The Communities of the Month Support Program

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We hope you all found the Community Guidelines we published recently useful.

In that post we mentioned that we are looking at new ways to help support and develop the many and varied communities on Steem.

With this in mind we are today launching the ‘Communities of the Month’ Support Program.

Under this program we will be selecting up to six communities each month to provide a package of extra voting support from @steemcurator01.

Additionally for those communities that don’t get selected we will be choosing a number of other communities to support through the @booming accounts.

We plan to be rotating those selected every month so over the course of a year we should be able to help a significant number of communities - assuming they all follow the guidelines!

How To Apply

If you are a Community Leader (Admin / Owner / Founder) and you would like to apply to be considered for selection as a ‘Community of the Month’ please make a post including the following information...

  • Community Purpose
    What is the purpose of your community?
    Is it unique?
    Are there any other communities covering the same subject or area as yours?
    Why should people join your community?

  • Community Team
    Who are the Admins and Moderators of your community?
    What countries are they from and what languages do they cover?
    Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?
    If you only have one Admin what would happen to your community if you left or lost your keys?

  • Community Curation Account
    What is your Community Curation Account?
    How much Steem Power does it have - both of its own and delegated to it?
    What are your plans for growing the SP of the account?
    Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?
    Who has access to voting with the account?
    What is the current Voting CSI score for the account (from
    On average what proportion of the posts each week receive a vote from the community account?

  • Plagiarism & Abuse
    What measures do you take to check for plagiarism and other forms of abuse (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts)?
    Do you have designated people in your team for plagiarism checking?
    Do you ensure all photos used in your community are copyright free?

  • Engagement & Commenting
    Does the community team check and comment on every post in the community?
    If not, approximately what proportion of posts are commented on?

  • Plans & Updates
    How often do you post plans and updates for the community?
    Do you post these through the community account?
    Do you have a roadmap or long term plan for the community?

  • Promotion
    How do you promote your community?
    Do you promote your community outside of Steem?
    Do you have a Promotion or Marketing Plan for your Community?

  • Anything Else
    Please include any other information you would like us to know about your community, and why your community should be selected for extra support?
    Any other special features your community has?
    Do you encourage only #steemexclusive posts in your community?

Please drop a link to your application post in the comments below and include the tag #communities-202108 (in the first five tags).

Posts can be in any language.

Applications should be made by 11.59pm UTC on Saturday, July 24th.

The communities selected as the ‘Communities of the Month’ for August will be announced before the end of July.

The Support Package

Up to six communities will be selected each month, depending on how many communities meet the guidelines.

The exact amount of support available for each community will vary according to how many communities are on the program each month.

The Support Package will include…

  • Curation visits twice a week voting on as many eligible posts as possible.

  • Extra votes for Contest Announcement and Winners posts as long as they are posted on the community account. Also extra votes for contest winners where possible.

  • Extra votes for Community Update posts as long as they are posted on the community account.

The votes will be provided by @steemcurator01 (10 million SP).

A number of communities that put in good applications but are not chosen as ‘Communities of the Month’ will be selected to receive support from the @booming accounts each month.

Country Communities

Our ideal goal is to have one strong community for each individual country.

That we believe provides an ideal starting point for promoting Steem in different countries around the world.

It is therefore less than ideal when we see multiple communities being set up for a particular country - usually due to disagreements among community leaders.

No one gains from this. It is better to have one strong community than several weak ones.

We are very unlikely to support more than one community from each country.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interest for community leaders to resolve their differences to build one unified community for each country.

This ‘Communities of the Month’ program is experimental so it may be tweaked and refined as it progresses.

We hope it will encourage the many communities of Steem to work hard to improve and promote themselves.

As always we welcome any thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


In a very short span of time, AmarBanglaBlog has come to a good position and succeeded in presenting an example of everyone's skills. I believe the application will be properly considered from all angles.

This community is growing very fast and there are many authentic, enthusiastic, dedicated creators who are contributing. Also, the moderator team is doing great.
I wish the best to amarbanglablog.

Amar Bangla Blog has been moving forward perfectly since its inception and has been able to create quite a stir among Bengalis Community and has risen to the top in the fastest time. The skilled team is moving towards the goal with the right effort and strictly controlling everything.

Hopefully the Steem team will be by our side in implementing our goals and objectives and will support Amar Bangla Blog. We are waiting for the good news.

Amar Bangla blog is a deserving community, as a Bengali I will always with this beautiful community which deserve support from steemcurators.

