The division destroys humanity, enhances the representation of the bad

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Mental distances of one another are born with the other. We have been hearing from the very beginning that division of the society is going on in Bangladesh. Recently, after the election of the United States, these divisions are heard to have started there. After the announcement of the results of the US election, some of the largest and economically strong California population have also started saying that they will exit the United States. Because United States of America and their United States of trumps are not the same. Naturally these divisions are emotional, in some cases economic also.

The division of the state or the corporate world from the division is present everywhere. Since 2006, I have been associated with the corporate world, and one thing is often heard that colleagues are never friends. Some people say that the staff under the manager is not a good manager. That is, there will be rivalry between workers and they will inform each other's weakness manager. The manager will be able to know all the four walls in the closed room. The reality is that many employees do not always blame others. There are many workers, they are scared and they tell the manager to blame others. Results wrong management Promote wrong decisions and divisions.

At one time, many people are busy with each other's slander. It is also said to say that such a worker works well, but his intention is bad and if he gets a job, he will become bad. That means, his hidden thoughts become the subject of study. Which once made the organization stagnant. Encourage scams to work. Add gesture to daily activities. Reduces the speed of action. On the other hand, it was possible to create a peaceful environment by mutual trust, unity, love practices and self-criticism. The united people lead society towards progress. That improvement is economic, emotional and overall happiness.

California's split will never be stronger than united America. The same formula that the partition of India-Pakistan was divided in 1947, the people of Kashmir could not accept it. Still can not The result is not as much geographical as it is in India-Pakistan, more emotional division than it is. And while taking control of Kashmir, thousands of crores of military monarchs But if this money was spent in removing poverty, then a developed (psychological and economic) India-Pakistan may have been able to see it on the earth.

The Middle East is feeling a great deal of division. Syrian war years are going on for years. This is primarily a war of strong states, but proxy war. That's right, because of the rivalry of Bashar Al Assad, the civil war in Syria began. Needless to say, if there is uninterrupted war in a region or country, the country can not prosper.

So any kind of division brings harm to humanity. Whether it is between brother-brother, wife-in-law, colleagues or political divide. Humanity will win the welfare of humanity. And united humanity can create a happy society. So it is very easy to say, division destroys humanity, enhances representation of bad.

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