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The Thank You Economy - Week 7 with 10+ SBI Shares

Yes that's 10 Shares!!!

It's That Time Again!  

Time For Your Weekly Dose Of Heart Felt Thankfulness  

The Thank You Economy has turned into a fun project and every week I'm meeting new people, finding new communities and awesome ways to participate and connect with other Steem users.  Last weeks contest was great. We will be giving away at least 6 shares of SBI and the engagement level was amazing, with over 115 total comments and 8 entries.  We've got some pretty cool stuff going on this week.  

I just want to Thank Everyone again who has been participating, and resteeming the posts. This week we have a couple sponsors and additions to the contest.  So a huge thank you goes out to @paulag and her awesome Redfish Power UP League for 1 SBI, @cicisaja representing her favorite #PayItForward crew at @pifc for 1 SBI, @freedomshift from the Curation Circle Creed (#ccc) for 1 SBI (maybe more) and @simplegame bringing us some awesome fun on the blockchain with a whopping 5 SBI shares!!!!!  

What is The Thank You Economy contest all about?

An Attitude of Gratitude - The Thank You Economy is simply a way to say thank you to someone who has helped you, influenced you or blessed you in some way in the Steem community.  It can be tough getting started on Steemit, and the people who have been here for a while realize that.  After all they were new at one time as well.  What I realized about the Steemit community was there are people helping us new guys all over the place, but what can we really do to show our appreciation back?  Not much....

When you are new about all you can do is say "Thank You," maybe give a post a resteem to the 100 followers who are not bots, and a small dust vote.  Those things can add up especially if they have a lot of followers.  That's where the idea for the Thank You Economy contest arose from I wanted to do more to say thank you.  

Maybe I can do more.  It might help to give them a little added exposure in a contest and possibly a share of Steem Basic Income, which will pay them over and over as long as they are posting content.  I thought there might be others who wanted to do the same, not to mention it's fun.  

Just saying thank you to someone opens up all kinds of opportunities to interact with each other.  YOU CAN THANK ANYONE, anyone who has helped you and made a difference in your life, you could even thank @ned for helping develop the steemit platform, now if he won it would probably be a waste of a good SBI share, he usually declines payment for his posts.  


On to the Contest Rules 

The Base Contest - We'll keep this simple.  

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • In the comment tag someone who has helped you or influenced you on Steemit use the @coinsandchains format.
  • Then briefly tell us why you chose them.

That's all you have to do.  (upvotes, restreems and follows are appreciated though)

One thing, please do not tag bots or alt accounts.

The Prizes and Winner Selection: Here's where some twists happen

4 ENTRIES WILL WIN THIS WEEK!!!! That's pretty good odds..... 

  • Three commenters will be randomly selected by the amazing prize wheel I found. The account making the comment and the account tagged in the comment will receive one SBI share each (4 total shares).  
  • I am going to ask the lovely @cicisaja to help me out and select the most interesting or heartfelt or well thought out or most engaging, thank you note for one SBI share to a recommender and a recommended.
  • I will also give an upvote to each valid entry, but that does not amount to much.  Upvote your own comment if you would like, or if you have a @dustsweeper account it might help.  


So We are going to have TWO Bonus Rounds!!!! 

Bonus Round 1: Community Participation 2 winners!

Anyone who is participating in ANY of the Community Groups represented by our sponsors is eligible for an additional random drawing.  

Communities:  Redfish Power Up League, Pay It Forward Contest, Simple Game, Curation Circle Creed.

All you need to do is Add a Tag to your comment entry, if you are participating in multiple communities each community counts as and entry!  Please use the Following Tags.

Bonus Round 2: Another chance to win SBI

@freedomshift has generously added a participation bonus, one SBI share for 6 entries that qualify. 

@freedomshift: To encourage people to join #ccc, I'll offer additional SBI shares for those who enter the contest or other contests in #ccc based on 1 SBI for every 6 valid entries (200+ words, use of #ccc, reference to the creed).

Here's what you need to do to Qualify: (we had 2 last week let's get some more this week.)

  • Create a post for your entry,  200+ words following the #ccc guidelines found here
  • Be sure to use #ccc as one of your tags and include the reference to the #ccc
  • Please include a link back to this contest as well.
  • Comment on this post with the name of the person you want to thank and a link to your post
  • This comment/post will count as your entry into the main contest also.

