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Some Fun Selfies from Yesterday

So many of your selfies were great!!! This is a random pic and yours will also be here some day 🤩

See if you already recognize each other's faces.









See if you can list all the names 😊

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Prompt: tree

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To the TREES to the SELFIES, to the trees, to the....Oh, sorry I was half singing :p

I have some glasses like that - Need to take a selfie. I used to have a store and was there all day long. Sometimes, I took those glasses and when a customer was looking the other way, I put them on really quickly. always got a laugh. But they were purple with an animal nose :)

Lol, that would have been cute. I should find a kitty one. :) Little by little I am showing my face. :)

Byn - you are the most creative person I know!!!!

I agree!!!!


That is beyond! i love it <3

That's the best selfie so far... Love it!!


Very creative!


Love it!!

That. Is. Awesome.

Never thought of that! ;)

interesting idea! i know ASL too, i may get inspiration from this and do all the rest in sign. buahahaahah :p

Now we all learn how to sign tree... :D
Brilliant "selfie"!

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okay my guesses on the names

the women that took her exam today?
sexy wandnrose7....very cool photo
fancy milk glass(s) Lady :D
Mom making her poor young man drink rotten milk and when he got done rolled his eyes but really had a great laugh!
weirdywordy one of my heroe's with an almost too perfect milkstash :D
really nice guy that is great to finally see a good look at his face and a FAB writer who I admire. or buzz.felt depends on the day which is which
Babyj missing on a carton.......

yes, I'm horrible at names in real life :D but never forget a story.

Out in the sunshine. Yay!! How is your back?

better but still sore and still taking meds but should be okay in a few days :D and it's pouring rain now LOLL

First one isn't the right guess :)

@elizacheng who shall now be called Lady with the cute profile photo I looked at the other day and in no way does this women look old enough to have 3 children!

I know, right?

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOLLLLLLL

I myself still haven't believed that I am actually a mother of three either... LOL... But time flies and doesn't stop even for a second... I used to be the youngest in the crowd... But now people started calling me "Aunty"... And I can't do anything but just accept it as a fact...

Wait till you get to be my age and they call you a nice old lady LOL

Chinese here will call "Aunty" no matter how old we are... I mean when we have reached the Aunty level... we will be Aunty all the way... Sometimes older ladies may be called "po po" which means Grandma. But most of the time is just "Aunty".

Agreed! Did we all look that young once upon a time?

why did you half selfie it? you look great outdoors ... i usually see you at your desk and its all dark. :)

Oh well, because my head was so big? I wanted you to be able to see the pretty tree and my arm is not that long :D

and Thank you....yes, trying to get out from behind my desk for more photo's not taken at 3 am LOLL

awww poor heads ... :(
and short arms ... you hide it so well. hehe
ikr!! you are in that dungeon a lotttt .... so glad to see your purdy face outside. :)


I often think that trees are better than people. First of all, trees don't usually make noise. They're beautiful and relaxing, they charge me with positive energy when I walk between them.
If they're bad people inside, we'll never know.
In one of my future lives, I surely want to be a tree. A big, strong tree with a thick bark, deep roots and a lot of leaves, not giving a single f**k about the world madness.
Of course, they could cut me, but I wouldn't have pain receptors... And maybe I could have the subtle pleasure of giving them allergies. 🤣
Damned trees, they're so cool I almost hate them!
PS don't call the doctors, please 😂

hahaha - great freewrite!!! And coming back as a tree can be a long time commitment - there are some really old trees in the Redwoods and other places in the world. Be ready for a few hundred years at least!!!

Oh I'm totally ok with that!

I think trees both talk and feel~ Would be cool to come back as one!

Somewhat I do believe the same thing...only they don't do it the same way as us

beautiful grove of trees you are in :D

It's the public park of my town ;)

This is GREAT! I'm feeling so pissed off about allergies lately, I do like the thought of being the one to cause the allergies!

I'm sorry for you, in this season allergies are a pain. I'm not allergic, but it's easy for me make people pissed off, lol!

looks so relaxing there ... picnic time!! :)
why didnt you touch the tree?

