One more week to grab prizes! Come and join my contest!!!

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Hey everyone, it's almost passed a week since I opened my contest. Phew! Time flies, doesn't it?

I said that I would give the results yesterday, after my contest post paid out. But I decided to extend the deadline to give chances to the ones who missed it. Hope you won't get mad at me.

You have another week to go! So what are you waiting for? Let your creativity runs through your post and make an awesome piece about ''Teenage''. Here is the contest post that includes rules, in case you missed.

And there is a quite a number of entries right now and all of them are so beautiful and creative. You guys are awesome!!! Each of them is unique and they all have a different style of their own. I'd love to make give a showcase of the entries. I'll list them according to the order they posted.

Part 1 - Teen contest

First, let's give a applause for our young bloggers! To my fellow teens! I really enjoyed reading their beautiful posts.

@zam398 -

@chrisjayl -

@tearsaw -

@offgridlife - (He i not a teen but his posted a drawing of his kid for this contest. I think it's ok to add it here)

You know, these youngers have been working hard for their content but they don't get the attention they deserve. Each of them is talented and we should appreciate what are they doing here. So please visit their blogs and show some love. Give an upvote to their entries and add a word of admiration. Your voice is the greatest support to them. Help me to make the TOS community grow bigger and better!

Part 2 - Non-teen contest 

Then our lovely supports! Let's give a cheer for who are teens at heart ( sorry sis @tegoshei, I stole your line :P)


@arwinhiloma -


Taking a look at these entries, you can see the judging will be a very tough one. I cannot handle it all along so I chose a panel of judges. It includes @chamudiliynage, @justaboutart, @kenny-crane, @tegoshei, and me, @mashiliyanage. We will give marks for each entry, and the ones who have the highest marks will be chosen as the winners.

Also I want you to inform that @alishi and @anneke, who are active writers in Steemit Education is posting articles that are useful to teens. You can find them easily by searching under #tos tag. 

And a reminder for teens, feel free use #tos tag on your future posts. And please spread the news about our TOS community among your peer steemians. We're willing to give you a hand on your journey and we also need your support.

Thanks for reading... Hope to hear from you soon<3



I am very happy to be on the panel of judges! Great idea for a contest and I support the #tos Teens Of Steem Community! :)

Hey! What's up? Just got back to steemit and went through your page. You stopped making posts??? What happened?

Welcome back! Work has been busy for me. I only have enough time to read, vote and comment here. I follow a lot of people so that actually takes a lot of time each day. But I do plan to post again soon. :)

Wow, that's great! I love to read your posts :)

Yeah, that's true
Number of people you follow has increased compared to last time I was here. That must be exhausting going through their posts. Well, keep up the good work! Looking forward to your future posts. Cheers

Love to have as a judge! Thanks :)

Then our lovely supports! Let's give a cheer for who are teens at heart ( sorry sis @tegoshei, I stole your line :P)

Hahaha... Feel free to use that line any time, little sis... ;)

Heh, thanks for the permission :D

I resteemed this post.

How about putting the URL in ()? And () Before the title. The title is enclosed in [].
One more week to grab prizes! Come and join my contest!!!

Thanks for your big support @yasu24 san!
I didn't quite understand what you meant. Did you mean the entries?

Now the URL is naked, but @mashiliyanage. can hide it.

Ah, I don't usually write the whole URL in my posts but in this, I decided to write the whole thing for some unknown reason XD Since this already paid out, I'll follow that in the results post :) Thanks for informing me!

Huh? what does this mean?

I decided that this competition of works of adolescents ... my bad English I failed? Please forgive me if I made a mistake.

Are you a teen? Then please tag #tos in your entry post. Why don't you take a look at rules? :)

This is a blog of our family, children actively participate in their work. Do not the works of my teenage children be published in a topic for teenagers?

Oh is that a work of your children? Sorry about the misunderstanding. Will you please add #tos tag to your post?

I've just tried to change the post, and add a tag, but it did not work, I'll try later

No problem :) I'm waiting for you!