Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame Week #9

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Welcome to the Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame. I cant believe we are on week 9 already. This week we have 6 new accounts join in for some fun and growth and 1 new graduate. There are now 89 redfish tracking their road to minnowhood. I wish each and every one of you success in growing your account on Steemit. The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. To learn more about this initiative please do have a read of the introduction post  . 

Do you want to join?

You can join, or leave at any stage, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know that you want in or out. 

Remember the rule change? 

Because I like to mix things up and make things more fun, and because it would be possible to stay on the top of the league for some time, we had a rule change.  You can only win a prize for being top of the weekly league 2 weeks in a row.      

Redfish Power UP League

Every Wednesday I will be connecting to the SteemSQL database managed by @arcange and gathering details on the Owned SP for each person in the league.The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held when the person joined the league and the average weekly % SP growth will be calculated. The person with the highest % weekly SP growth will be on top of the league. When a person reaches owned SP of 500, they will be removed from the league and added to the Wall of Fame. 



Congratulations to @mmunited achieving an average weekly growth of 151006% in SP putting you on top of this week’s league for the forth week in a row.  As we had a rule change, you must now pick a lucky number and a SBI unit will be sent to the person in that position in the league.   Please post a comment below with the number.  This SBI unit has been sponsored by the one and only @simplymike.  

 Congratulations also to, @sk540, @gmatthe2, @mimismartypants,  @hananali, @rufruf, @kinglypalace, @markgritter and @simata  as you all are in the top 10 and have an average weekly power up 230% or more. 

@simata you did say last week you would be in the top.....nice work, but I do think you said 5th?

 Congratulations also to  @explosive, @mitrado, @buckaroo, @rotantua, @brittandjosie  and  @viking-ventures      for signing up last week and joining in the league.  Now is really the best time to power up and grow.   

Spot Prizes

Lucky number 15 @eoj you will be sent 1 SBI unit
Lucky number 20 @karamyog you will be sent 1 @dustsweeper basic membership.  

Wall of Fame

Big congratulations to @meetmysuperego, you have now graduated from the redfish power up league and join the wall of fame.  I am so proud of you.  Nice work.  Next stop, dolphinhood.

  @giddyupngo, @phoenixwren,  @chekohler, @sebbbl and @empress-eremmy are all on the home stretch.   Come on dudes, I am cheering you on.    

Minnow Power Up League

I am delighted to tell you myself and @abh12345 will be working on a Minnow Power Up League. We will be running this league from our witness account @steemcommunity and an announcement will be made soon.  I hope all graduates from the Redfish league will join.

Visualize the Internal Market

It is free to trade SBD for STEEM on the internal market, however the information provided is not fantastic. So to help you make an informed decision, we have created an internal market visualization, which we will update daily. You can check it out here   

Help me thank our sponsor

A big shout out to @simplymike. for sponsoring this week’s Redfish Power Up League winner. Thank you very much for your generosity.Would you like to sponsor a prize? Contact me on discord paulag#0515  

Shameless Promotion

@steemcommunity is a witness project from myself and @abh12345. There are many good witnesses out there and doing your research is important. I hope you will take the time to read our witness introduction post and consider us as one of your steemit witnesses. If you are not sure how or why to vote for a Steemit witness drop a question below and I will do my best to help you.    

Opportunities for Redfish

There are many opportunities for Redfish to earn STEEM and SBD to use to Power UP. One such project is Pay it Forward and the contests they run. Do have a look at @pifc which will be the home of all Pay It Forward Contests so you can try and win some STEEM or SBD  

 @dustsweeper is also an awesome way for Redfish to ensure they start earning. On Steemit, posts and comments with a payout value of <.02 are not actually paid out. @dustsweeper will sweep all your comments on the 5th/6th day and upvote it above the $0.02 threshold. So you don’t lose out. Every cent counts right. So head over and get yourself and dustsweeper membership and collect every penny you can.  

  @helpie runs daily trivia, live chats, curation and are an awesome community for you to get involved in.  “Helpie is a new and unique educational community within Steemit, designed to help users that are creating quality content grow on the platform" @llfarms

  If you know of any initiatives ran for redfish, please do pop a comment below with the details.

What are you going to do this week to grow your SP? Please do comment below and let us know   


Still in the top 20 and 52%, I can't complaIn :)

Thats fantastic, keep it up

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Thats fantastic, keep it up

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Hello @paulag. I choose no. 25 as a lucky winner.

@suyutu will be sent a SBI unit. Cool.

Congratulations again this week. I hope you can keep it up. Minnowhood is on the way!

Yay, I won magic number 15! Thanks so much @paulag! Although, I really want to get back into that Top 10! ;) Thanks again for compiling this every week, I know it's a lot of work, but we're all very appreciative!!

yepeeeee, congratulations, well done. nice work. Hope to see you in the top again soon

It's great to be on top of even 1 level. To 5th quickly as possible, not impossible @paulag. 😊
next time maybe

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Hello simata
Akhirnya saya ada di bawah.
Terimakasih untuk informasinya ya.

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Selamat datang di liga Rotantua 🤗👍👌

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Not impossible at all dude!! Im slowly creeping up as well!! You got this!! We got this, all we have to do is be consistent!! Congrats on your achievement thus far, you are kicking but!!

Thanks you @mimismartypants
I want to...
I see the name of @rotantua, it seems that he was ahead of me later. OMG... hahaha
It is not problem for me. Because here, my feel is family.
We are Family

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Not impossible at all. I love you attitude

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Thank you paulag.😆

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Now, I can see myself there.

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Good, next stop minnowhood

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Good, next stop minnowhood

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I want to join @paulag

Of course you can join, awesome to have you here

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Thanks at @paulag, for driving another awesome week of the Redfish Power Up league!! It's really been motivating me to grow my account! One of these weeks I'm going to win that SBI share LOL!!

