[Tpot Contest No. 21]: WIN FREE Whaleshares - Contest 20 Results Announced

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Greetings Everyone !

I hope you guys are doing great. Once again it is a pleasure to invite you all to participate in our contest no. 21. I would like to thank you all for your continuous participation in the Tpot Contests and making it blockbuster across Steemit. Keep sending your entries and spreading the word and of course the beauty out there... You all are simply amazing.

We are gonna be taking these contests to a whole new level. So, keep in touch for updates. It's going to be fun. Tpot appreciates all your efforts and participation in our contests. You deserve much more...

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Contest No. 20 Results

Here are a few entries that we shortlisted and thought was quite funny.

UsernameContest Entry

...onto the moment of truth

The winner of Contest no. 20 is @father2b for this entry. It was actually a pretty easy pick for me this week. It was hilariously funny. Make sure you all read it.

All the rewards will be transferred to you soon after this post is published. Please check your Bitshares Account.


The theme of this week contest is once again "Greenery". Post any Plant(s), Tree(s), Grass, Garden, Forest Pictures that is GREEN. Make sure the picture looks Greener. Posting Flowers are not considered as valid entry.

Be innovative with your images, you can post more than one image in a single post. The Greener it looks the higher are the chances to win.


Pay attention to the following rules. Any of the "rule not followed" may disqualify you from the contest.

  1. Resteem and Upvote this post
  2. Title of the post should contain, "Tpot Contest No. 21"
  3. The post must contain at least 5 lines/rows of words (explaining when, where how you took the picture).
  4. Provide the LINK to your post in the comments section to this post along with your Bitshares account. If you don't have a Bitshares account then register here.
  5. Include the following Banner in your post.

Closing Date

The results will be announced after the Payout of this post. Tpot contests are held weekly. Which means that you have 7 days to participate in the contest.


This week there will be three prizes. Three contestants will be selected and each will be awarded;

3 Winners > 25 Whaleshares/each


Whaleshares are both a token and community. They are based on Bitshares platform and works as cross-chain tokens. You can summon a whale for Upvote with your Whaleshares.


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Yey I finally won. Thankyou so much tpot I really enjoyed writing this. It’s great to look back and remember the funny moments of your life although at the time it didn’t feel that funny.
Thanks @tpot and good luck all for this weeks contest.


Please confirm your BitShares address. If you don't know how Whaleshares works, you can ask for SBD/STEEM in instead.


BTS= father2b


Alright, your reward has been sent to you. Please check. Tx 201712110549APY.gif

Well last week someone else won, wishing now I won


I hope you are happy to see it @tpot

BTS: one-good

Let me take this opportunity to thank again @tpot for all you are doing for the community!
My Entry this week.
Bitshare account : niyigena01

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thanks @tpot for this contest
My entry for this contest
Bitshares accounts :- tdas0

Congrats @father2b

Just found this post in the minnowsupport discord. If you use a whaleshare, how much is the upvote worth? Thanks!


The upvote is currently not worth much but if you trade them on the DEX, you would be able to make enough. One whaleshares is currently worth 2 BTS.

This is quite intriguing..Pushes one to be more clinical

here's my entry. Hope you like it! This is my second join to your contest. Hahaha! :)

Thank you for this kind of contest. ☺️
Below is my entry:


BitshareID : micah-four