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Hello everyone, yesterday i held a small contest. My competition has a lot of participants. I presented the prize to the winner. My questions are really easy. Everyone has a card to win. You just need to fast hand and do the rules of the competition. If you have not won the contest yesterday, today will be your chance.

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Question today

What would you do if your country was invaded

War is no one expected it to happen except extreme forces, reactionary opposition wanting the opportunity to overthrow the current regime. So the question is, of course, what the ordinary people will do and what can be done when the country is in a state of war.

In modern warfare, the use of high technology weapons is common. Although I love peace, but I am the descendant of my father, I will act as my father did. Because I love peace, I will act like my father. I will protect my country.

Rules :

  • Upvote( you can upvote 1% or 100% hahhaa) and Comment ( resteem if you like, but if two people answer the exact answer, i will choose the person who completes the steps)
  • Follow me
  • Comment time ends after 24 hours from this article

Reward: 0.5 Steem - The contest will be held every day :D

Good luck !

Contest by @a-alice

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I will do what it takes to keep my family safe

In this case, I will not do anything. At least I would choose to sit and watch them fight. If my country is in a different situation, maybe I will act differently. :)

The first thing that i would do is to keep my family secure and safe, next is to defend and fight for my country in a peaceful, way through pen and not in arms.

hi @a-alice
very interest contest.
i would feel afraid, because i do not the intetions..!

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i give a pass today. dont wanna think such things. so I am sorry no participation from my side today. will wait for 2marrow's contest. thanx

I not the kind of person that would run away, so i will stand and fight the invaders.

The first thing that came to my mind after reading was who will even want to invade my country.
But if it happens I will be alert for the rescue team and disappear😀

I would kill myself.

I would think of how to protect my love ones.


Lỗ rồi :)


😭cháu quá đen. Nhiều khi mình tính toán kĩ lưỡng nhưng đứa khác dở dở vòg đã đủ r còn gửi thêm tận 50 steem


Khakha Trờ đỏ đen này chán quá rồi :) chú chỉ chơi nó khi thật rảnh thôi, còn cứ đăng, nhận được nhiêu thì nhận :) hihi
Mấy em BOT không có giới hạn cắt lỗ thì thật là khó nuốt!


H giá xuống thấp là thời điểm chơi bot tốt đó chú. Hehe có giờ giấc gửi nữa cũg được xíu


uh phải canh giờ thì mới được. :( chơi nhiều con thì rủi ro bớt hơn :)

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I won't fight if they will not harm me or my family. Especially if they have lethal weapons. I will focus on our survival and use every thing that we have and do everything we can do to survive.

As a christain, i wouldn't support my country in killing, rather i woukd remain neutral and pursue peace also keeping myself from harms way , cause nothing good is achieved in war in my experience. Back in 1966 my contry nigeria had fought a civil war that lasted up to 3yrs, at the end of the war many lives were lost and the independence the sought, was nowhere to be found, today we have achieved so much with peace and by working together. To me war is not an option.

In my case I live in Venezuela do not know if an invasion would be good or not, but I will pomdre in both cases: if they invaded my country to free us from what we are living would be good, but if they invaded us to destroy us more; I would protect my family and provide support to those who need it because being together is the best initiative at a difficult time so that we can have more ideas and power to lead and save ourselves from what is happening.

firstly i safe my family and after that i will stand and fight the invaders.and make safe our life and other family life

If life and death situation then I will fight back to protect my family and my country! 💕

Always “Love not war” !