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First let me say THANK YOU to everyone who Participated, Commented, Upvoted and Resteem the post.  This is a lot of fun for me and I find a lot of interesting amazing people to follow and new communities.

The level of engagement this week was great, we had a total of 116 comments, and a total of 8 Participants.  

@marblely @stever82 @cicisaja @headchange

@ecoinstant @improv @momogrow @rentmoney

They wanted to thank all of these wonderful people for their love and support

@cryptocariad @bengy @headchange @viking-ventures

@improv @freedomshift @o07 @ecoinstant

I love this contest and we had the awesome support of @freedomshift from the #ccc who both sponsored a share of SBI and @ecoinstant with his Small Fish Games who both sponsored two shares of SBI,  So be sure to drop by their blogs and give them some support and check out the #ccc growth initiative and #smallfishgames projects they are supporting.  I am going to continue this contest, I really am having a lot of fun and meeting a ton of new people. We have a couple sponsors for next week's contest, but if you are interested in sponsoring a week just give me a shout out and we will see what we can work out. 


!!!!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!!!!


!!!!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!!!!

The Winner For The Most Engaging and Interesting Entry


And His Consistantly Creative and Curating Choice


Both will be sponsored by the amazingly engaging @ecoinstant

The Winners by Rando Wheel Selection


@marblely  with a thank you to @cryptocariad


@rentmoney  with a thank you to @o07

Each will receive one share of Steem Basic Income


@freedomshift if you will please sponsor @marblely  

I have already sponsored @cryptocariad,  @rentmoney and  @o07

Bonus Round

We had two entries for the #ccc Bonus round from @freedomshift:

@stever82  And  @marblely

We did not have the 6 valid entries we needed, but @freedomshift has adjusted the rules, these entries will now be cumlative. So when we have a total of 6 entries over the next 3 weeks they will all be added to a drawing for a SBI share. @freedomshift is pretty awesome!

Congrats to all the winners!!!! If you guys really enjoyed The Thank You Economy, or have any suggestions let me know in the comments and the WEEK 7 CONTEST IS OPEN

Just Incase You Don't Know What SBI Is.

In the interest of saving space you can learn more by visiting @steembasicincome.  It is a pretty cool project with several people working on it. The brains behind the operation and main sponsor is @josephsavage #steembasicincome  


(In my best tv host voice!!!)

@ecoinstant   - The Small Fish Games! #smallfishgames

What is The Small Fish Games? It is the brain child of @ecoinstant, who is currently beta testing an initiative to create some fun and engagement here on steem. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of FUN and he is talking about some great prizes: Delegated SP, SBI shares, Treeplanter Upvotes....

You can check out the beginning of the Small Fish Games in this post: Hidden Contests and the start of the Small Fish Games! The post has paid out but, He is accepting entries, comments, suggestions, clarification, notification, queries, confused looks and complaints in the comments section!


@freedomshift  - A Bit about the #ccc

#ccc stands for Curation Circle Creed.
The "Curation Circle Creed", the "honor code":

I will post original contents of original writing.
I will clearly and properly source references, text and other media, abiding by copyrights.
I will respect other people's opinion, nationality, religious belief, language, and culture.
I will abide by rules laid out in the FAQ and generally accepted by the community.

You can learn more about the #ccc in this post : The Honor Code - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)  


Like maybe our sponsors...  drop by their latest post and give them a little support to say thank you.  

@ecoinstant   and  @freedomshift

Thank You Everyone For Another Great Week

If you enjoyed this please Follow Upvote and Restream


You can also catch me on 

LinkedIn  Yes I'm a super-nerd computer geek who likes nature and gardening.

Twitter   Mainly use this for airdrops and other things I enjoy scoping out.


We did not have the 6 valid entries we needed, but @freedomshift has adjusted the rules, these entries will now be cumulative. So when we have a total of 6 entries over the next 3 weeks they will all be added to a drawing for a SBI share.

I want to make it clear - the drawing from "qualified #ccc entries" will be done in increments of 6 entries.

  • the entries can be from the same people - only the entries need to be different

So, if the same two people submitted one "qualified #ccc entry" each, the third week will have 6 "qualified #ccc entry" from just the same two people and that is acceptable.

So, please join in.

Awesome, that was my understanding so I think we are all good. We really appreciate you doing this.

Thank you for being a great supporter of #ccc which is intended to benefit honorable bloggers.

Thank you for bringing fun into this young but growing community!

Okay thanks sorry I missed that note I will make a new one today when I have some time.

This post has received a 11.90 % upvote from @sharkbank thanks to: @ubasti.

Fantastic Round! Here's the proof:

Don't forget to submit for the new week guys, big prizes!

Thank you for sponsoring, and when are you cranking up on the small fish games?

Hahaha I guess I do contests a little differently, there have already been two winners but no post update yet. Its one of my 'hidden contests'. I'm working on an update for janton's chair right now hahaha

lol, are you putting wheels on it and a laptop stand?....

I finally finished the delegations and the post. Phase two has begun, am I in time to sponsor this next new Thank you Economy?

Wow, that is much appreciated and unexpected. I will try to put it to good use. You are in time to sponsor the one going out tomorrow. Do you have a write-up you want highlighted?

This most recent one, there are still 500 sp delegated to win c;

Alright, that's what I'll do...

