Day 3 - Freewrite Selfie Celebration Contest

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Day 3 and More Happy Surprises

Our prize had a growth spurt again!!!

Thank you so much @wonderwop and @tristancarax for your transfers!

Prize: 37.241 SBD + SBI

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Thank You to All of Our Sponsors

You!!! The prize increases every day thanks to your upvotes of the post.

And thank you for your SBD transfers

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Eliminated players


We are sorry to see you go.

By now, you all know. Drop your freewrite AND your selfie in the comments of the daily Contest Post.

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We told you that there will be lots of winners, right?

Yesterday, we asked you if you could identify the players on the pictures in the post. We were going to raffle off an SBI membership between all of you who got all names. Guess what? Only one person did go and find the freewrites and matching pictures and listed all the names.

The Winner...


Now, we are not going to raffle of a membership every day -unless we get more funds to be able to do that. But there will be random drawings throughout.

I say, get to know each other 😉
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Some Fun Selfies from Yesterday

So many of your selfies were great!!! This is a random pic and yours will also be here some day 🤩

See if you already recognize each other's faces.









See if you can list all the names 😊

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If you haven't checked the Daily Prompt yet...

Prompt: milk

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Remember you have 24 hours to drop your selfie with you freewrite link into the comment section.

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces - or masks - every day 🤪

Your selfie + freewrite must be posted by 8 AM Pacific Time on 5/17/2018

I know that many of you are in timezones where that might be a different date already. Use a time converter to make sure that you enter on time.

If you are late - you are eliminated. No exceptions.

This contest is for Registered Players Only. Registration is Closed.

But there are many fun activities at the Freewrite House - check them out!

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Join the Freewrite daily prompt


And join us at the Isle of Write in the freewriter - retreat

art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics


Look at you!!! We almost see your whole face!!!! And it is only day 3!!!!!!!!

Lol, yeah I got brave. Must have been the milk :)

Nothing like a stiff drink to give you courage!! 🤪

Oh snap! First and now you vanish? Chozzy and Kelly need to get to the bottom of this asap.

Look at you!!! You are so good with making graphics and such!!!

Thanks but I got the idea from the newspaper entry yesterday :D


By today we can certainly recognise more faces. @deaconlee @arbitarykitten @marcoriccardi @simgirl @khimgoh @alimamasstory @kaerpediem and @byn.

I felt so lucky as I just finished feeding my son his overnight milk feeds and came to find out today's prompt.

I think you're the winner of the recognizing face contest!

Secret is... 3 of them I know them personally, @khimgoh, @kaerpediem and @alimamasstory. For @byn and @arbitarykitten and @deaconlee, I know since I join freewriters. And left you. I recognise you with the papers behind you from Day 2. I laughed due to your expressions. Just need to find out the spelling. marcorricardi. or marcorriccardi. or... I double check it at Day 2. lol

Lol! When I created my Steemit account, I thought thath the username could be changed later, so I entered my real name waiting to find a nice nickname... but, unfortunately, it's impossible to change it.
My name is Marco, surname Riccardi ;)

Thanks for explaining that! I was sorta wondering, myself.

You are such an amazing mom!!!

Hey guys 💗💗💗💗 this is my entry . How are you all ?? I'm super busy and tired because of my exam , plus tomorrow the whole day I have class till 9 at night. 😟 And day after exam , oh idk how it's gonna be , guys please do keep me in your prayers.

Hope you all have fun with this prompt .


Will surely keep you in prayer. Hope freewriting ease you a little bit from some 'stress'. love..

We will be thinking about you!! Good luck!!!

Good luck on the exams! I remember those days, and not fondly.

Okay, if I can't look good in a selfie, I'll just look as weird as possible. That works, no?

Does... chocolate milk count?

Oh, and, speaking of which... If you ever wander into Slovenia... The taste of this chocolate milk is what wars are fought for.

That works!! both, goofy and chocolate :)

For some reason I feel I must defend myself and say I definitely am not cross eyed in person :o Might be my selfie-cam... Or just my braind derping when I know I'm taking a picture. :P
Yet, thanks ! :D Shy

Don't worry - in 20 days, you are not going to think twice about taking all kinds of selfies - cross-eyed and not lol

I believe you're right, though the deadline is somewhat unfitting for me... It's set at ~5pm my time...
I usually end up writing the freewrites in the late afternoon/night, and so can't really take a selfie (for example near a tree for today), because I then work until 4pm, arriving home at 4.30 (usually), leaving either very little time to make the selfie and post, or I might even miss it :o
Hope you won't be mad if I introduce my drawing "skills" with the selfies, drawing trees and whatnot and taking a selfie with those :P Should count, right? ;P

Does count - and so do trees in the night :)

Chocolate milk sounds really good right now!

Listen very carefully right now...


Trust me.
You need it.
Or you can bring it to me.
I need it too.
And no, I'm not addicted.
Or maybe?
I blame @brisby.

Love that I'm to blame once again! (Brisby ignores her desperate NEED for chocolate milk.)
How sweet of you to mention me. Fine. Here's your weekly dose:

Cheese Tarts with Fruited Toppings

Is this even sweet?
Takes a bite
Feels the insulin rush

😂 Okay. Maybe I'm a bit to blame...

ha ha You look fine!

Why thank you! ^^ It might turn out to be fun after all. Never liked taking photos, so definitely welcome this, even though I'm goofing around... ^^

That is such a cute milk box!

It is, right? :D It's been the same for as long as I can remember and I still dig its style! (I'm 22)

I finally found a glass of milk. Here's mine:

Creamy Milk

My children will call this milk moustache haha.

Yay! I was waiting for someone to do the milk mustache!!!

Cute milk moustache there!

Why, thank you.

