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My life has been full of blessings. Some things for me are undeniably not coincidences just God's love for me. But there have been a few coincidences here and there. I'll tell you about it in a bit.

I've never been much of a dreamer. When I was younger, I hardly dreamed except that time, I vividly remember dreaming about a very large millipede that came for me and my friends or the time when my aunt died and I kept seeing her in my dreams. Frankly, I think there's a reason I've never attended any burial ceremony before, but that's besides the point.
This particular coincidence happened in late 2017.

I had this really huge exam to write and as is usually the case, we weren't given time to properly read for it (for students, no amount of time is ever enough though). I was tensed, I was stressed and I hadn't covered 1/3 of my syllabus and the exam time kept drawing near like it had no care in the world. Everyone was encouraging me, praying for me, showing me love, etc. Me on my own side, I've never failed an exam before and I was sure God was going to give me the usual blessing.

I had prayed, I had fasted, I was reading and doing all the necessary things needed to get this exam over with. And most of all, I was remaining positive to make sure I would not cancel all my prayers. Despite the odds of time and the haphazard timetable and all the bank runs that were fixed just before the exams plus the lectures that didn't end on time and the strike during learning plus the fact that one of the courses was grossly under-taught if that's a word and every other thing that happened in between, I was still hanging in there.

One early morning, I say early because when I woke up, it was day, I had a strange dream. I'm not usually superstitious but when I woke up prematurely, I felt that this dream had to have a meaning and not because of the whole premature waking thing. In the dream, I can't necessarily remember all that happened because it's been a while but I'll try as much as I can.
I had some young children with me in the dream. 3 of them to be precise and I was supposed to be watching them and keeping them from all harm. I can't really remember who they were neither can I remember their ages. I just knew they were young. I was doing a good job of it though until this really large eagle appeared.

Funny that I think it was an eagle right? But it was. People would argue that an eagle denotes excellence and prestige but I wasn't falling for all that. It was really really large and almost half my size. I'm not necessarily a big-ish person. In my subconscious in the dream, I knew that eagles are birds of prey (do look it up. A dream is a dream😏) and I wasn't determined to let this one carry off any of my precious charges. I pushed them behind me and proceeded to wave a stick in the air trying to swipe at the eagle. Meanwhile it was trying to grab a child.

It wasn't an easy battle. I picked heavy stones I could carry and kept throwing at it. Then maybe because I've watched too many cartoons, I saw a hollowed out trunk and asked the children to crawl in and stay put so I could focus on the fight at hand. We were actually in a park of some sorts or rather I think there was a scenery change. They did that anyway and I continued to throw stones. Some met their mark and hit the eagle until at some point, it got disoriented and fell out of the sky. I immediately picked up a stick or a big broom with a handle (I forget) and started to beat the eagle to a pulp.

After beating it for no less than 30 times while praying (of course I wouldn't leave that part out), the eagle died. I felt it when it died. But to my chagrin, it turned into 3 large balls with evil smiley faces. I'm guessing their intent was to roll into the trunk of the tree where the children were hiding but I'm not sure though. I proceeded to bash the balls and 2 of them burst after I worked at it for a while. While I was bashing the 3rd one, guess what happened next.......... 😒

I woke up!!!

I woke up to the sound of my ringing phone. I was so so so so angry. Like couldn't whoever was Calling just wait a few seconds for me to completely bash the 3rd ball. I was so pissed but I controlled myself. I didn't pick the call either. I tried to go back to sleep but you know how these things work, it just doesn't happen. Sometimes I've been fortunate to go back to my sleep when I'm interrupted and I'll still be able to continue my dreams right from where I stopped. Sadly today my luck wasn't going to shine like that. I tried all possible means but the dream had flown into oblivion.

I finally had to pick up because the person just didn't stop. I was sincerely shaken about that remaining part of that ball. I called my friend and told him about the dream and he told me it was going to be fine and all the Hubble dee dum that usually follows such statements. For my sake, I chose to believe him that all would be fine. It's not like I had a choice in the matter. All just had to be fine. For my sake if not for anything else.

Finally, the week of the exam came around and generally, because I'm a positive person, I wrote and hoped for the best. Results for our exams, come out the next day after the last phase. That particular day, I was calm. I wasn't just calm, I was too calm and that scared me more. I kept thinking of the dream and wondering how it was going to be like. Outside of me, I was radiating the usual calm before the storm " and trying to be positive. I had to distract myself by reading novels, watching a movie, sleeping, just any thing other than thinking. But in all, I was calm. I'm usually a calm person and hardly anything fazes me but this particular calmness was bothering me like I had accepted my fate before time or something weird like that.

The results finally came out at almost midnight and I discovered that I was one of the candidates that failed 1 course out of the 5 we had written. At that moment, I remembered the dream and I calmed some more. I just thought to myself that maybe God was trying to warn me ahead of time in anticipation of this moment. I couldn't shout, cry or scream. I had been warned. All I could do was sincerely thank God for the ones I had passed and hope for the best.

a really sad coincidence to say the least.

But I can gladly say that that failure was more of a stepping stone than a draw back. It is said that when a man hits rock bottom, there is nowhere else left to go but up. So I believe it's forward ever for me. I rewrote the paper this January and I'm glad to say that I scaled it successfully. I've come away from this whole experience a better person if I do say so myself and I'm happy about that.

I've had many other coincidences which are too pure for my liking for example, I step out of my house with an extra pen for absolutely no reason and it may not be something I do often, and suddenly someone will need a pen later. Or I come out with extra cash and I find that someone needs some money somewhere or I forget my assignment at home and the lecturer doesn't feel like collecting that day and so many many other things. They mostly centre on helping other people but the good ones that affect me, I'd like to term that God is looking out for me as always.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end. Hope you liked what you saw. Don't forget to follow, upvote, comment, resteem. Thanks again. Much love people 😘😘😘

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