Tpot Contest No. 21: Theme - "Greenery" - Rainbow Mountain Rotorua New Zealand Greenery

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What better contest to enter in than Greenery when your from a Country with the slogan "Clean and Green".
Green it is for now, then came the task of which photo's to choose from, when seeing the contest title, I had an idea straight away that Rotorua's Rainbow Mountain really fitted the bill from our photograph collection.

A few months ago when Steem was a bit higher we were able to trade some in for BTC to take the family on a few trips around New Zealand - "Thank you Steemit"!

With phone camera in hand snapping away the New Zealand scenic views from the passengers seat of the car mostly, we did manage to stop for a few walk about's to snap some more deeper shots that can't be seen from the car window passing by.

Rainbow Mountain is one walk we did want to go on, being only 15 minutes with kids in tow, to the lake, we manged to do it in 10 minutes, with some running and puffing watching out for tree roots sticking out to trip you up on the path, plus mountain bikers whizzing thru the track.


This was an extra 5 minute walk from the main lake, where the lake took on a bit of a darker green appearance


Starting the walk to the lake thru scenic greenry New Zealand bush


Green fern bush ground cover


Ten minutes of walking thru the bush brings you to this geothermal wonder land


Same lake, nearly identical picture as above, all I did was zoomed in which for some reason lightened the color of the lake

One lake with three different color shades of greenish, Hope you enjoyed this green Rainbow Mountain wonderland!

Thank you to @tpot for holding the Tpot Contest!

Lets make this interesting and tag five people that have scenic greenery to show off...Lets dig out those green picture!
@kiwideb, @ravenruis, @tattoodjay, @woman-onthe-wing, @gerben.
Which you can find the original contest and rules Here

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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What a cool idea for a challenge, this is in the Kaingaroa Forest is it not I was last there maybe 30 years ago but this post brought back such nice memories of hiking there

I love this challenge and accept even if it may take me a while to get shots for the post



Awesome that you accept the challenge, can't wait to see some scenic greenery.
Not surer the name of the forest, but that name does sound familiar, we passed so many signs, that might be why it sounds familiar.


Forgot to add in the post had to edit the contest information from @tpot

I love it. <3<3

I wish you hadn't Zoomed out so the picture quality would have been great.

Thanks for joining the Tpot Contest. Contests are held every week, feel free to participate again. Good Luck

Beautiful pics!!! Rotorua is my very favourite place!!

My eyes are green! Therefore, this color is my favorite, especially when it is a marsh shade, as in your photos ) ;)