The Communities of the Month Support Program - Applications for October [Deadline extended]

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The Communities of the Month program for September is now well underway.

We hope the Communities selected are enjoying the extra support they are receiving.

The emphasis for the program, for the seven main communities and those receiving @booming support, is very much to build community strength with a view to achieving increasing self-sufficiency.

We are now starting the application process for October.

The format will be much the same. Six or seven communities will be selected for the full @steemcurator01 support package, and another 30 or so will be chosen to receive the @booming votes.

We look forward to reading your applications.

How To Apply

Applications are invited from Community Leaders (Admin / Owner / Founder) who would like their Communities to be considered for selection as a ‘Community of the Month’.

Please refer to the original post for full details but applications should cover as many of these elements as possible...

  • Community Purpose

  • Community Team

  • Community Curation Account

  • Plagiarism & Abuse
  • Engagement & Commenting
  • Plans & Updates

  • Promotion

  • Anything Else

Among the most important of these is Community Purpose.

We really want to see Communities that have a unique and well defined focus.

They should have a strong USP (Unique Selling Point).

For Country / Regional Communities that will be about the country or region.

For Subject Communities make sure the subject(s) you intend to cover are clear and specific, and ideally unique on Steem.

The key question to ask is…

  • Does your community have a strong enough message to attract people to Steem?

Another area we are giving increasing importance to is Originality and Creativity.

We are keen to support communities who come up with new, creative ideas for projects, promotions and ways of operating.

There are certainly many tried and tested content ideas and methods for running communities but we are on the lookout for innovation.

New structures, new promotional ideas, new types of content and new ways to increase the Steem Power of the community account will all be welcome.

The third factor that we are particularly looking at is External Promotion.

We see Communities as an important route for recruitment to Steem.

If people with a particular interest - be it knitting, electrical repairs, or vegetarian cookery - could be attracted to Steem by a strong, vibrant and focused community covering their area of interest that would be ideal.

We are keen therefore to hear about your plans to promote your community to the outside world.

Application posts can be in any language.

Applications should be made by 11.59pm UTC on Sunday, September 26th.

All communities are welcome to apply - including those who have already been selected for August or September.

Please drop a link to your application post in the comments below and include the tag #communities-202110 (in the first five tags).

The communities selected as the ‘Communities of the Month’ for October will be announced before the end of September.

For more information about the Communities of the Month Support Program please read the previous posts…

This ‘Communities of the Month’ program will be evolving month by month.

We are keen to monitor its effectiveness, so we would suggest the communities selected monitor and report on their progress.

The key data would be Subscribers, Active Posters, Community Account Steem Power (own and delegated) and ideally some indication of external recruitment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


I can assure you that you will definitely not regret it!) We have everything and it will be very interesting))) Steem-BRU is the best))

I don't mean to talk out of context but We all know the Crypto Market is unstable and you can't tell if it’s going bearish or bullish, and am not gonna lie we all need professional guidance And getting a response from the popular ones, it’s like waiting for mars to be habitable😂😂 that’s why i contacted an analyst/trader some months back, I admit she’s not the best nor famous but after seeing her T.A i was thrilled and convinced so i join her trading team and started using her signal and strategies to trade. She called the sell off back in May before it happened and I wished I had listened to her and tethered my assets. But now I know better and since using her services , I have almost recovered all I lost during the crash back in May. She also has a wonderful Trading community with members that are most ready to assist anyone with knowledge . I’m also using this opportunity to recommend Ann bargy y'all can search her on the web Annbargy .

BRU the best

A community that has become significant for me. Thank you BRU for the opportunity to develop together with you, you are the best!

A community that is worthy of support. BRU you're the best!

Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community - The Best!

Одно из самых позитивных и классных сообществ на платформе–это BRU!!! Вне конкуренции!

Guys, you are so cool😊

Steem - BRU the best! Koool

Steem-bru kind and active community!

The most friendly community! Friends, you are great!

сообщество развивается с невероятной скоростью и это круто. Стим-БРУ заслуживает внимания и поддержки

Крутое сообщество

This cool community is developing at an incredible rate!
So Steem-BRU deserves attention and support!

"We are the best community ...."

BRU is the best! We are worthy of support!

The very friendly community! I love it!)

Приветливое, общительное сообщество, достойное поддержки!