Sometimes I touch trees, sometimes they touch when I run under low branches and take some slap 😂

awww poor soul, getting slappedby a tree ... what did you do? 😛

  ·  last year (edited)

You sure you have taken your medicine... LOL... I can help call the nurse if you don't want the doctor... LOL

The nurse is absolutely better than the doctor!

I knew it... 😉😉😉

Are you for real or you're kidding? By the way, are you tall, reading your freewrite make me think you are tall. aha.

I'm as always mixing up serious thoughts with jokes and silly things 😉
I'm 1,82 (6' 00"), in my country this put me in the tall side, but not in the tallest. 😉

Plus, trees don't yell at you to get off of them when you climb! (Brisby has no idea why anyone wouldn't want to have a squirrel on their shoulder.)
The idea of coming back as a tree sounds so peaceful, Marco! Well, as long as it isn't a tree along a busy highway, or on the sidewalk in a city.
For a small fee, I'll put the phone down. 😉

You're right, people always yell at me when I climb them 😂

Hahaha heeeey! It doesn't make much sense to feel happiness for produce allergies! Is at if the trees were haters inside, don't you think? Or maybe they are just rebels

Just in case it's okay for me to submit in comment form, I'm going to go for it. Let me know if this doesn't count.


Trees of gold lined the empty plaza. Maybelle looked back and wondered out loud: does she ever think of me? It was a rhetorical question, as all questions are when you’re alone, and she wouldn’t like the answer anyway. Dust on the desert horizon coalesced into opaque, murky waves, with the vague scent of dessicated leather scattered along a glass surface. Maybelle thought about running out as far as she could until her legs would no longer carry her, to expel the burgeoning energy brought about by incessant curiosity and nagging loneliness. Such an action would of course result in her certain demise; without water, she would perish under leaden, oppressive heat. What was it, 95, 100 degrees (that’s measured in Fahrenheit, for any confused international readers). In contrast to the perfectly manicured plaza littered with invasive species that would wilt if taken away from the confines of the town limits, lonely Joshua Trees dotted the landscape for as far as she could see. It was a perfect day for her to feel this way, and for that, she was thankful.

totally okay!

Love Joshua Trees. Thanks!

Very powerful writing! Well done. Love your hair color :)

Thanks! It takes a lot of effort to keep it this way hahah

beautiful story and selfie :D

You have such a beautiful way of writing, it is so wonderfully descriptive in just the right way.

Also, I love the hair!

Thank you! And thank you! Haha.

In love with the usage of your words and style of expression. So powerful too. I love the hair ☺

I think I'm getting less creative as I go instead of more. I've got an avocado tree in my yard and it's given me so many ideas on how to incorporate it into cement that that is what pops into mind when I think tree. I used the leaves to make imprints in the cement during the molding process and most recently, had a friend make me a mold from an avocado I picked myself. I've made avocado brownies, avocado chocolate pudding, avocado dressing, avocado smoothies and obviously avocado toast. Never would I have thought that I'd see an avocado go bad on my counter, but when you've got 20 that are ripe at the same time its kind of hard to avoid it. Next time I'm making avocado ice cubes with all the ones ready to go bad. Itll make smoothies quick and easy next time. Here I am with the cement avocado dish I made :D Not the edible kind, lol.


That is a great cement avocado!! I think it is time for a meet-up so you can get rid of those Avocados :)

And I see that you are getting the hang of the 5-minute thing :)

Good suggestion @freewritehouse for a meet-up by the Avocados tree

I'm down! We've got a couple, lol. Cmon over!!! There's a loquat tree down the street for free picking too, although not sure if there's still good fruit on there or not. The weather has been pretty mild so I'm guessing yes. Oh, and a meyer lemon tree that is falling over with the amount of fruit its holding. Guac and Lemonade party!

secretly I'm still guessing as to what 5 minutes feels like. The timer is too much pressure. I press START and my mind goes blank! LOL

It's like the landlord and I are on the same page. Ill go out and pick a few to be ripe in a week and then the next day Ill find another dozen he decided to harvest and dole out to the neighbors. I cant seem to get the hang of just having one or two ripe avocados per day. Its all or nothing!

