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Hey everyone !!! Join my contest because this is a free contest, this is a contest to share your thoughts about life .. You need tell your story you can win. Just comment and get rewards from me.


What would you do if/when you become a billionaire?

If I become a billionaire. The first thing I want to buy is everything I like. Then I want to give my parents money, they can travel once a month. I want to hold a party and give presents to my parents. I want to spend some money to help those children and the elderly in difficult circumstances. Maybe I will have a trip to the mountains to help poor people. I would like to spend money to invest my business, maybe I will open a food store or clothing store or I will invest in digital money. Heheheee

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if i'm bilionare ?? i will just make simple house in some qquite place and enough sustainablitity (solar panel for electricity and plant some potato) for living and give to charity and some profitable investment.....
when i'm bilionaire?? maybe around 35 -45

What would you do if/when you become a billionaire?

My Entry :

Well, I wouldn't do much until I make my first couple of Billion dollars apart from fulfilling every single wish my mom has. Once done That's when the madness begins. I'm going to do the following:

Give a hundred crores to someone whom I've promised I would. It's revenge, not generosity.
Adopt several kids and pups, instead of opening orphanages or doing charity. I hate charity.
Buy huge lands in city centres across the country, build a wall around and let them turn into tiny forests.
Burn a billion dollars (my favorite)
Sponsor for the education and all other expenses of families of our martyrs.
Leave the rest with my mom or brothers to decide they'd like to do.
Buy a house in the Himalayas, a wooden house, with a garden. Shift there with my dogs forever. Funny how this one's the best and worst case scenario of my life.
And of course continue to trade till I die.

Impressive contest. Just continue and let people enjoy steemit. :)

Social work is relatively a new profession in Africa at large, Social work as a profession is less than 4 years in Nigeria, apart from our indigenous social welfare service provision, social work education its still an alien to many Nigeria Universities, correctly just 4 universities offers the course as an academic discipline,

what will I do if I become a billionaire?

As a social work student in one of Nigeria prestigious University, I have been open to so many social inequalities existing in Nigeria and Africa at large, of which the government has proven ineffective to fix,
The rate of suffering is scaring, and the bourgeoise in our Africa society gives less attention to social welfare provision.

I want to be the first #OCTAVIA_HILL of African society,

By building.

  • School to educate the African children
  • standard hospital for our society, which can be accessed almost free. With no profit intention.
  • Establish and empowerment programs for youths, ranging from skill acquisition, etc.
  • subsidized standard houses for the Society.
  • create program to educate the society for the need of social helping system with the view to attain and push social work as a profession in Africa.

Imagine a world Where every body is his or her neighbors keep.

I just want to push social work forward in Africa.

Que haría si me convierto en millonario? Lo primero que haría es comprar una casa muy grande para condicionarla y darle abrigo a todos los niños que están en la calle y en situación de riesgo, allí en ese espacio tendrían las mejores condiciones para vivir, un techo, comida, educación, recreación, servicio médico, ondontológico, entre otros. Y hacer de estos niños o niñas a través de una buena educación hombres y mujeres de bien y puedan defenderse en la vida.

Billionaire? Wow.

Imagine the fame, the fortune, the amount of security you'd need, the protection, the people who were never there for you all of a sudden coming out of every place you could imagine wanting help.

Billionaire, no thanks. It'd be nice to have the money to ensure my children go to college, but I'd still want them to work. Usually money corrupts a family. People lose their work ethic, see other classes as less than them. I feel that being a Billionaire would change ANY AND EVERYONE who experienced it for the worse.

I could be wrong. Who knows. I'd love the idea of having my house paid off. Bills paid off. Vehicles. Not have to worry financially. But honestly, would I be happy then? Probably not. That aspect would be less stressful, but what about fulfillment. Money can't buy that.

Money can't fill the hole in your core. The thing that's missing deep inside, that most of us don't know what it is.

The idea of being a billionaire sounds amazing, but the actual reality of it to me, would possible be miserable. I'm partially crazy though. :)

Your posts are good You write well I pray You can succeed in the coming life I'd love to meet you I will be with each of your posts That you will be a successful person one day You should work harder Thank you very much You can become a successful man God always keeps your family happy Always be happy @a-alice

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When I become one of them, definitely I will do these:

  1. Start investment fund for supporting businesses (letting them help me earn money at the same time)
  2. Start a foundation that helps people in terms of education
  3. Get myself a private jet and crews
  4. Buy properties around the world
  5. Write my own book on how I become a billionaire
  6. Get my family a nice place to live
  7. Revamp my hometown by creating more job opportunities and build infrastructure
  8. Venture into agricultural R&D

There are so many more things I want to do but these are a few that I would want to get a hold on first! Your question is really good for inspiring people to think and dream.

