Animals that are now extinct

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I love writing about love stories and poems but on the long run I decided to give science post a try, you never know what you can do until you try it..i have great likeness for animals, so I like to study about them, which is the reason why I did a research on two different animals that are now extinct...


Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Class Mammalia

Order Perissodactyla

Family Rhinocerotidae

Genus Diceros

Scientific Name Diceros bicornis

The black rhino belongs to the large mammal species, their height at the shoulder is about 4.5 to 6feet (1.4m to 1.8) with the head to tail length being around 14feet(4.2m). They have two horns but some individuals have three horns in which the third horn is shorter. These animals are herbivores, they feed on plants, the leafs, shoots and also fruits but they prefer the leafy plants during the dry season to quench their thirst to an extent..

** Adaptive features: ** They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing which makes up for their poor eye sight.In the time of drought, the animals can survive for two days without rhino deep itself in mud during hot
weather to keep itself cool and also to protect its body from termites.


When the female is in heat period, it leaves dung piles as a means for a prospective male to follow and find her. When a male does find the pile, they scatter and spread it all over the place so that a rival male cannot find the same female, breeding peers stay together for two-three days during which period they mate several times per day with copulation lasting for about half an hour each time..


Being extinct means there are no longer any living members of the species and there are so many factors that contributed to the extinct of this animals.

Hunting: Africa was known around the world for it big game hunting, these animals were killed in large numbers and that was before the hunting regulations and conservation efforts, poachers also hunt these animals for their horns which are used in Chinese medicine and for use as a decoration.


kingdom Animalia

Phylum Chordata

Class Mammalia

Order. Carnivora

Family Felidae

Genus Smilodon

Scientific name smilodon populator

Weight. 300kg

Favourite food. Deer

life span. 20-40 years

-Habitat. Forest and grass lands

Predators Huma

Despite the name of the saber toothed tiger, it is not actually related to the modern tigers found throughout the jungles of Asia, it is one of the best known in ice-age animals..
The tiger is a carnivore and it depends solely on meat to survive, it can be identified by its long teeth, the kind of animals it feeds on are deer, antelope and even smaller animals like rodents, if his prey is too large to finish at once, he hides the rest to prevent scavengers from devouring it, when a tiger catches a prey, he will eat the most nourishing parts like the beef first..


A good eyesight to see prey at long distance

His muscular hind legs make it a good hunter

An excellent smell helps him to discover his prey timely.


They became extinct more than 12,000 years ago when human started hunting their species thoroughly...

Thanks for reading.

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This is a very interesting article......pls write more on them,would love to see more of the animals that has being extined


Thanks for reading, glad you love it

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Wow, this is amazing, cool facts about this animals , though I know about this wild animals I never cared to know their predator ability and adaptation system. Well written boss


Thanks man

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This is amazing, and cool
Please do more


Alright boss.. Thanks

Seem you are fond of animal...
You did justice to it....


Lol, thanks

This Smilondon no for go extinct o, look like wetin the meat for sweet shaa...
Nice piece sugar... Goodluck😘


Who will kill it for you, the predators can become prey, hope you are well aware of that


Good luck in killing it ooo.
Don't you know its one of the extinct cat family?

A combo of some features of the lion and tiger. I so so so pity you and won't want to be you.
Either way good luck with eating its meat that is if its not the other way round.

Good post, but i don't know about rhinoceros being in extinction.


Not all rhinos boss, only the black rhino,we actually have five different species of rhinos

Nice bro, wish you well.


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