This is an awesome bonus, and it adds a chance for you to earn a little on your post as well.  Thank you @freedomshift for doing this.

All of this means that you could win up to 3 shares of SBI and One for the person you are saying Thank You to!

Just Incase You Don't Know What SBI Is.

In the interest of saving space you can learn more by visiting @steembasicincome.  It is a pretty cool project with several people working on it. The brains behind the operation and main sponsor is @josephsavage #steembasicincome  


(In my best tv host voice!!! This is getting NUTS)

@paulag   - Redfish Power UP League and @steemcommunity Witness

What is the Redfish Power UP League?

The Redfish Power UP League is a SP growth contest, a great way to get involved in the community, and an awesome way to track your progress to becoming a Minnow.  You can check out the latest post here.   

 @steemcommunity is a witness project from @paulag and @abh12345. There are many good witnesses out there and doing your research is important. I hope you will take the time to read the witness introduction post and consider @steemcommunity as one of your steemit witnesses.  If you have questions about voting and our witness drop a question below and we will try to point you in the right direction.   


@cicisaja   - The Pay It Forward Contest @pifc

 What is the Pay It Forward Curation Contest?

The Curation Contest is here to allow Community Minded Steemians the opportunity feature 2 great blog posts written by Level 55 and below Steemians(and a bonus intro post).  The contes gives the #payitforward group an opportunity to support lower level accounts by upvoting and curating their posts and higher level accounts can earn several different prizes, including SBI and sometimes @steemmonsters cards.... by participating in the contest.

The @pifc contest and community is spearheaded by @thedarkhorse who genuinely loves to help and provides a massive amount of support to a lot of users.  So head on over and check out their latest post Week 23 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest and give them and some of the featured bloggers some support. Besure to tell them The Thank You Economy and @cicisaja sent you....


@simplegame   - Simply amazing games @simplegames 

 What is @simplegame?

I am so glad you asked....  @simplegame hosts Multiple style play by post games Two currently running games are:

 SteemQuest : Chest in a Dungeon  SteemQuest is an ongoing and growing RPG world here on Steem. New players are always welcome. Players can come and go as they desire.  Check the post for the official rules.

Vapor’s Gambit  Vapor's Gambit is a turn based race game with Steem pay outs to the winners, with a bit of luck and strategy you may win some Steem.  A new race will be starting soon!

So slide on over to @simplegame and check out All the action.  


@freedomshift  - A Bit about the #ccc

#ccc stands for Curation Circle Creed.

The #ccc is an initiative started by @freedomshift to help newer steemians reach payout thresholds on their posts and to promote ethical community involvement through their honor code.
You can learn more about the "honor code" and #ccc in this post : The Honor Code - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)  

Also be sure to check out the other #ccc sponsored contests:  Current Open Contests


Like maybe our sponsors...  drop by their latest post and give them a little support to say thank you.  

@paulag  and  @cicisaja 

@simplegame  and  @freedomshift 

Or Our Previous Sonsors 

@ecoinstant  and  @freedomshift 

Good Luck To the Steemit Community

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Hi @coinsandchains, Thanks to give me chance to participate in your contest.
Oke, this is my entry to support this contest, this time I want to say thank you to my dear sister @cicisaja, she is a great and smart woman, I just knew her in a discord called pay it forward. I think she wrote many good and interesting posts I salute to her. hmm ... actually besides @cicisaja, I also want to thanks to my dear friend @tjoet who has entered my blog into the contest she participated in, namely pay it forward contest and indirectly me and @cicisaja met through the blog who she read through the @tjoet entry, Thanks alot for both of you ... I love you both

Wonderful entry @yati, I think that @cicisaja is a great steamian and has a wonderful pure heart that truly wants to help everyone she comes across. @tjoet looks like another great pic as well. It is wonderful that you have made some amazing friends here on steemit.

Hahaha .. you don't have to say that sweet things @yati, you are a great steemian and always create good posts too. I appreciate your grattitude, but I think @tjoet is the right receiver of your grattitude.

Thanks for your entry

Hello, I am late to the game this week but I want to give a thanks to @veteranforcrypto . I meet him though the LIT app but found out he was on steemit also. We have not be able to talk a bit more and learn more about each other. He has been someone that shows me that you can be open here. You can teach here. You can just be you here. Also he got me into SteemMonsters and I might have got him to Betgames and payitforward so we are both showing each other new things on steemit.