Best wishes from

Amar bangla blog is a completely unique kinds of community. From the very beginning of its journey they are trying to maintain high content quality. This community has got a bunch of dedicated moderators. Without getting any support from booming or steemcurators they supported their members very nicely. Amar bangla blog community never ran for huge subscriber. Because they believe in quality first. One man is doing a fabulous job by supporting all the community members. He is none other than @rme. He is a real broad hearted man. I think this community is the most deserving community for support from steemcurator.

Amar blog community is one of the most important community for Bengalis. Here Bengalis can speak with an open mind. I hope Amar Bengali blog community will go a long way in the future. Here are some pretty nice rules. Target December is in our community. Where everyone is expressing their desire to power up and increasing their power. I hope Steamite Steam will support Amar Bangla blog community.

Thanks everyone.

Is there any community out there which gather only Bangali speaking members other than Amar Bangla Blog?

I don't know any such.

This language specific community deserve the support.

Excellent effort and decision to find the right and balanced way to support users and their communities to grow as a team. These measures will surely encourage the loyal users of each community to work for the growth of the same. Because they should remember that it is the idea or the goal to support communities "that may become independent in the future".

It would also be important for each community team to understand that it would be beneficial for them to work to seek external support from investors, politicians, influencers and apply all kinds of valid strategies to become independent by their own means. In other words, they should not cling to the continuous support of the steemit team and seek to emerge by their own means.

As sapwood said, we must iron out the laziness and all the differences to unify the communities of the same topics or of the same country and thus achieve the goal of the fastest program "self-sustaining". Although we will surely see many users wandering from community to community every month to get more personal support.

Happy day to all.

Excellent opportunity for those solid Communities that have remained over time and that need a little support to achieve great objectives, surely there will be a consolidation of a great team, for now and with much optimism and faith, I share the link of My application as a representative of HeartChurch. Thanks in advance to the entire steemit team that has been working to strengthen those community ties @steemcurator01, @booming02, @booming04

Happy day for everyone
Aplication HeartChurch

I must appreciate Steemit team for thinking about the broad spectrum and support maximum number of communities.

This initiative of Monthly Support Program will bring balance to Curators and Good communities who are making efforts will get recognition.

We will be applying through our community official account @siz-official (Steem Infinity Zone)

Steem On

Nice community guidelines for support. Now community leaders around Steemit know what to do to get support if they want their community to be supported by Steemit. Have fun steeming as always steemian 😁

It is therefore less than ideal when we see multiple communities being set up for a particular country - usually due to disagreements among community leaders.

I have always believed and advocated on several occasions that even if there is discord/disagreement/rift among the CR/community leaders(belonging to the same country), we must have a unified approach, hence a unified community, We can agree to disagree, but we share a similar objective. Because we all align with the highest objective of Steem Blockchain.

It will be rewarding for all as well, recall isolated judgment/community judgment.

I am glad to see this "forward guidance" for the community support program unfolding in 2021.

Thank you so much. It will definitely empower community judgment.

Steem on.

Thank you for this opportunity of development for the communities!

Our Application.

Best regards,
Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community


I will not describe that we are the best, but you can go to our community yourself and see a large number of contests, support for each other, posts for newbies and how much we have improved since the opening of the community until today. Our representatives (@antorv, @knopka145, @olesia, @filinpaul) are doing so much work that they had to appoint assistant moderators. I'm sure our community deserves your support. Regards @dmitrik

@dmitrik, спасибо и всем вам авторам за активность

Waitng with patience! Our community waits, too.
It'll help a lot to bring the dormant users back.

Моё любимое и самое дружное сообщество. Моя вторая семья)

I subscribe to all of the above about the Steam-BRU community.

Steam-BRU is a great community!

The most friendly community!!!

We are the greatest friends!

Our community has wonderful contests, active users, interesting posts, we attract newcomers to Steemit and explain everything to them.
We try our best!

Thank you to our community for having it! Last October, I joined Steemit only because there was a lot of writing in the telegram channel about the fact that you can communicate and earn money on the platform. Our BRU community is the best! New users come to us, newcomers get answers to all their questions, and what wonderful contests! I love everyone!

BRU community is the friendliest place for everyone. Welcome to us!

Steem BRU лучший!

Лучшее сообщество дружелюбных стимиан!)

Steem BRU the best community! They will always help, prompt. In our community, you can find not only friends, but also a second family

Steem BRU лучше не найти негде

Our community is one of the few where are ready to support any author. During our existence, Steem-BRU have become not just a community, but friends, a second family that is developing rapidly and where everyone is always welcome.

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