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In preparation for the future when we have our own Dapp built, I’d like to go over the rules of how to properly format a submission to Slothicorn. (This is not for the art contest. This is for the generic creative commons crypto art submissions)


Choose an open source cryptocurrency (Steem, Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS, NEO, etc.), crypto theme or other topic related to cryptocurrency (robots, AI, blockchain, cryptogames, crypto dramas: Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash, etc. are ok, too).


Make art.

All art genres will be acceptable. Some possible art forms: drawing, painting, animation, video, film, cryptographic puzzles, macrame, sewing, fabric, environmental art, sculpture, street performance, graffiti, collage, food art, comics, puppetry, opera, comic video series. As long as you create it and it’s your original art, the genre is open. However, if we catch you plagiarizing someone else’s work, you’ll be banned from Slothicorn and you’ll never get another upvote from our account. Choose wisely. The founder of Slothicorn has a severe distaste for scammers of any kind. Your reputation is more important than anything. Don’t fuck it up.


Use proper tags.

Your first tag must be: slothicorn.
Let me repeat this in bold letters for all of you not paying attention:


Your second tag should be formatted like this: cc-(the name of cryptocurrency here). The ‘cc-‘ prefix of this tag stands for Creative Commons.


Add the Creative Commons Attribution License and blurb. It should be like this:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


At the very bottom of your post, after the Creative Commons license, you should put your crypto wallet address, for the coin your art relates to! The best wallet, for the desktop is
In that wallet, you can generate the different addresses for the different coins.

Artists are encouraged to use this wallet because it contains lots of different coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dash, EOS, etc., and also they have the best customer support of any wallet. I've used their Slack support several times, and it was amazing. Plus, they hired a designer to create their UI, so artists will love this wallet (I don't work for Exodus, or get any kickbacks, etc.).

So, for example if I was making art that somehow related to Bitcoin Cash, I would put my Bitcoin Cash wallet address at the bottom of my post.

For example, my recent comic is about Bitcoin and Litecoin. So, here are the second and third tags: cc-bitcoin cc-litecoin. The reason that this is so critical is because when our block explorer is built, everyone needs to be able to quickly find Creative Commons art using this tagging protocol. There’s thousands of posts tagged “bitcoin”, so without a proper tagging protocol, it would be impossible to find Creative Commons crypto art for a specific cryptocurrency. This tagging method should create a frictionless, easy to use solution for people, both in Planet Steem, as well as outsiders who need Creative Commons cryptoart.

Because this step might confuse people, here are a list of possible tags that you could use. For each crypto coin, separate them into single tags. So if you draw a comic of “Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash”, here are the proper tags for that:

slothicorn cc-bitcoin cc-bitcoincash cryptoart creativecommons

Now, let’s say you create some art that explores the theme of bots in Steemit. Here are the tags for this:

slothicorn cc-steem creativecommons steemit bots

You might be wondering why I didn’t use the tag, cc-steemit. Steemit, Inc. is a company. Steemit has made it clear that its logo is covered by copyright. This is in direct conflict with the philosophy of Creative Commons, so please do not use the Steemit logo as part of the Creative Commons tagging protocol. Read the official post by Steemit, Inc. about their copyrighted logo:

However, you are free to use the Steem logo in any way you like, but the same does not apply to the Steemit, Inc logo. If Steemit, Inc. wants to clarify or amend this information, they may do so at any time. Slothicorn does not want to be embroiled in any legal troubles, so you have to follow these guidelines in order to be upvoted by our account. Regarding this, we definitely do need some guidance by @steemitblog, so I hope they will comment on this matter. It’s a grey area that we don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time on.

Moving right along, here are more examples of tags to use:

If you are not doing art for a certain coin, you can use the ‘cc-‘ prefix for things like”
cc-cryptodrama, etc. Remember, ‘cc-‘ just means Creative Commons.