That's a great pick, I usually find that it works out that way, we all learn from each other.

I would like to thank @lyndsaybowes who first introduced me to Steemit, and has been so supportive and helpful and encouraging ever since! She truly has a good heart, and always helps out wherever she can, giving selflessly and generously to all sorts of causes! :)


freedomshift transfer 1 STEEM to steembasicincome @phoenixwren

Thank you! ^_^

Awesome pick, She is rather active in a lot of stuff, and looks like she just started a morning U-log effort. That's pretty cool.. Knead the bread .ol. I'm rather fond of puns and @lyndsaybowes seems pretty good at them. She should probably be entering the punday monday contest that @improv does....
Have a great day and good luck.

I will definitely check that out @coinsandchains, though I'm not usually punny lol, I'd like to see the contest entries' puns!

lol, as @phoenixwren put it, she kneads her carbs....
You could probably enter something like that in the comedy open mic contest as well. I've seen some entries that yours could easily beat and you are not even really trying yet. That's the really funny part.

She kneads her carbs! LOL

I know..... I saw the title and started laughing.
Congrats on the delegation from our friend @ecoinstant. I don't know completely what he has up his sleeve but he is making some big moves...

Congrats to you as well! :)

Hey BTW you and lyndsaybowes won SBI shares....

Thank you so much!

Really touching my friend... <3 <3 *HeartSmiles!!!

(from adorableevil29 on deviant art)

Oooooh hellz yes Bud!! :) xoxoox

I am truly grateful for @ned who has brightest brain over the creation of steemit! If it were not for you, this platform would cease to exist.

Also, to you sir @coinsandchains for always thinking the benefit of red fishes! You tirelessly find means to boost us up and keep us going. You inspire us to stay more, engage more.

Kudos to all of you!

lol I've been waiting on @ned to get a nomination. He is a pretty large driving factor for the platform and without him, I don't think we would all be here.
Thank you for all of the kind words, I'm just trying to find my place and see what I can do to help the platform and hopefully everyone on the platform.

Hahahaha i was hoping too that @ned would notice us.. maybe he could come down and talk with us during his not so busy time.

Its a wonderful initiative to really give back to community. In behalf of the red fishes.. THANK YOU! 🐴

Posted using Partiko Android

That would be like really awesome. A vote from @ned's account would fund the contest for several weeks. Heck, I would like to see him enter or even just resteem it, that would make the contest literally explode.

Oh yes!! That I have to see..😀... Even just a quick message by @ned like HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? would be fantastic! That will be the day.. hehe

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahahaha i was hoping too that @ned would notice us.. maybe he could come down and talk with us during his not so busy time.

Its a wonderful initiative to really give back to community. In behalf of the red fishes.. THANK YOU! 🐴

Posted using Partiko Android

@bredanvanbreda and @brandonmay they are newbies to steem and have a lot to offer in the tech space and improving the ecosystem with the ideas and technical skills! I’ve sponsored them with SBI myself and want to encourage them to be more active on the platform but it’s hard without the rewards

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sorry for the late reply I've been out of commision for a couple days. Believe me, I know it's tough to stay engaged with little to no reward, that's where the communities and things like this come in. Well, they sound like great additions, I'm a nerd myself so we may need to start a nerd-heard group on here for newbie nerds... lol.
BTW the first user does not seem to exist, I tried a couple variations on the name with no luck.

I actually like the concept of a nerd heard and I've met a couple more on the plaform. Sounds like a great idea for a community. I'm going to start #nerdheard on my nerd posts from now on and get the ball rolling. Thanks for the ideas

Sorry about that I was commetnting using this partiko mobile app so I didn't really checkt he handle. But its actually @brendanvanbreda

Excellent, It looks like he was a couple miles from my house a few weeks ago. He's definitely a great candidate to start a nerd herd with... lol feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn as well there's a profile link at the bottom of the post.

