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Hi everybody ! Have you participated in a contest held every day by me? My competition has a lot of participants. I presented the prize to the winner. My questions are really easy. Everyone has a card to win. You just need to fast hand and do the rules of the competition. If you have not won the contest yesterday, today will be your chance.

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Question today

What do you want most in your life?

When I was 3 years old, what I wanted most in my life was sweet food and sweets. By the time I was in Grade 1, my only wish was that I did not have to go to school.
When I was a little older, I wanted to be the best student in the class. I wanted the respect of friends, I wanted them to admire me.
When I was 16 years old, I wanted to be beautiful and have many guys love me. It's the time that I feel most joyful and pure.
And now I want to have more energy to make more money, earn more opportunities and I want to have more challenges. For me, youth is the best time to work and to experience.
Maybe until I'm old, I will want a peaceful space where I do not have to think about life. I would like to take a break and travel with my little family.
At different times, people have different thoughts. And I'm no exception.

Rules :

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Reward: 0.5 Steem - The contest will be held every day :D

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Good luck !

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Come to have a happy and peaceful old age, surrounded by the people I love and receive from them all their love, always ne family and with the glory of God.


relaxation - that's what we always wanted

What I want in life. Honestly, I'm not sure as that question is way more complex than it appears upon initial reading.

This seriously provoked a lot of thought and reminiscing. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety. When I was a boy I experienced things that could have totally destroyed me mentally and emotionally, but I kept striving and learned how to compartmentalize to endure.

With that being said, when I'm in a dire situation or a dangerous situation, I know how to remain calm. The building could be burning down and I'd be the one calmly helping others and making sure everyone was out safely with no regard to my own safety.

Yet, somehow, with that, I don't know how to be happy. In moments where other people are having fun, smiling, laughing...I just feel numb. I get so uncomfortable because things are going good. I'm waiting for something to happen.

I guess with that, I would love to learn how to really experience happiness. I have a family, I have what most consider a great career, but I literally just don't know how to be happy. There's never been a moment that I've felt it. So daily, I'm just sad, and trying to ensure everyone else's happiness because I just don't know how to experience it.

Smokey Robinson has a song, "Tears of a Clown". That could be my theme song I think. I can make others laugh, smile, feel safe...yet, when I'm alone, I'm lost in my thoughts of why I can't be happy.

Sorry for rambling...thanks for posting!


Hi. You and I are two strangers .. but I sympathize with your life. Do not worry that your story is bullshit. You need to share with your family. I see you as a father, you have children. Are not you happy?Have you ever talked to your wife about this?
Do not create loneliness ! You need to relax and go out with your family more. Take photo memories, travel to new lands, try to do something crazy but fun. I wish I could see your smile again.
Thank you for joining my contest. You are the winner of this competition :D

By chance

What I want the most is to a peace of mind, a very deep one. To be able to achieve that I want my family to be happy, to find and know the love of my life, to travel, and to be healthy.


you are a great man :D

It will be a lot of thing i want :)

  1. I want happiness and healthy for myself and people surrounding me so that i have energy and time to take care of people who need help.

  2. Cheaper medical fees so that poor able to get proper treatment.

  3. Best medicine can 100% cure deadly cancer, AIDS and any deadly disease.


you are a great man :D thanks for your comment

I want financial freedom such that I no longer need to work for money. At that time, I will be able to do the things I am really passionate about

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Yes that is what I want now. hmmm if we are rich, we want to relax. If we are poor, we want to make a lot of money. haizz

What I really want in life ,is to make people around me happy ,and whenever I achieve that I feel a sense of self satisfaction .

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I want to make people happy with what I have been blessed with. To bring joy into peoples lives.


you are a great man :D



What i want most in my life is to give my only son a good future by sending him to school where he could get his tools to succeed in life, because his success is my success.


You're right. The most important thing is to ensure that the children have a better life. how old is your son ?


3 yrs. Old mam