Steem-BRU the best!)

Steem-BRU - это не просто сообщество, это люди которые подскажут, выручат, сделают все, для того, чтобы вы чувствовали себя собой. Это семья, сплочённая, дружная. Благодарен вам за проделанную работу, за развитие, мы растем и продвигаем steem в массы♥️

STEEM-BRU лучшее сообщество!

I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the BRU community for being active and investing in SP. Hopefully we will become one of the largest and fastest growing Steemit communities!

Стим -БРУ замечательное сообщество!

Классное соо. Планирую присоединиться

Я тоже с вами

Best community!

Beautiful community Steem-BRU!👍💖‼️

Awesome community

Очень крутое сообщество
Я тут обрел друзей)

Steem-BRU is cool!

Thanks everyone, friends! Thanks to each of you, our community exists! 😉

Hello @steemitblog, I am glad for the opportunity to make my application for October support program.


Please here is my application for Steemkids community for the month of October, 2021.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration

No doubt this community deserves to be one of the top rated community. It gives Steem a new future

Thank you dear for acknowledging that. I pray we get the support for the month

We surely will <3

Good luck with your application @steem.skillshare!

I really think this community deserves all the supports possible

Buona fortuna / good luck

The application explains everything in detail, and I can tell that it is a pleasure for me to be part of this community, all the best for you!

The best in my opinion, it gave me the inspiration to star writing and share my knowledge, and I read very interesting posts

I wish to this community all the best, is my favorite one now, and I hope to grow together

@steem.skillshare helped me to get a voice and earn my first coins in this platform! I really hope to see a strong support for this community

Very good Application For Community Support Program on October. Many things we have done together in conducting Promo Business combined with PromoSteem. With many Entrepreneurs who are willing to make payments with Steem or SBD. Hopefully the Steemit Team will support the Steem Entrepreneur Community this October. Thanks You to the Steemit Team for supporting us this September, hopefully we can get support again this October.

Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada tim steemit yang telah mendukung kami.
Semoga bulan oktober kami mendapatkan dukungan lagi.

Salam @aril.hatake

Dear tim Steemit, berikut ini kami lampirkan link aplikasi Steem SEA untuk Oktober 2021

Terima kasih atas dukungannya selama ini.

We are the Steemit Azerbaijan Community!

Here is our application for the October Support Program.

application for community support program.png

Thank you very much for everything, dear Steemit Team! :)

We love Steemit. We're growing with Steemit. ❤️ ✌️🦾

Almost all of the rewards from the support program we won last month were invested in SP. I hope we will be selected for next month as well.

I would like to express my endless thanks to all the members of the community for their activity and SP investments coming from the post rewards upvoted by Booming. We will one day be one of the biggest communities on Steemit. :)

Biz birlikdə güclüyük!!! @revan746 admin Steemit Azerbaijan Community and founder

Biz bacaracayıq.

Bəli Steemit Azərbaycan topluluğu inamlı və mətin addımlarla məqsədinə doğru irəlilməkdə davam edir. Biz ən yaxşısı olacayıq. Bu səfər ilk siyahıda olacağımıza heç şübhəm yoxdur. Biz böyük bir ailəyik. Hər birimizə uğurlar.

İnanıramki bizdə hər şey alınacaq. Və bu bizim gələcədəki böyük uğurlarımıza gedən yoldakı kiçik addımlarımızdır. Steemit Azərbaycan ən yaxşısı olacaq. Və bütün steemit platforması istifadəçiləri bizlər sayəsində Azərbaycanı tanıyacaq....

Hər zaman uğur qazanmağa nail olmağa,çalışan bir komanda olaraq,bu dəfədə qazanacağımıza inanırıq.

Hər birimizə Uğurlar Dostlar! Nə yaxşı ki burdayıq.

Əla.Hamıya uğurlar arzulayıram. İnanıram ki, biz qalib gələcəyik.

Təbriklərə məndə qoşuluram.Əməyi olan hər bir kəsə təşəkkurlər

Bu dəfədə qazanacağımıza inanıram🤝

Hərkəsi salamlayıram möhtəşəm olmuş.Təbriklər🎉🎊👑

Oley işte bu yaşasın Steemit Azerbaijan

Biz birlikdə güclüyük. Uğurlar😍

Var ol Steemit Azerbaijan !!!