HEre is my freewrite:

And here is the selfie


We're having so much fun!

And yes that's me in the background. Not hiding so much, but isn't out of focus the same thing?

someone doesn't want to drink milk lol

He hasn't drunk any since he was 2. Can't stand the stuff.

But I told him to make a face like the milk was bad...I'm trying to keep things interesting and potentially humorous.

Love the picture.

Now, there is some interesting coloring going on here :)

Your selfie makes me wanna go grab a glass of milk and drink!

Maybe the hardest selfie of my life...😅🐄
The freewrite will be online very soon

Edit: there is!

Your selfies are funny!!!!!!!!

YASS!! going on my third day!! Here is Tim's adventure with milk


Yes for making it to day 3!! and to many more to come!!!

Here's my third entry - MILK - and my milkmaid selfie

That looks much like a Dirndl which is what people in Bavaria are wearing. But the cap looks more Swedish style :)

Oh... so does this qualify as the milk prompt selfie?

Almost missed due to Steemit being shut down. Good thing this is my noon time- I'll be up to do tomorrows in the am haha. Oh, and "Look Oma!! A real selfie ;) Thank god my house has its own built in sexy diffuser lighting haha

I noticed right away that we get to see you!!! 😄 Nice choice for the milk prompt!!

Of course, they do!!! Much easier to get by for a squirrel than milking a cow. Can you see it trying? 😜

Well, you used 3 colors and proof of pens LOL

You are too funny!!! Thank you for waking up enough to take the selfie lol

Yes, you did!!! And I am glad and your selfie is super cute lol

I bet baby is happy too to be all filled up 😄

Haha, yes! Can't say no to milk 😄

Hello Free Writers!! Congratulations @improv... and I am loving how generous the freewritehouse is!! Here is Day 3...

That is our whole purpose - to support the freewriters and those who are supporting the freewriters - and to have fun :)

Just so you know, this prompt led to me being frustrated with my children earlier in the day than normal... Instead of a photo of me pouring milk into my coffee, you get a photo of me with an empty milk jug:


And a continuation of The Hunted story

Did you beat them? Or at least send them to the store to get you more? :)

None of them are actually home at the moment. So supposedly someone will be bringing some home later. Still... I am looking forward to living in my own space someday! They can all live right next door if they want, but I get my own kitchen!!!

Mine moved away, but they keep coming back....

Oh, mine do the same thing. That's one of the reasons I want a SMALL place now. Even my DREAM HOME with money not being an object is a very small house with tons of land so they can build their own houses. :)

Oooh, great strategy!


I am horrible with names, apparently that goes for online people as well!

My story and my selfie for today,


I just have to say your selfies are cracking me up and I wish I would have thought of it :D but even if I had have a nicer glass you drink milk out of then I do :D

Lol. My roommates let me use their weird assortment of fancy shit. It just makes things look better when they're in fancy packaging. 😍

A cautionary tale of the dangers of the love of milk:


We will be warned!!!

Eek! It's a bandit!

Don't worry. It's just me. :-))

I hope this Selfie can pass for the prompt criteria. True story!

Look at you!! sexy! LOL.

Walking does wonders to keeping up this old gal! Lol
Thank you!

Aaah another fun one, here's my freewrite -
And my selfie (I don't know what's up with the wonky color, my brother played around with it a bit) :D


My first ever attempt at science fiction!


Also, full disclosure, I have no idea what is actually in this container. I found it in my boyfriend's fridge. Looks pretty milky to me.

Looks milky to us too - but better don't drink it lol

Okay, the mystery beverage is making me laugh!

I wanted to get inside the door...but the racks didn't slide back. But that leads me to a question...can someonr take a picture of you or does it have to be an actual selfie?

An actual selfie would be best - but you know us. We are pretty free around here. and really, with all the tech available, you can have tripods, long selfie sticks and all kinds of things - so, why not a human selfie stick lol.
Short answer, why not...

Haha I like to call him my Yeti-bipod....get it....he has two legs....hahaha
I don't drink milk as I'm allergic, so just a bit of almond milk on my oats. Included an old selfie with my nursing baby, but wasn't sure if that'd count, so included this one too :)

Half of my kids and grandkids are allergic to cows milk as well... We have had lots of different "milk" throughout the years. A nursing baby is the best!!

My daughter is allergic and I knew that for years, but hadn't been tested myself. I've never been much a milk drinker, but it was hard to let go of the occasional bowl of Ben & Jerry's :(

Now it is easier since they are not owned by the two anymore and are just part of a big huge corporation...
and there are some pretty good alternatives on the market....

what a great photo of your smiling face :D

Thank you :) I REALLY don't enjoy having my photo taken--by myself or other's, but maybe this contest will lessen this dislike?

You drank all of that in 5 minutes? Good job!!! don't worry to be off topic - that is what happens in a freewrite. You start and you go and who knows where you end up... :)

haha no, that was my inspiration and reminder that it was only 5 minutes.

You drank it all!!!! LOL
And you made it with plenty of time...

so before i went to the store no one had put in a store photo or any with other milks than a glass, body parts, fake milk graphs, etc. but here it is! i think i have to start earlier in the day ... :p

my official entry:

photo by @eaglespirit

Drinking Milk Out Of The Carton!

Respectfully submitted,


You are fine. Nice big milk mustache :)

hahah thanks! had to draw that in ...

First one with this kind of milk!! Good one :)

My mother always used that stuff when she made cornmeal mush.

the freewrite
and the pic!

Yay for winning SBI! Sent you all my SBD to add to the contest payout and/or so you can do another SBI giveaway, though it isn't enough on its own to do that.
And the naming of the faces:
@byn, obvi

Thank you for your donation!! And you can check the wallet - the SBI is sent :)

I believe you!

No more entries accepted