Awesome! Glad you finally found his account! And sure I sent you a linked in. Invite will keep in touch!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Just saw your invite. Marketing guy, do you listen to a lot of GaryVee? He's one of my favs

Sorry to be running late this week. I want to thank
@wolfhart . He is always available to help with my questions. I really appreciate the no nonsense straightforward approach.
Besides that the level of dedication is unbelievable. In spite of being sick he is always around to man the Discord and keep everything in line.
It is really nice the channel is run with tough but fair rules that are always enforced for one and all.

lol, @wolfhart is a great choice, he does a lot around here. I like very straight forward conversation, and he is definitely like that. He does keep the discord running smooth and in order, and is really active with the participants of the contest as well... I think the world would probably be a much better place with a few more like him, just saying things like it is and being direct.

I totally agree with that! It is one of the reasons I started pestering him with questions in the first place. I know the answers are minus any sugar coating.
Information like breakfast cereal can be turned into useless empty filler at times.
You in less pain today? It is harder to pick on a guy who has a handicap.

lol, I am feeling better, lot's of pills for the next several days till I can get to an appointment. You can feel free to pick away, my handicap just makes it closer to fair, lol....

Well bless your little ole pea pickin heart. Those pills have gone to your head already. You better just rest your little noggin so I don't get in trouble. I can just hear it now " taking advantage of the poor guy when he is delusional from the pain meds"

lol, are you sure you are not a southern belle?
I guess you can tell I'm back logged on my replies... lol too many drugs and not enough time.

Totally agree with you @headchange😉 there is no other man who is more dedicated than @wolfhart to pifc community👐 I can't believe that he still got time to check on discord and the contest eventhough he is in a serious treatment. I like all his posts as if he is talking to me.

I know And you just reminded me I need to check in over there. have some things to take care of today but will be dropping in the Discord in the afternoon.

Hello @coinsandchains 😉 I'll do my best .. this time I'll send it through pifc for any of the winner 😉 just like you do at the previous week 😊 I really like this initiative too.

You don't have to do that cicisaja, you honor so many people already.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do this week when simplegame offered to do 5 shares of SBI. I probably need to push this one out through some restreemers, and see if I can get more participants. 4 entries and their thank you person will get a share then 2 bonus shares...

I just wanted to make sure you saw where I asked you to be our judge this week to pick the sweetest or most interesting or heartfelt or well thought out or most engaging, thank you note.

You can still enter the contest too for the random part, you just can't pick your comment for the sweetest, etc. lol

Thank you for your support.

Hahaha.. you know I can't vote for my own comments with the delegation SP 😂 shamefull attitude😆 but I do want to use the SBI as giveaway.. and never try once. Well.. I need to resteem this post to enable the judging thing.. and I'll upvote the sweetest comments with 100% and nice one with 50%

Is that allright☺?

Wow, I did not know you had a delegation, that is awesome and you do always leave the nicest and sweetest comments. I'll leave the voting up to you, on how you use your SP.

Next Monday I will need you to pick the very best entry to win SBI shares.

Next Monday I will need you to pick the very best entry to win SBI shares.

That would be nice 😉 please remind me if I missed out any of the posts too. Anyway.. how's your garden😯 I really have no time to visit any posts lask week😔

Sorry for the late reply I've been out of commision for a couple days.
I'm pretty much in the same boat, I always run out of time. The garden is basically done for the year, just a bit more corn and Okra and that's about it.
I'll send you a reminder.

Hey @cicisaja, do you have a pick for the most amazing comment this week. You can also message me on discord.

Pue ka geunab buleun #pehtem?
Ku eu sampo etno hat galom lahe?

Preih siat.. nyou mantong na jamee, sira ta preih gobyan wo, ta rancang bacut2 dilee.. bek hana saba meunan 😂😂

Alright! I resteemed too, hoping for a MASSIVE participation this week!

This week I am going to nominate @carlgnash, who has been a collaborative steemian since he got started on this platform! He has moved up to one of the top members of the @curie team, and has started the @c-squared initiative to get even more people engaged and involved here on this platform.

That's so cool, my upvote is finally worth a penny..... Give yourself a vote to so it makes payout....

Rather give it to you! I have dust sweeper although he can only do so much ;p

Sorry for the late reply I've been out of commision for a couple days. That is awesome my friend I really appreciate it. @cargnash is an awesome pick, and he seems like a pretty cool guy as well. I definately like curie and c-squared, I've had some luck with some of their contests, but I doubt that will happen this week I haven't touched a computer in 3 days other than to send 2 work emails.

