best. You got this win...@johnskotts

now i upvoted

Good luck man

Go bro. Bring it home to euronation.


thank you

Go. Get it myke, you deserve it

thank you dear

Good one bro, hope you win

sure I will, thanks

Greetings to you! Go bro!

Done... You'll win this....


Good luck dear

Grace this...!

you have indeed prove yourself

thumbs up

Make us proud mike..

i have upvoted you good luck to you.

Go! Go! Go! @mike4christ. You are the man

thank you very much for your support

make us proud bro

Proudly Euronation Steemians......U own it bro.

best of luck buddy

Kudos bro...... Bring it on n

Please just come back with your testimony of how you emerged the winner of this contest.

Good luck oo

Wish you all the best, bro

God bless

@mike4christ,i will like you to win this contest because you are such a good fellow.Bring the reward to our discord group.upvoted

my dear they is no more time for that, thanks for the compliment,

Good luck mike

thank you DEAR, please kindly upvote my comment entry,

My best wishes with you.

thank you for the support

Good luck :)

thank you for your support

thank you for the support

Keep the good works up sister

good work, good luck

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