If I were a millionaire.

I would buy a big house and a car for my wife and a life annuity.
I would buy a big house for my mother and a pension for life.
I would study a PhD.
Scholarship to talented children so that they have access, not only to a better education, but also to a maintenance scholarship so that they do not have to work in any way while they study.
I would make courses to improve good manners in children.
I would make a club of poetry and philosophy.
It would promote humanist culture.

I have resteem your post because you have asked a very important question, what would someone like me do if I were a millionaire? Well, let me tell you that you have made me daydream and even though I know I will never be a millionaire. I would have like to have been supported with a full scholarship that included child support when I was young, that is why it is one of the things that I would do.


What would you do if/when you become a billionaire?

Being a billionaire is like a god or hero because you also have the power to change one's lives in many different ways. So if i acquire that power, the first thing that i would do is to help those lease unfortunate children or (street children) i will create a foundation that will shelter, feed and educate specially those who were abandoned by their parents, with nothing to eat or drink, no house to sleep, no clothes to wear and no families that would take good care to them, for me they don't deserve a life like that at their early age, they must live a normal life, rather than they learn to become hustler and gamble money, pick someone's pocket and soon become a thief just to have food and survive everyday.

¿Qué harías si / cuando te conviertes en un multimillonario?

Qué haría yo, bueno haria muchas cosas pero antes de pensar en mi, lo que haría es crear una fundación o mejorar la que tengo con el fin de ayudar a los niños que sufren de estrabismo y brindarles ayudas sociales para así mejorar su calidad de vida y no le hagan bulling en las escuela, si lo estoy haciendo sin dinero con dinero es más fácil para costear sus intervenciones eso es lo que haria

Interesting question for me i will empower the youth and help the less privilege and also give arms to the poor.

¿Qué haría si me convierto en un multimillonario?

Bueno, Tenemos que estar conscientes de que una persona con mucho dinero puede hacer cualquier cosa, y algunos se creen mejores que otros por el hecho de tener ese poder, sin embargo no hay nada mas bonito que tener la humildad por delante. Estar pendiente de mucho dinero a veces no es lo que nos proporcionara la felicidad, el hecho de tener vida y familia se tiene que agradecer. El dinero no lo es todo, aunque si lo tuviera lo usaría para:

Si yo fuera multimillonaria, primero destinataria cierta parte a mi familia, para que puedan comprar todo lo necesario para que no les falte nada para vivir, son lo mas importante que tengo en la vida. Segundo, lo usaría para causas de beneficencia, donaría dinero a aquellos lugares y zonas necesitadas, hospitales públicos y personas que no tengan las capacidades para pagar alguna cuestión de salud. Donaría dinero a escuelas, a iglesias. mas que todo a personas necesitadas, por el hecho de solo pensar en cuantas adversidades presentan, seria el apoyo para países que requieren de ayuda socio-económica.

Tercero lo usaría para montar escuelas de arte, puesto que me gusta esa rama y me gustaría compartir todos mis aprendizajes a otros que les apasiona lo mismo que a mi.

También me gustaría usarlo para viajar y conocer muchos lugares bonitos.


Hagaaa can you speak English. ??😁


What would I do if I became a multi-millionaire?

Well, we have to be aware that a person with a lot of money can do anything, and some people think they are better than others because they have that power, but there is nothing more beautiful than having the humility before them. Being aware of a lot of money sometimes is not what gives us happiness, the fact of having life and family has to be appreciated. Money is not everything, although if I had it I would use it to:

If I were a multimillionaire, I would first allocate a certain part to my family, so that they can buy everything necessary so that they do not lack anything to live, they are the most important thing I have in my life. Second, I would use it for causes of charity, I would donate money to those places and areas in need, public hospitals and people who do not have the capacity to pay for any health issue. I would donate money to schools, to churches. more than anything to people in need, just by thinking of how many adversities they present, would be the support for countries that require socio-economic help.

Third I would use it to set up art schools, since I like that branch and I would like to share all my learnings with others who are passionate about the same thing as me.

I would also like to use it to travel and to know many beautiful places.