Congratulations to @mmunited for kicking but once again! Your consistency is amazing!!

And of course congrats to the rest of the top 10 o, @sk540, @gmatthe2, @hananali, @rufruf, @kinglypalace, @markgritter and @simata for performing the best this week!

Beeeg shout out to @meetmysuperego for breaking into Minnowhood! We all wanna be like you when we grow up!! Come on @giddyupngo, @phoenixwren, @chekohler, @sebbbl and @empress-eremmy you guys are almost there! You can doo it!!!

Amn lastly, Welcome to the new peeps, @explosive, @mitrado, @buckaroo, @rotantua, @brittandjosie and especially to the lovely @viking-ventures!!! Enjoy the ride!!

@mimismartypants one of these weeks you will win it. So close. Keep up the awesome work, you are really doing fantastic

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Thanks lady!! Just gotta keep on keeping on!!

@mimismartypants one of these weeks you will win it. So close. Keep up the awesome work, you are really doing fantastic

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Thank you for the welcome!

You are very much welcome lady!! Good luck for the week ahead!! Show us how its done viking style!!!

Skål! (Cheers - in all the Viking tongues...)

There's just something about weekly redfish power up posts that get me amped! So keen to join the 7 legends who have already graduated to minnowhood :)

you are so so close dude, cant wait to see you on the graduate list ;-)

I want to join @paulag.

Is this the only way I become of them who are a part of ur project here?

Thank you so much.

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Would love you to join, you are now part of the project. Welcome

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Thank u so much @paulag
I have a big plan for Indonesia. I want to curate Indonesian literature. When I have a big SP, I want to upvote the people who post shortstory, poem etc.

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Congrats to everyone and thanks for the stats @paulag.
lol, I knew I should have powered that steem up yesterday.... too much going on to keep up with it all.

Dont give up. I really believe you need to just keep doing what you are doing

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Never give up. I just switch gears sometimes.

Hi @paulag I wanna join and set goals! This initiative really looks so cool.

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Happy to have you join in, your name be on next weeks post

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Congrats again @mmunited. You're kick ass and taking names here.

Yeheeey! Thank you @paulag! Excited for the Minnow Power Up League! 🤗

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Minnow league should be fun. Congratulations, next stop is dolphinhood. Im sending you on an SBI unit for graduating 😁

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I am already past halfway to the goal. Sweet! 😁

How cool, lets try get you all the way there, one step at a time

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Well done dude!!! Onwards and upwards!!

Congrats to all the winners! :D
I just graduated - like, an hour ago. So I'm glad there will now be a minnow power up league, too!

Fab, awesome job. Will keep the congratulations till next weeks post. Delighted for you

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Thank you! :)

Congrats, that's awesome. I've got 20 more weeks at the rate I'm going :(

Keep doing what you are doing. Looking at your activity and engagement, i think things will turn more positive for you

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I plan to. That's what I'm hoping for just too much work to do. I didn't even get to touch steem yesterday, guess I have to double time it today.

Aw, I'm sorry. I've been here just shy of a year, though, so barring buying your rank, it does take time, unless you get super popular! Don't give up!

lol, well I've never been the popular type. I'll just keep plugging away. I really just wanted to say congrats, not even sure why I added the rest. I was adding it in my head, unless I increase the weekly earnings somehow, It will take that long at 20 steem a week.

No worries. I think 20 Steem a week is faster than me of late. 😂

I'm just not sure I can keep it up.

Wow, there are some impressive numbers being posted! Can't keep up with those 100+% numbers at my SP level, but still hoping to sneak across the finish line by early November, if all goes well!

Thanks for running this @paulag; will definitely be part of the "minnow powerup" group if you and Asher go ahead with that!


awesome - we will be doing it for sure. Starting either next week or the week after but no later so do keep an eye on @steemcommunity for the announcement

I hope to make another Steem purchase this week and have a lot SP coming to my account. I won't be a minnow yet but a bigger jump.

your a lucky that you can make a purchase, and with the price so low, wish I could too. looking forward to seeing the jump :-)

Thank you for including me!
I've been heavily involved at @pifc - including being a guest judge this week!

The main reason I'm trying to power up as quickly as possible is because I want to be able to give better votes - and I've been given a taste of the slider this week - and it's good fun! Not to mention the fact it uses my VP much more wisely when I can set it to the lowest possible to give my 0.02 SBD. I think that should be everyone's target!

I'm hoping I will only be here about a month as I've been powering up between 30 and 50 SP weekly at the moment (helped by a couple of curie votes.)

I'm grateful for any project designed to get people to minnow status and beyond!

30-50 a week! how cool, you will for sure not be here for long. @pifc is awesome and the judges should be celebrated for the time and effort they put in, keep it up.

Hello! I would like to join please.

of course, the more the better, glad you found us. The new post will be out next wed and you name will be on it

Thank you!

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I also want to join @paulag :)

Cool, really delighted to have you onboard. Keep an eye out next wed for the new league

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@paulag Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

You are welcome

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Hmm wonderful I do resteem thanks dear

howdy this fine Saturday night paulag! hey I just wanted to stop by and say hi..and to thank you for all you do for so many of us! God bless you!

aweeeee how kind. that's really cool. thank!

you are so welcome. the other Irishmen on here are really ornery, it's nice to meet a sweet one finally!

not sure everyone would call me sweet 😉

ha! because they don't know you well enough or is there something else going on there? lol. I know alot of people who run projects are perceived as cold and business-like just because their time is tied up in keeping things running.

Hi. I want to join @paulag

No problem, your name be on the next list

Thanks. Ready to run..

lol awesome, maybe you will be able to challenge the current leaders :-)

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