That is funny. But avocados do freeze - so, that is a good thing lol

Avocados are such divas- I have lost many over the years :( There was a great cartoon that showed the avocado saying "not ready, not ready" when the person checked them, and then they went to the bathroom and it yelled" I'm ripe" and when they came out it had already gone bad lol. That is how I feel. Though I do love them so. A typical doomed love affair haha

That is no exaggeration! I think pureeing the ones almost ready to go back and stuffing them into a silicone ice cube tray for freezing might be a game changer.

Won't they taste funky though? They will get oxidized on the surface. Or maybe you just slice that part off before use?

add a little lemon juice to the puree before you freeze it. i think a teaspoon per avocado? at least thats what the directions say. I wonder if laying saran wrap over the top to prevent the avocado mush from touching air in the freezer would help?

What a cute picture of you being one with a tree 😄

There's nor shortage of trees on our property! I just had to choose one!

My freewrite:

I always hated those tall skinny palm trees. They made me think of Miami Vice, and the 80's, which I didn't like aesthetically. So I moved from Maine to West Palm and would give a secret evil eye to them when I happened upon one of the inevitable rows. I grew up in the woods, in the trees like Mowgli. Covered in pitch and needles and bruises. I loved thick, dense woods, and when I went south, I wanted the jungle. Not some tacky beach strip, with its poorly doctored flora decor. Here, in Cali, I've found that the ones I like best are called "Royal Palms", thick stubborn beast with a mop of fireworks spraying out. I also realized that I can't blame the skinny guys for their inclusion in bad 80's art, anymore than to hate on roses (which i totally stop and smell every time) for being played out for the last few centuries. So I have softened my gaze, as a diplomatic gesture. And I think these guys appreciate it ;)

Ha - wait - You are up?????
And I am sure the palm trees were very hurt that you didn't like them and are happy that you are nicer to them now!! LOL
I don't like them. They don't belong here and don't give us shade, most don't give us food, but lots to clean up. Date palms would be good....

I am up from having woken up yesterday at 8pm, so technically its almost bedtime for me. I am doing a 'sleep when I'm tired , wake up when I'm not ' thing and it seems my circadian rhythm is like 27/28 hours, so I sort of move around the clock. Its kind of fun! I always liked nighttime but missed the days- my favorite stint is when Im going to bed at like 5 and waking up at 2am ish. I get to hang and do quiet night stuff and then when I am actually feeling energetic, its day time! When I try and be a normal person I'm always wound up at like midnight to 3am lol . Now i get to try it all :)

Good that you can do that!! I think in so many ways we are forced into a sleeping (or eating) schedule that does not really suit us.

Have you heard about the idea of double sleep or something like that? That people used to go to be with the sun going down, Then get up around midnight and visit, or write, or have sex, or do whatever - then go back to sleep at 4 or so... get up for the day when they are ready....

I have heard of that. I actually need 9-10 hours to sleep because it takes me a long time to sleep and I wake up briefly every cycle (I remember two or three different dreams a night usually- rarely on or none and have even had four on a bunch of occassions). I don't do well in short cycles, and i can never nap. I am so jealous of people who can nap!! Lucky, lucky bastards lol

I do best when I get at least 8 hours of sleep. I have no idea how people function on 4 or even 6 hours of sleep.

Yeah, my body doesn't work without sleep. I can do maybe one day with less, and some coffee, but after that I'm like a child who cries for her nap lol. Not really the ideal set up for a dj (we are supposed to be party machines), but it probably saved me haha

Glad to know I had a good intuition for not liking them- I'm not usually a shallow jerk, so I hoped it was more than a distaste for the 80's haha

Ooh, are we allowed to submit in this thread instead of post in our blog? I'd like to get some diversity of content in my feed going pretty soon and I try to keep to one post a day max, so it would be cool if I could just post the ones that I'm particularly proud of.

Yes!!! That is always the option with a freewrite....

That was an interesting collection of tree thoughts!

very interesting idea's about trees I would never have thought of!

Growing up like Mowgli... sounds adventurous and interesting! Do you have friends like Baloo or Bagheera?

I might ;)

Cool! 😉😉


Look at that tree!! this looks very sci-fi. Love it!!

My entry for today! Rushing to the train today and caught a picture with a bad angle!
IMG_20180518_184835 (1).jpg

You also belong to the tribe of people having a tree growing out of their head :)

Lol! Hahahaha hilarious. You are right didnt think of it that way!