Yup, I to have had adjusted priorities for a while, a little less steem a little more computer science! Have you thought any more about the coffeesource project? I started doing training in R, so I haven't actually got around to it yet, but I don't want to let this tool slip away....I might be able to reach out to a few more people c;

I have, I opened a AWS account, and I was looking at what it would take to host it there, even if it's just for our use, you get some basics for free. I've just gotten today where I can actually do something. Ended up in the ER it got so bad, so that sort of distracted me. I haven't even been able to work, I know that sounds strange considering I work on a computer all day. If you can't even sit or stand or roll over without hurting doing anything is next to impossible.

Oh my! I had no idea! Personally I have to do lots of stretching to be able to spend long hours at the computer...

I hope you get better soon, take care of yourself, sending positive prayers your way!

Thanks, my friend. I have a 45 minute rule, I get up and walk around every 45 minutes, it helps keep my sanity as well...

That is a solid rule! Do you ever do any yoga? I like the sun salutation, learned it in a youtube video....or maybe it was wii fit....

lol, I learned it from wii fit... it wouldn't go very well with the back at the moment. I've been doing the downward facing dog and cobra a lot, plus fetal position moaning in the floor... lol.

BTW, if you have more people to reach out to who could host it right away, by all means, do so. I'm still trying to figure all of this stuff out and it's taking me a while. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the Utopian stuff, I've never really worked open source before and they have so many things going on I'm not real sure where to start.

Perfect, no worries you are still on the team either way c;

I've been talking around with some people, hope to get some interest generated, been focusing on R much to do!

Cool, I've seen several things from them about steem-ua, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Do you know anything about it?

R we talking about the same R? open source data analysis? how do you visualize all that data locked up in sql servers?

I've never worked with R, most clients have some sort of BI solution in place. I sometimes write scripts for them to use with them. I don't usually need a lot of visuals I interpret the raw data fairly well...
I'll check out the R stuff over the weekend I hope. I'm almost caught up on stuff here. I guess I'll flop on the Curie and engagement league stuff this week, but it couldn't be helped.

Thank you @coinsandchains ! I know that saying just a 'thank you' is noting. What you have started is actually a great initiative for all the steemians, especially for the minnows and planktons (like me!). Every day hundreds and thousands of people are joining at steemit and it is very hard for a newcomer to climb the ladder and grow himself, as the competition is higher than ever. Also due to low steem and sbd rates it is now more difficult to earn from steemit even we are writing good quality posts and leave thoughtful comments on others posts. Some days ago I met with @johnskotts from a discord community easydex. He is the most helpful guy in steemit I have met till now. He has been helping me since then in every possible way. Now, as I have given this opportunity, I wanna say Thank you mate! If you were not there, I would have been gone far away from steemit! Thank you for being there for me, thank you for helping me when I needed it most. Thank u mate!

Great, man he restreems a lot of posts. It is sometimes hard to get things going I've struggled myself a bit but I have found that engaging in contests and curation are awesome ways for newbies to get their foot in the door and make a little steem. That's one reason I like SBI I at least get paid for a post or two each week.

I m also in your discord community... Plz help me to stand .. Dm me, we have a lot to discuss! 😋

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  last year (edited)

I want to thank @carolkean. She is one damn good writer. Being a newbie as a Steemian and a writer I asked her for help and collaboration. That was one of my best moves on Steemit. We have done 2 we-write-contests so far and have won some SBI too. following her i have joined the isle of write discord channel- it is a good place for writers. Also she has two "Collies extraordinaire!" that often star on her page.

Wow, awesome choice, I scoped out a few of her posts. She is a great writer. You my friend, are not too bad yourself, and you are rather prolific on your posting.

The change in my posts is gradual. And only after weeks at Steemit, looking and learning at Steemians like yourself @coinsandchains. (still learning- I am not too bright and not too rich)

lol, well you should fit in nicely around here, I don't consider myself bright or rich either.
I am just learning myself and trying to find my way around. It took me a couple of months to even start posting here, so I think you are doing rather well already.

The steemian who has been most important to me is @chiefmappster. By his contests for independent music, he has helped me see the potential of this platform and how interesting and productive it could be to participate in it.

Cool That's a great nomination, @chiefmappster hasn't been real active. If you have his contact info outside steem maybe check on him. I saw one post and he likes Garyvee and was trying to get him on the platform that would be pretty awesome. Someone like him on here would drive a lot of people to steemit.