Uğurlar Steemit Azərbaycan, uğurlar Dostlar

İrəli Steemit Azərbaycan!!!

Biz ən yaxşıyıq

Uğurlar Dosrlar Uğurlar Steemit Azərbaycan komandası

Biz birlikdə güclüyük Bir olaq Güclü olaq. Yaşasın Steemit Azərbaycan

Qalib gələcəyik🙏

BELƏ BİR QRUPDA OLDUĞUMA GÖRƏ FƏXR EDİRƏM. Dostlar çəkilən əziyyətlərə görə hər kəsə minnətdaram. Hamınızdan ALLAH razı olsun. İNŞƏƏALLAH uğurlarımızın davamı gələr, əziyyətlərimiz yerdə qalmaz. AMİN🤲

Steemit Azərbaycan ən yaxşısıdır

Good luck to all. I'm so much happy 😍

Biz birlikdə güclüyük. Steemit Azərbaycan bir gün ən güclü topluluqlardan birisi olacaq 😎

Steemit Azərbaycan ən yaxşısıdır

For the third time #Colombia-Original says "present". Always grateful for all the support received from @steemitblog, curators, auge accounts and from our dear users.

Solicitud de nuestra comunidad COLOMBIA-ORIGINAL para el programa de apoyo de las comunidades del mes (Octubre)

Blessings for all.

La comunidad #Scouts presenta su Postulación al Programa de Apoyo a las Comunidades del mes de octubre 2021


Saludos cordiales a todos y un apretón de mano izquierda.

Cintillo Scout Siempre Listo 11.png

Una vez más nuestra postulación. Esperamos que este mes podamos formar parte de las 6 o 7 comunidades elegidas para el apoyo de los curadores.
Hay un equipo de trabajo dispuesto y ya lo ha demostrado, hay una comunidad en marcha, en constante crecimiento, sus miembros comprometidos con el crecimiento de la comunidad, todos creando contenidos de calidad, creyendo en sus habilidades y creciendo junto su comunidad, a su hogar.

Saludos y Bendiciones.

Cint Mod Emisol.png

Mi apoyo total para @hive-181136 #scouts, por ser una comunidad organizada y muy comprometida con esta gran plataforma steemit

Mi apoyo es para la comunidad @hive-181136 Una comunidad dinámica,emprendedora,innovadora que colabora en el crecimiento de la plataforma y te da las herramientas para que crezcas de la mano con ella.

Siempre confiando en ustedes @hive-181136 por su organización, disciplina, y apoyo a cada steemians.

Por ser una gran familia, organizada, comprometida con los steemistas, transparente e imparcial y por el gran apoyo que recibimos de ellos. Mi apoyo está con ellos.

Una comunidad que aporta valor agregado a Steemit a través de sus distintas actividades y contenidos originales y de calidad.

Asimismo una comunidad preocupada por el crecimiento de cada uno de sus integrantes.

Esta es una de mis comunidades favoritas @hive-181136. En ella he aprendido bastante, sus concursos y temáticas son divertidas. Siempre te comentan y las publicaciones no se quedan vacías. Gracias, los apoyo al 100%

это перспективное и интересное сообщество, которому для развития обязательно нужна поддержка. отличная презентация!

Замечательное сообщество, достойное поддержки❤️

Спасибо! Приятно слышать от хорошего человека!)

আশা করি এবার ভালো কিছু হবে।

Best community...

Dear SC Team,

Please accept this Application of Steem-Travelers community.

Thank you for your time,

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 12.38.55 PM.jpeg

I second this request as a long time member of the Japan Steemit community going back to 2017. The current Japan Steemit is working hard to re-build the community. Because of their leadership I have come back to Steemit and I am trying to bring some old users back as well.

The community tracks membership and activity metrics daily which are big motivators to keep people involved.

Japan has huge potential for growth and the support could bring in many, quality members.

As a regular member, I would like to say that we will get something good this time.

Dear Team

Here is the link for October Application for community support program by Steem Infinity Zone.


Kind Regards
SIZ Team

Thanks so much for the amazing support since we started Steemit Iron Chef couple of months back! The growth at all levels in SIC Community clearly shows how beneficial this support has been to all members.
We have crossed over a thousands subs now, and we will prepare our application at the latest possible as we definitely need support to keep the momentum in our community!

