Global Collage: A Steemit Arts Community Collage powered by Steem with @slothicorn

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Global Collage: A Steemit Arts Community Collage powered by Steem with @slothicorn

Let Global Collage Begin!

"Pizza Man" is my art contribution to kick off "Global Collage," an effort to bring as many artists as possible together in a chain to create a collaborative art piece!



Check out the process video!

Vision for Global Collage

Global Collage's vision is to have one massive art piece with several artists taking turns to layer on to it. Why? To bring artists together to form an even stronger community and inspire others of the power of creative collaboration.

Who is Behind Global Collage?

The group called Slothicorn on Discord (or @slothicorn on Steemit) is creating this massive communal collage. Want to join? Please see the sign-up info below!

Global Collage Map

I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I have added my location pin to the map.

What is Slothicorn?

Click on the link above if you wish to learn more about what Slothicorn is!

The mother of @slothicorn is @stellabelle. @stellabelle created @slothicorn and many other creative communities, giving them the opportunity to propel their creative efforts. It is filled with artists who are making beautiful and imaginative pieces.

How do I Participate in Global Collage?

Step 1 - Join the Discord channel

Step 2 - Go to #global-collage.

Step 3 - Fill out the Google Form in the pinned messages of the #global-collage channel.

Step 4 - Wait until it is your turn on the list in #global-collage Discord channel.

Step 5 - Create your art in a way to connect or interact with other artists' work in chain!

The more seamless and each part connects, the better! Don't completely cover someone's work!

Step 6 - Post your art in a new Steemit post with Global Collage in the title.

Step 7 - Use the #global-collage tag!

Step 8 - Add your art to the image posted by the artist previous to you (This image is 10" x 6" and 300 DPI resolution).

Step 9 - Add your location as a pin to the Interactive Map!

  • Click add marker and enter the city and country that you are in!

Now let's watch the art piece evolve as we grow it together!

We look forward to your contributions to the #global-collage!



So freaking cool of you do to take the initiative last night while we were in Discord. Thank you. I am excited about this project for many reasons, one of which is that I was attempting to do stuff like this last year, when steemit was in early days. I sent a gnome to people around the world, but then, someone didn't keep sending the gnome on! I don't know where that gnome is right now! My project died because of inertia, someone just stopped the flow! Thanks for stepping up to do this! Very exciting for all of us!

Hello @playitforward thanks for creating the college of a community effort. I really appreciate your effort. Pls keep it up and updating us here. May steemit forever live....
Thanks @peakreal

Nice initiative and project. I was happy to follow it via the discord group and se it flowering here is really motivating! I'll check the info and see how to contribute to this amazing idea. Thank you again for your sharing. All the best, Jean

Please join it! @jnmarteau and thanks for the support!

Yes with pleasure! I involved the students in photography who joined at the @globalschool and we will try to cooperate together too. =)

@playitforward Nice idea. I like seeing the animated drawing. Looks like a fun project.

Why I couldn't join with your discord channel?