I would like to say thank you to you @coinsandchains for coming up with this cool initiative.

Thank you rentmoney I appreciate that. Any cool contests going right now, I've been out of commision for a couple days and trying to get caught up with work and steemit.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you very much sir @coinsandchains.

Acknowledgments are the first verbal of expression from someone to the good initiatives from someone else. And in my opinion Resteem is a real implementation from someone for the desire and expression of gratitude for the kindness of that person.

And I've done both. may all goodness be spread in every direction and mutual respect will be more fertile. God bless you sir @coinsandchains

Bless you and thank you for your kindness. Do you have another person on steem who has blessed you that you would like to thank for their time?

Yups, I want to thanks to my friend @yati for her kind. She is a Teacher. She has a much time for me when I ask her help. She help me to repair my english translation before post it.

Posted using Partiko Android

That is an awesome choice. She has some interesting posts, I enjoyed her recent cooking post. If you have not met my friend @cicisaja I would very much like to introduce both of you to her. She is also sponsoring part of the contest this week.

Thank you for visited my post @coinsandchains, I have known @cicisaja by pay it forward discord, she is a great woman.hope can join in her sponsore contest

Well guess what? If you would like I can count that as an entry, saying thank you to @cicisaja. Unless you would like to send a thank you to someone else.

Thanks for mention me @khaimi, I truly be honoured,I hope you will be a winner and I hope can to join on the next contest Lol..

That is a pretty awesome list my friend, those are all awesome communities. Do you have a particular user who has helped you a lot from one of those communities?

I love #steemitsandwichcontest the most out of those great contests and @jaybird is great at managing it 🍔

And I would also like to mention @chefsteve for his long generous comments. I really respect how he takes time and reviews every food in many words. I learned a lot about observing food from his comments. 🙂

@curie also supported me at my posts and was wery helpful too 😌

I am sorry for the late reply, I have been completely swamped. Those are both awesome choices, and were great picks for the contest.
It didn't land on you this week but the new contest is open, Please feel free to enter again, you can even use the same people if you would like, or say thank you to someone else. Contest week 8
Have an awesome day.

Hey there!
This is my first time entering this contest. I didn't know about it, but its notion is pretty cool :)

As this is my first entry ever, I will give my gratitude to the user who has helped me since my beginning on Steemit:
Thank you @holovision for supporting me since I got started here, for always providing interesting information and giving useful advice when I need it. Also, I am grateful for all I have learned from your blog and your consistency as a user. I am sure you will keep growing here, bro.

Good vibes for everyone. Happy weekend!

That sounds like a great choice. He seems really active on is where I started out on here, it was much easier for me to answer a few questions than to come up with ideas for posts, I'm not a prolific writer, unless it is technical writing, I do a good bit of that. You have quite a few consistent posts yourself. I assume that you enjoy opera, do you sing?

Oh, yes! He is a regular poster on, and his posts there usually contain pretty useful information. I haven't tried it yet, but it's cool to know you started there, as it is kind of unusual for me.
I try to be consistent, though I'm not posting as much as I wanted. Thanks for noticing ♥
I love opera, of course. I don't sing, but I try, haha. My idea of including "opera" in my username was intentional, I planned to post opera covers, but then I chickened (LOL)

Oh don't chicken out, I can't sing either, but I've stuck a few songs in open mic and even one for papa-pepper 's wild and strange contest. It was a song that had to be made from a poem someone else wrote... It was actually a good bit of fun.

Hi Matt, @coinsandchains, I am butting in on this thread to thank you for the win in your contest when I gave thanks to @mariannewest a coulpe of weeks ago. I am so late in thanking you, but I have excuses! I fell of the turnip truck with a bit of sickness and worry and I am now to late to even thank you on your comment. But this really means so much to me and I want to let you know even if late and in the wrong place!

lol, never too late to say thank you, and you are quite welcome.
I hope you get to feeling better.

Thank you - slowly but surely and thanks again :)

I think the meds they put me on last week are trying to kill me, I'm glad today is the last day on the steroids, I've swelled up like a balloon...

If I can sing there without showing my face, I accept the challenge, he he

You might get away without showing your face on the papa-pepper contest, but I think open mic has to have at least an instrument being played, and I bet they would want to see the face too. I uploaded one that they excepted that was out of focus so you really could not tell anything about me.

howdy sir coinsandchains! thanks so much @paulag for working tirelessly to help others and for being a sponsor for this contest as well. God bless you!