Best Regards and thanks for all once again!
The Steemit Iron Chef Community!

This is our request to support our steemit syria community who will be able to represent my country
Sincerely, "steemit syria"

Hello there @steemitblog!!! Greetings from Steemit Philippines Community.

Here is our application for the Steemit Communities Support Program for the month of October.


Thank you and God Bless!!!

And here we go...

Thanks to find SIC Application on the link below!

SIC October Application!

Best Regards!

Good job
regards :)

Greetings Steemit Team,

Please find steem-ghana's application;

We are grateful for the support always

Alright @steemitblog, expect my application soon

I want to continue learning about steemit, after I really master and understand about steemit I want to build my own community that is interesting, active and followed by many people... I'm sure I have many creative ideas to promote steemit and invite people to actively participate in the community that I will build later.

Es un gran apoyo este proyecto se nota el crecimiento de las comunidades apoyadas, estamos agradecidos por ver como siempre trabajan para apoyar a los usuarios y comunidades... Saludos

Great !! I will send my aplication ...

@donatello i wish your community will get support.

A strong and warm hug from the Steem Venezuela team...

Steem Venezuela application for the month of October.

We would be very grateful for the receptiveness to our request.

Uploading image #1...

@steemitblog rock out on it and thanks for the lovez

Thanks You to the Steemit Team for making this Support program continue. And this is very good and exciting news for all of us. We are very grateful for the support of the Steemit Team to our Community "Steem Entrepreneur Community". We will soon prepare the application October for submission.

Best Regards
"Steem Entrepreneurs"

Que bien que estemos organizados de esta manera, ya que asi los usuarios podran demostrar sus.habilidades en sus comunidades y optar por una buena curacion a traves de C01 y el equipo booming. Bendiciones💖

Great development.

Lovely @steemblog and big thanks to @booming teams . You all are awesome

Steemit Azerbaijana Eşq olsun🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏
Uğurlar! 💙❤💚

This program has helped a lot to increase user activity on the selected communities. This is indeed a nice step. Thanks for this opportunity.


I don't mean to talk out of context but We all know the Crypto Market is unstable and you can't tell if it’s going bearish or bullish, and am not gonna lie we all need professional guidance And getting a respond from the popular ones,it’s like waiting for mars to be habitable😂😂 that’s why i contacted an analyst/trader some months back, I admit she’s not the best nor famous but after seeing her T.A i was thrilled and convinced so i join her trading team and started using her signal and strategies to trade.she also have a wonderful Trading community with members that are most ready to assist anyone with knowledge . I’m also using this opportunity to recommend Ann bargy y'all can search her on the web Annbargy

★Continuamos alumbrando con originalidad y manteniendo nuestra esencia creativa. Muchas gracias por apoyar e impulsarnos:


Рад что я часть этого сообщества!

Vemos a las comunidades como una ruta importante para el reclutamiento de Steem.
Si las personas con un interés particular, ya sea tejido, reparaciones eléctricas o cocina vegetariana, pudieran sentirse atraídas por Steem por una comunidad fuerte, vibrante y enfocada que cubra su área de interés, eso sería ideal.

Super importante esto,no solo para los equipos de las comunidades,para los steemians que formamos parte de ella,me encanta y me lleva a mi como steemian a redimensionar mis estrategias promocionales,gracias steemit team.
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Así es querida amiga. Que sea de mucho éxitos para todos. ⭐

Hi @steemitblog, just wanted to share the deception case within the community @open-theworld that is applied for Support program:

Saludos! Mi apoyo a la Comunidad #Scouts @hive-181136 a su gran equipo...

@steemitblog, Thank you very much for the announcement. Our community would like to take part in the support program and we will prepare our application.

Wao Good @steemitblog soon I will send my application

very active community.

Dear Steemit Blog Team.

Thank you for all the support since the community support program began. This is our new application to the program. Thanks!

Hello Team,
Here is the link to our Appliation post for the month of October, 2021.

Por acá dejamos nuestra solicitud, gracias al apoyo de septiembre nos convertiremos en doble Delfín el 1ro de Octubre, y entregaremos premios increíbles a algunos de nuestros KIDS.



Steem-BRU is coo

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