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question :

Tell me about your most memorable moment??

Memories are unforgettable in every person, .. There are happy memories and sad memories. If you have a happy memory you will always remember it and you will smile. If you have sad memories, you want to forget it because it made you cry. But memory is something that can not be forgotten, it is in your heart.

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My most memorable moment include 3 of my bestfriends when I took a spontaneous road trip to New Orleans , Lousiana. We didnt have a hotel room booked or loads of cash. Just an adventurous heart to explore. I vlogged every moment ( first time vlogging ) I caught the embarrassing moments and interviewed the locals. During this trip I video directed my best friend music video while eating at the restaurant, walking through the streets , driving in the car , and meeting new people. It was very authentic and captured the moment and vibes we wanted to experience. Pictures that will last a life time. One small suitcase was all we needed. We never felt so alive and free. During this trip i was able to explore myself and recharge with the people I love.

The day I joined Steemit! :D

Some days ago when I came to know that I have cleared my NET exam 😀
It's my dream and I can't forget that moment how I feel that time and how everyone react 😅
So that is my memorable moments😊😊

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My most memorable moment was the birth of my daughter. Before she was born, I was self absorbed, always looking to propel myself into success, spent way to much time on how to make money for my own foolish materialistic wants.

After she was born, it's like I shed every ounce of ego and put her as my number one, where she's stayed for the past 16 years. It's funny how bringing a life into the world changes your entire outlook. It was scary and amazing all at the same time.

Not only was the exact moment that she was born memorable, but every single moment of my life with her in it has culminated into the ultimate most memorable moment. She's made me smile, proud and enthusiastic about life. She's my greatest achievement and definitely most memorable moment in my life.

My most memorable moment was the day of my graduation from college, because that day I saw how one of my goals materialized, I felt love and the affection of all my loved ones. It was a mixture of feelings I was very happy, but I felt nostalgic because at the same time I had to leave the place where I spent most of my life, where I met incredible people who made me laugh every day and reminded me that I could achieve this, where I lived A lot of stress that today I say it was something that was worth it because I grew up as a person and I trained as a professional.

Tell me about your most memorable moment??

My Entry:

A year passed but i still remember each and every moment of that day as if it had got a permanent space in my memory..i will never forget it.I m talking about 27th May 2015.We had 12th science results and like every face in the country had wore tense look i too had put that look on my face the day before the judgement day.Even though i knew i had exams well and so will clear out with good rank but still the wait for the result left me sleepless the previous night.
My mom stood beside me and kept saying-"Have sui jaa...Kale savare joi leje result".(Sleep now and check the result tomorrow )
And i said-" Na mummy bas thodi vaar ma avsej.Tu sui ja,result avse toh tane uthadis".(No mummy,the result will be declared soon.You go to sleep.I will wake u up when it is declared ).
i kept waiting and waiting untill the clock struck 2 and i went to sleep with the hope of receiving call from my friends and waking me up in the night.I woke up at around 7:45 in the morning.As usual the first thing i saw was my phone (like every teenage boy/girl does) and checked if i had missed calls from my friends.
I read watsapp group chats(it gets hyperactive on such days) and everyone were cursing/sledging gujarat board for the delay.While doing the same my eyes hit on the headlines in rajkot newspaper that 12th science result is expected to be declared by 8:30 am.Aaahhh fish!!Why were we awake till late night then.I checked the time and it was 8:20 am.
I had a feeling to run away bcz now the wait got intensed and i had already refreshed the website 100 times and had no interest left to check my score.
Finally the longer arm of the clock hit 6 and i refreshed the site one more time and yesssss the results were out (i appreciate the punctuality of GSEB).
I entered my seat number with shaky hands.The next minute i remember was a pause with eyes wide open in shock and a faint voice came out of my mouth-"First".I couldn't believe and so verified if i was checking my own score only.I shouted and called my mother and declared her the news with wet eyes.
I was on cloud nine then and everyone in the house were wishing me for unbelievable result.The later part of the day kept me busy with the phone calls from friends,relatives,teachers and ofcourse journalists.The only regret i have about that day is that i couldn't celebrate that moment with my dad and my pagal friends.
I thank almighty God,my parents,my brother,relatives,teachers of my school and all my friends who supported me,motivated me and had faith in me to do something big!!

Hi to all my steemmates, i hope everyone had a good day today, and also to you mam @a-alice

Question : Tell me about your most memorable moment?? It was a fine and sunny day where it is a great time to unwind, i and my bestfriend together with our friends decided to take a walk a long the creek side where you can see a lot of fruit bearing trees at both side of the creek, when we get there we saw a lot of mango and camachile fruit on a near ripe stage, my bestfriend and i climb through the tree to get some fruit, i decided to climb the mango tree while my bestfriend ascend on the camachile tree, although it has a lot of tiny torns around the tree's body he still continue to climb, we both harvest a lot of fruit, and when it's time to go down, my bestfriend took a wrong step on a dead branch, he fell off to the ground, all of us were stun at that moment, we immediately pick him up, but he couldn't move we saw one of his thigh broke and it's swelling fast we really don't know what to at that time, we shout so loud begging for help until someone heard us and rush towards us and he fetch up my bestfriend as quickly as he can and send him immediately to a near orthopedic hospital, i saw my friend's face crying ang grimacing in pain, it was also very painful to me seeing him like that, then i began to cry and my tears were non-stop, on that day i took a promise not to climb any trees anymore... he sufferred a broken bone in his thigh and 1 broken rib, he succesfully overcome his operation and started to get-up again, but not with two original thighs anymore, he's broken thigh were replaced with 10" inch stainless steel metal, i really felt sorry for him, and i apologized to him for what happen, he just said to me "its ok, it's not your fault, it's me who made a mistake so dont cry heads up coz i'm still alive and were still bestfriend's right?" he's talking like there's nothing happen to him at all, those words make me cried a lot and those words mark a memorable moment on my life.
Tell me about your most memorable moment??
Hi everyone! Especially to my mam @a-alice!😊 Its my first time to join this contest, hope you like my memorable moments that i experienced in my life.😊

Sometimes its hurt, sometimes you make you laugh, and sometimes it make me sad. My most memorable moment in my life, when i was in love with a man caught my heart. And im happiest person on that moment just because the man that i loved is responsible and lovable. To make story short we live together and make our life happy, but the days goes by, the happy life turn to misery,when i caught my husband have another affair. So, when i saw that girl and my husband, i asked my husband and i said to him, "Who is your love between me and the girl"? In angry manner, but his answer was shocked to me, when he choose that girl,and not me. That is the moment that i can't imagine and even in my dreams will not happened! And that is not moment that i can't forget! Its hurt, but we need to move on, and look forward for another moment that will make us happy.😊

Haha ok..i think its weekly contest..😊lol..im sorry...😂