They do!! and squirrels love them. Hey. did you come and hang out in my chicken coop the other day? Or was that your cousin?

Nice tree!!!! And you made it here!!! Yay! 😄

Thank you so much. I ultimately made it

Watch out!!! They are going to get you!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

HEre’s my tree freewrite composed on a plane! Still got the selfie in before I left


We are going to miss your son in the pictures!!! Tell him that he can post his own as well :) I love this selfie!!!

Don’t worry. He’ll be back next week!

Hi @ntowl good to see you in this contest. Let move all the way to the end of the contest ya

Got in just in time :)

Thanks, I try!! 😬

Nice artwork LOL

You are on it!!! Look at those beautiful trees!!! Is it a loquat tree behind the banana? And sugar cane?

Thanks for the qualifications. Yes it is the sugar cane, and mango tree ( not sure is that what you meant )
And the small bunch of leaves behind the banana leave at the back of my head is Kaffir lime tree

I couldn't see the leaves clearly enough to see if they are kind of smooth - Mango, or more ripped - loquat. Which country are you in? Maybe loquats don't grow their... I'll try to find a picture...

maybe their leaves look alike

I live in Malaysia

this almost looks like the same banana photo you submitted the other day ... muahaha
excellent!! gotta love those leaves ... looks beautiful there too!

Very good memory @eaglesporit. Your eyes like an eagle
Yes, it is almost look alike because this selfie was taken about the same time at the same spot where I took the selfie for the banana ( and the tree )
As I wrote this post at 12:30 AM this morning and I search my photo library and found a couple of them but I like this better because I can describe about the Banana tree from my childhood days memory.
And I reckoned this tree has better value to me
Thanks for your encouraging comments

no worries, youre now dubbed banana boi ahhahhah

Day 4! Talking about TreeTuesday ! And me turning into a Tree Sprite!

Wow - you grew big boobs overnight lol

Hahaha... The power of editing...

You crack me up! hahahaha

hahaha... it's Friday! well, every day we do need a good laugh... hahaha

Eliza.... look at you!!! hahaha love it!!

Hahaha... Thanks... 😁

sunny7 122.jpg
An older selfie, but goes along with my writing quite nicely~
For today:

Looks like a great tree!!!

You always have the best smile!!!!
Was it a bi-pod picture? LOL

Thank you!! I wish! He using one of his pods to drive. hahaha


Today's selfie and freewrite both feature a baby pomegranate!


Lovely!!! I need to check my tree if there are any fruit yet....

so sweet, getting all up in dat tree and the tree is loving you back.

Beautiful selfie... The baby pomegranate looks like a hair accessories...

Almost the end of the week!! I have been wondering, do we continue through Saturday Sunday? Do they make up the 50 days or is it only the weekdays... just wondering
Here's mine

Your selfies are amazing!!!! Now, you are glad you paid for that mask, right? You are putting it to great use!!
And to answer your question - we keep on going... every day.... until either everyone has dropped out or we are at 50 days...

Yes, it does look really good.... And now I'll always have these pictures to remember the mask...
I'll be travelling for two weeks starting next Saturday, not sure how I am going to manage but for now .... 50 days!! here I come 😊

i feel the tree is happy with you and mouth open right above your head. a true inspiration! heehee

The tree is in a good spot, so it is always laughing and telling jokes! There is another tree that overlooks a road, and he is always in a bad mood! :)

OMG tell me, tell me!! I want to hear too!! I want to see the bad mood tree too pleaseeee ... :)

You are one with the tree!!! It is growing right out of your head lol

Its a serious medical condition, please don't make fun of me! ;)

Day 4 already? Gosh, time sure's flying! And this challenge is getting more fun everyday!
Anyway, here's my freewrite-
And my selfie :D

I think so too, the getting really fun every day :D

You have a tree growing out of your head too!! Are you and related? LOL

Mwahaha I had to scroll over to check his picture out! You're right, maybe we are linked through some weird cosmic way :D

You are the tree people!!! LOL

intense eyes, i think the tree is frightened .. mauahahah

Very funny 😏


Hive Bee trail comment.jpg Vote.

yay!! thank you!!