That is an awesome choice she does a lot around here that I think goes un-noticed. I know she has given me some sage words of advice. Then the tracking she is doing on the red fish league is great, It kind of gives me a way to keep track of my numbers without having to run my own spreadsheet. Have a great day, you need to go cut the grass again, so the rest of us can get caught up in the EL..... lol

dream on. sorry it's raining today anyway. yes Paulag is one of the great leaders here and such a role model!

I didn't reply to your other comment where you sent that link and thanks for sending that bytheway because I have back issues to and work to keep it in alignment.
but you're saying these helped you today?

Yes, they helped, the one lying on the floor with one leg that crosses over the body is what put my back, back into place. It was a huge pop, and like a flood of warm relief all over. Now I just have to get the muscles and nerves to calm down. My entire leg is still numb, It seems like it is getting better though.

oh my gosh coinsandchains that is amazing. how often are you supposed to do those, is that a daily thing?

I really have no idea, I've used it a time or two to strech things out, and it has actually popped rather loudly a couple time while doing it.

  ·  last year (edited)

sir coinsandchains! oh ok, well maybe you'll know alot more when you see the chiropractor. have you been able to sleep?

and what about that curie thing? I thought you were out of that last week! lol. 73??? that's not out..
I was shocked that I won, I thought I did 45. and I had decided to drop it because I can't take the time for it, then they increase the payout to 15 steem! now I don't know what to do.
that's huge for me because I don't have any other income.

I didn't know until I saw your comment earlier... I hit it pretty hard last monday with followups from the week before. Then I could not sleep saturday night so I just did curie comments all night.... lol. I had no idea there would be that many, a lot had to be from Monday I only had +-45 Saturday, of course, I didn't have replies on those, so engagement would have been very low.

nice work @coinsandchains, thank you so much for the plug. This contest is awesome so i have resteemed, and I will plug this where ever I can

Sorry for the late reply, it's been a rough week. Thank you for all the support and kind words I appreciate it very much.

tell me about it, Im miles behind myself. Tomorrow is sunday, I will be taking a much needed rest, hope you do too

I actually did get some rest this Sunday, it was a rather nice change of pace.


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This is to encourage participation - there are two (2) "qualified #ccc entries) from last week and the bonus SBI share is set for 1 winner for 1 SBI share for every 6 "qualified #ccc entries".

Please see the "Current Open Contests" post for more details.

Please also provide all updates on the "Current Open Contests" post.

Thank you!

Hey, we appreciate all of the support and awesome ideas to increase participation. Sorry for the late reply I've been out of commision for a couple days.

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sir coinsandchains! hey where have you been this week? I haven't seen you around? everything ok?

I just sent you a reply on another thread, basiclly been out of commision with a back issue.

yeah I had no idea , thanks.

I think you actually missed me. I'm trying to make the rounds this evening and tonight. Don't know how far I will get but we'll see.

of course I missed you man! that's why I started asking if everything was ok. lol. man you did 55 curie comment posts last week! geez!

I have like 0 so far this week, I think I'm going to stay up all night and see how many I can get, but my engagement will probably be rather low as it is late in the week for them to reply.

yeah well hey, I would do just whatever you feel like doing after everything that's happened. I wonder when the cut off for the contest is? I mean the results don't come out until Monday night so that means ...I don't know what that means..I don't know how they operate it. lol.

I don't know how the EL cut off goes, but the curie contest cuts off at 1500 utc. which is about 11 Eastern, if you figure in daylight savings time on Sunday. So you have till about 10 am tomorrow your time.

oh ok well did you see the winner in the curie contest on Monday? lol. we must have scared her the week before because she killed it this week with 67 comments! lol..
that's nothing for us if we had time but hard to beat part time. I think I have 42 right now, I'll try to get 3 more in.

I saw that, I tried getting as many as I could last night but the 3 missed days is putting a hurting on it. Plus my engagement with them will be way low as I have not been able to reply to most of them. I must have hit quite a few, I had over 60 replies to do when I logged in, which several were with you but it counts for the EL anyway....
Speaking of which that sucked this week, I dropped to 25 in the engagement league. I guess I have to make up for it this week.

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All good my friend.

Very nice post