How To Earn Crypto For Your Art: Slothicorn For Dummies

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The title says it all.

Feel free to print this out, distribute, stick on walls, graffiti anywhere.

We are deliberating very hard on the winning entries for the Slothicorn Genesis Story....Renaming it to Birth of Slothicorn.

We are excited to announce that we have way more SBD to give away since many have mysteriously stepped up with generous donations. These mystery donors will be revealed in the big Reveal post with the winners announced. There will be many many winners, and the top 3 SBD amounts will be as follows:

1st Place: 50 SBD
2nd Place: 40 SBD
3rd Place: 30 SBD

Plus a bunch of smaller SBD amounts will be given.....still working out how many. These bigger SBD awards were able to be given because of the mystery donors.

The entries were so kick ass, it's going to be hard to name 1-3. All you artists really outdid yourselves. Thank you so much for participating!

Announcing new Team members to Slothicorn:

@drawingly is now a Slothicorn curator
@yusaymon is helping with uploading GiFs to our Official Giphy Channel

Stay Tuned!

Stay Slothy,
Slothicorn Team

(3D print prototype by @pbock)

From the post:

Many of you may be still confused about Slothicorn. For clarity, the sloth represents the part of the creative world that has not learned about cryptocurrency. The unicorn represents cryptocurrency. So, once the sloths become activated by the crypto horn, anything is possible! And once you get infected with crypto, there's no going back. That's why all of us in Steem have horns sprouting from our foreheads! Crypto addicts unite!



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interesting post, i think i'll get cracking with some crypto inspired jewellery, not quite sure how that will look yet!

My thoughts exactly lol. I gave you a follow to see what you come up with.

I really appreciate the upvotes man, Thank you!

I'll be sure to make lots more crypto themed 3d printable models :)

The best thing is most of the 3D print model hosting sites already require objects uploaded to be released under CC, so this is a win win situation hehe 😆

Glory be to our horned overlords 😉


Niceeeee, in love with the project! My art could be about anything? I take pictures! or it just has to be about slothicorn? Anothe rthing, and sorry for so many questions, how so i so to get the license?

This is wonderful, I did not know this was how Slothicorn worked, I kept seeing people tag it though.

How do I add the Creative Commons liscense to my post? Do I just use the #creativecommons tag, or is there more to it?

I will pariticpate with caricature art

my art is not a great as i thinking and imagine, but pencil sketch a little bit.

Thanks for giving us the best opportunity.. God might bless you.. Stay blessed and be happy.. Hope You'll always with me.. Thank you so much @slothicorn @stellabelle @inquiringtimes :)U5dsYfpLUYpHXfjZFGBudHanMcVzbso.gif

I think I am gonna try this out. Not much of an artist but I believe can create something nice.

Hmmm... I've been seeing this Slothicorn for a while now. I'm gonna check on this some more. :)

Cool idea! I'm in 😉😉😁

A big thanks :D and ill make sure to join :D

awesome idea, i love it, thanks fo keep creating this post, you motivate people to keep making art and make it usefull

@slothicorn I'll surely be joining this to share my talent in graphic design :) Thanks for giving uss the chance to showcase our talent

I love all these reward type initiatives.

I am a musician but dabble in art occasionally so I probably won't enter this but I will try and spread the word.

My daughter is an artist but I can't seem to get here interested in Steemit at the moment. She's a bit too young I think but I'm sure she'll get on board in the future!

Thanks for running this!

How can i get the licence creative commons? Info please!