The prince will be killed-#2 Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!!

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Hi steemians !
I am going to tell you a story that I heard at my childhood from my mother, hope you like it. And this post is in resposnse to #2 Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!! by @minnowhelper.



In a country there was a king, he had no child for a long time, he went to many temples to ask for the blessings, at last he blessed with a little prince.
Soon he brought many astrologers and predicted the future of that child, one of the astrologers that the child's future will be great and he will rule many kingdoms. Second astrologer said that the prince would become a king of several countries and live long up to 80 years. Third astrologer was very expert, he declines the previous astrologers statements.



He said "As per the child's horoscopes, the child will be in peril at his age of 8"

"Oh! Are you sure, That's what will happen," king asked.

"He will be killed by a pig" the astrologer explained.

"Hahaha by a pig? ," the king laughed at him as well as insulting him.

"Don't laugh at me, find a solution instead, I 100% assured that your son will be killed by a pig." the astrologer shouted anger.

“Take him to the jail, he talked too much,” the king got angry and astrologer was imprisoned, and the king ordered them not to release him until his son becomes 8 years old. Years passed when the prince reached his 7 years of age, the king ordered to kill all the pigs in his country. Also announced big reward money to anyone who bring dead pigs.

When the prince reached 8 years of his age, all most all the pigs were killed in the country, then the king was happy that there was no pig in the country to kill his son, but he was nervous, he made a special room at the top of the third floor for his son, made with all of the glasses and fully secured, no one can enter into the room except a few trusted servants.

The king also watching him daily, day and night, one day the king went to the prince's room to see him, the prince was playing with some toys, one of the toy was a pig shaped doll, the prince looked at it and delighted, he took the pig and shown to his father.



"Father!, what is this? Something different from other toys," he asked for the King with a smile.
The king, shocked after seeing the pig toy, Thought “what the heck”, he Immediately he pulled the 'pig toy' in his hand, broke out the glass wall and threw it out. Unfortunately and immediately, his son jumped out of the broken glass to catch the toy, he fell down from the third floor and dead miserably.
Then the king has realized that the astrologer was correct, and he regrets his mistake and released him with rewards.

No one can change the happening; It’s all about the game of fate.

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Original short story authored by @jyoti-thelight for #2 Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!! by @minnowhelper.


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Nice story @jyoti-thelight, i like it


thank you, i am glad that you like it

U forget to complete the sentence in last is good...good story fr the kids..👍


thank you for the reminder call

This is a nice story. So u mean faith can change what is about to happen???? If yes then I agree with you. Because with faith we can move mountains


yes, faith in God and do your duty

Great story again remainds days of childhood stories.


thank you for your great support and feedback


welcome writer g.

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Nice story..!! :)



great story again, you'r rocking


thank you for the feedback

Nice story.


thank you so much

nice post


thank you,

I've heard of or read this story some where recently, and the moral of the story is sad but true. almost like when someone says be careful what you wish for.


thank you for the feedback

good story. overdoing by king caused it.


thank you for reading