Thank you so much for sponsoring this

Thanks @rentmoney I really appreciate the extra shares!

The way I see it we all appreciate all of the awesome contests that you are running. It's really was a much deserved nomination glad you guys won.

Thanks for the post, coinsandchains.

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Still loving "a word from our sponsors" 🎬
Congrats to the lucky winners. And congrats to you for such a successful project.

lol.... can you tell I'm having fun with this... Sorry for the late reply I've been out of commision for a couple days. Thanks for your support and participation, and for keeping Janton busy.

Oh dear I am glad you showed up I almost forgot to check back on your contest post. I will make my rounds eventually.

lol, don't forget that, the participation from the usuals is down this week, and we are doing 10 SBI shares this week. I thought that would draw some attention, but I guess I need to push it to some restreemers. I've been down for 3 days and haven't had a chance to do the normal promotions.

Oh I bet it is the same reason I am out of sync. The holiday weekend and family events. That makes the whole week shorter a little off. I didn't even know I was about to miss one lol

I wish that's what it was. I hurt my back tuesday and ended up in the ER with it yesterday, I haven't been able to do anything.

Oh no that is horrible! I did notice I hadn't typed with you much in a couple days. But it is typical for me to swim in the other side of the pond and get distracted lol
Considering everything the contest is rolling along pretty well. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Next week will grow it a bit bigger and it will take off.
You should rest up and get better. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Well, at the moments I can at least sit and lie down, I'm not doing much else other than trying to get caught up on work and a little on steemit.

I am going to leave the tab open for in the morning. I got my post out now must sleep.

howdy sir coinsandchains! I don't really know what this is but I'm sure it's something great so good job!

lol, it's just eh winner announcement for my weekly contest. You haven't entered in several weeks, you getting too big for your britches or what?.... lol This little bird told me you didn't like being called smarty-britches lol.

ahahaha! that's so funny, that cracks me up everytime she calls me that! ha! about the contest.uh..what is it again and how do I enter? lol. sorry I forgot what it was.

Just go to this post and put a reply in to say thank you to someone. That's pretty much it, and if you want you can do a post and tag it with the ccc stuff and try for a bonus share as well. You've entered before, lol. This time I have sponsors for 10 shares of sbi.

ok I thanked paula g ...what is the coffeesource that ecoin mentioned?

I saw that.
coffeesource is an app that helps build posts, right now the primary thing that it does is help build a table of contents of your latest posts so you can drop them into a post you are working on. It also helps you find pictures you have used before so you can just reuse them and not have to upload them every time. It's something he helped develop a year ago and wants to revive. I built a local copy here but my hosting plans would not let me put in on the web, and I don't have the internet bandwidth to run it on a box from home.
It's nothing super fancy but it could be built upon to create some better apps.

oh ok so it's way out of my league and understanding then. well but it does sound like a good app so power to you all! gitterdone!

Not over your head, just not really available just yet. It would help say at the bottom of your posts about cowboys, it could build a quick list of your last several posts in that series, and you just drop the code in.
I'm going to try and work on it a bit this week and see if I can stand up a server to host it on. How I wish I still had access to some of my old junk servers at the hospital. When I left I had just decommissioned a dozen servers that could run several of these apps without any problems.


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Wow, congratulations to everyone who participated and put in an entry! Thanks to @ecoinstant and @coinsandchains for the game!
Big thanks to @stever82 for the nomination!

I think it was a much deserves nomination, you do quite a bit for the community here and it is appreciated.

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Awesome ... thanks for the SBI share and cool contest !

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sir coinsandchains! did you come down with mono or something? everything ok?

lol, I'm going through my replies and you are just all over the place.

Lol, I'm going through
My replies and you are just
All over the place.

                 - coinsandchains

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You know haiku makes me think of achoo, so I will reply with gesundheit

Thank you, thank you, thank you @coinsandchains and thank you, thank you, thank you to all the sponsors!

You are most welcome, It was much deserved. You wrote an awesome post for the bonus, so the bonus didn't pay this week as we did not reach 6 entries. If you do one for this week you will get 2 entries into the drawing when we finally reach 6 entries.

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I love that you do this contest @coinsandchains, so when I stumbled upon this yesterday, I thought I'd pass it on to you. It's a pretty awesome opportunity I think :)

I agree it is an awesome opportunity, I just don't know if I have enough participation to warrant the steem funding. Of course, I could keep it low, or up the prizes a bit. They seem to like the SBI stuff, maybe I could do the gifting structure where the nominator sponsors their nominee. I usually do one of those a week anyway. Then maybe up the prizes to a tiered system.
I've got to get a logo as well, to help brand the contest a bit better.
Thank you for thinking of me and the contest, I'll definitely see what I can do.

It's worth a try you know; the worse they can say is "no" :)

My friend here @charisma777 is a logo genius :) Maybe she can give you a hand!

I hope you don't mind charisma ... I drop your name everywhere I see the word "logo" haha

LOL, I am going to try it, we had 10 shares last week and 15 entries. So it was pretty good...
I think I've seen the name dropped before in reference to graphics.

I am really sorry I missed this one before the pay out. Really cool to see I won.

Man, no need to apologize, I understand busy....
It was well deserved, plus bengy is pretty awesome too.