PRO TIP: Before you get started on that masterpiece, ask yourself this question: is this cryptocurrency coin open source? If it’s not open source, don’t proceed. Also, if your crypto coin is in the grey area of a scam coin, you probably should not submit it to Slothicorn. We will not accept anything that smacks of a scam.


title: BREAKING NEWS! Bitcoin Goes Mainstream on CNBC (Crypto NBC) Comic


Comic depicts Neha Narula, Director of MIT media lab when she appeared along with Charlie Lee on CNBC, now known as Crypto NBC. (notice the slothicorn climbing up a bridge)


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

MY BITCOIN AND LITECOIN WALLET ADDRESSES GO HERE: {this is where your addresses go}

tags: slothicorn cc-bitcoin cc-litecoin comics creativecommons

ps- I would really like to get @jesta involved in helping us create a dapp, or block explorer for Slothicorn. Main question: will our tagging protocol (using the cc- before each coin work? Any advice or feedback from programmers at this stage is welcome. We want to design this project in the easiest, most frictionless way possible. @personz, what do you think?)

Also, we will be launching this on Utopian after our community is thriving, and our rules and off-white paper are in a very solid state. At that point we will be looking for programmers to build our Dapp, and website. I've bought the domain,, so that will need to be developed.

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Stella left out the most important step. Step 4: Add Creative Commons License to the end of post!
This text needs to appear at bottom of post:
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
With the logo:

It took me a little while to notice this part, as well as some of the required tags that I saw in another steemit post. Hoping my recent entry doesn't get glossed over because I added the CC logo & tags as an edit.

Excited about the slothicorn project. Keep it up!

Thought the same while reading the post! ^^ Anyways, good explanation! Looking forward to see slothicorn´s website. :D

This sounds like a fun little venture. I'd love to get involved. I assume the slothicorn has to appear in the artwork somewhere?

no. The contest we are running right now is to launch the community. Moving forward, these rules apply to all posts that want to be included in our community, and be upvoted by us.

Ah. Got it... that makes way more sense to me. Thank you.

Thought I'd give it a try here

Stella has been BUSY! It is so great to see a project coming together! I'd challenge every artist to take the plunge and do something Crypto related! You may get addicted to the genre and be a slothicorn for life. You never know where the inspiration will take you!

Be Different, Be Magical, Be Slothicorn!

Let me ask a question, suppose I make a comic using an image from a google but draw it myself on illustrator, lik opening up an image from google, drawing my own sketches and graphics using pen tool etc. does this also fall in plagerism?

No, a painting or drawing from a source is your own creative content. You own it. As you notice, I drew my Neha CNBC image from a TV still. I recreated it through my own creativity, painting, now it's mine.

Yo, got it!


A question for others: will you make a website in which you list all the CC slothicorn creations?

Let me be clear with this: only artists who do cryptoart will be accepted and upvoted by us. Also, the work must be creative commons. We are not accepting all artwork, only that which we have outlined in this post.

I agree :)

I meant will you gather all the slothicorn art somewhere for people to see it? Like an art galery.

yes, we have bought the domain, and web development will begin after community is developed.

I made some art with the steemit logo all over it :((((((((

Super busy in these days... but will think about some mannequin-art-stuff ;-)
Big hug!

This is an excellent and unique thing
It is truly the most powerful technological and especially decentralized together
thanks for participating
I appreciate your effort

Thank you @stellabelle for creating a platform this.
Hope motion graphics like gif is accepted
Now lemme go and create some slothicorn

yeah, gifs, motion, all the art forms are accepted.

it's really important for me.....keep it up

Excellent and good one. Technologies are enhancing day by day. Cool things are coming ... voted!!

Awesome thankyou for the opportunity I’m definitely gonna make something :)

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love this! is this on a giphy channel yet? if you want to add them to the official slothicorn giphy channel , let me know

Ok, I will dear :)

Can i use also cc-steemcoin as tag when i make for example a steem comic? Or is this only possible with cc-bitcoin, cc-litecoin and so on? Thanks for support and this great idea :)

Oh I see... I think I'm going to join soon.

Thank you so much for arranged the contest @slothicorn
Specially thanks to @stellabelle to give us the rules 😍

#muchwow Can't wait to meet you at #SXSW!

Puedo poner las etiquetas que quiera despues de "slothicorn, cc-(lo que sea) creativecommons"? Por ejemplo, me quedarían 2, podría ser "spanish, cervantes"?