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Hello, Respected Steemit Team and Dear Steemians!

application for community support program.png

We - Steemit Azerbaijan, as the winner of Booming Tier 2 for September, are sharing this application post again and more assertively for October's Monthly Support Program.

Before we talk about our community, some members of our community made a THANK YOU video for your support of this month. We wanted to present it to you!

By the way, we join them and thank you very much for your support of this month. You can be sure that all the support you give is used for the growth of our community. The numbers show everything already. ✌😎

thank you.png

Thank you very much for watching! :)

Now we’d like to inform you about Steemit Azerbaijan Community, our goals and our roadmap.

community purpose.png

The aim of our community is to bring together the users joining the Steemit Platform from Azerbaijan and to represent our country Azerbaijan here in the best possible way.

Our community is the only community that represents Azerbaijan as a country on the Steemit platform. Although most of the writers in our community are Azerbaijani and Turkish writers, we are for everyone who produces quality content regardless of their language, religion, gender and race.

Regardless of the language they write, everyone who writes quality content in our Community, within the framework of the rules set by the Steemit Platform and within the framework of the rules specific to our Community, is rewarded by our community's curation account and our other users with a big amount of SP.

Particularly, after the amount of SP in the curation account of Steemit Azerbaijan Community has increased more than 6 times during September only, we must say that all quality posts shared in our community receive upvote in a certain amount..

community team.png

Our community has 4 management members: admin-@revan746, moderators-@cameron99, @nurengizbagirova and @famil. All management members of our community are from Azerbaijan and they can all speak Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian.

Considering all possible worst-case scenarios, our community's management members shared their account passwords with each other. Thus, we are confident in the reliability and security of our community management.

On the other hand, we also considered the possibility of our admin leaving our community. If such a thing happens, our admin will hand over his own admin to one of the current management members, with the votes of everyone in the community through an election.

community curation account.png

The Community Curation Account of our community is @steem-azerbaijan.

Steemit Azerbaijan Profile.png

Thanks to the versatile strategy and planning we established after winning the support program last month, this account's SPs and delegations have dramatically grown during this month. It is one of the biggest achievements we've had since we won the booming support tier 2.

Namely, the amount of SP in our community account has increased more than 6 times in the last 22 days and now this account has a total of 15,428 SP. In contrast, before the booming support program, this figure was 2,390 SP.

Of these SP, 14,587 SP are delegations and the remaining 841 are its own SP.

However, last month, before the booming support program @steem-azerbaijan had 1,800 SP delegations and 800 own SP.

Steemit Azerbaijan SP.png

As Steemit Azerbaijan Community, our biggest goal is to become a fully self-sufficient community. Of course, the first requirement to be a self-sufficient community is to have more and more SP. Knowing this, we have a strong, clear plan and strategy to collect more SP which worked very well in the past months.

As we stated in our application last month, our SP collection policy did have 2 main aspects. As always, we are loyal to this policy.

But in addition to these two aspects, after winning the September support program, we added 1 new SP collection strategy to those two strategies of our SP collection policy and named our new SP collection policy "2+1".

Our new "2+1" SP Collection Policy is as follows:

Sp policy 2.png
Plus Sign for Steemit.png
Sp policy plus one.png

Thanks to the strong sense of reliability and the strong education system we have established within the Steemit Azerbaijan Community, the number of members joining and delegating to our Community is constantly increasing. The Forming Trust and Credibility is always the most important priority for us!

In particular, we would like to introduce you to a statistic. While the number of members who delegated to our curation account was 13 in August, it has reached 44 this month.

Here is the list of our delegates as follows:

Delegator The amount of Delegation
@raul93 3,342 SP
@isa545 1,271 SP
@orkhanus 1,020 SP
@tortug 1,011 SP
@zaxar22 1,007 SP
@revan746 1,002 SP
@miri97 856 SP
@khagani 800 SP
@yusif79 575 SP
@deniz-ismayil 545 SP
@nurengizbagirova 520 SP
@kriptoqraf 330 SP
@tugbabeauty 250 SP
@fatimasabirli 250 SP
@vasifalibeyli 200 SP
@edik055 200 SP
@orxan-m-50 170 SP
@alik67 163 SP
@arifko 158 SP
@gulaybagirzade 140 SP
@mandello1 137 SP
@ugur21 125 SP
@elcinaxmed 105 SP
@aydanismayil 105 SP
@famil 100 SP
@baycan 100 SP
@aga93 100 SP
@habil007 100 SP
@rasim7582 100 SP
@meryem20 97 SP
@taryel059 90 SP
@elyaz63 90 SP
@afer1952 90 SP
@ceylanmumoglu 80 SP
@ebulfez85 64 SP
@miniklady 50 SP
@uzercanan 50 SP
@cameron99 45 SP
@melisa2020 45 SP
@zeka313 45 SP
@sefayet 24 SP
@imdad81 20 SP
@emil.agayev 17 SP
@juve87 10 SP

We POWER UP almost all the rewards from the posts shared by our main account.Of course, If needed, a very small portion of incoming rewards is stored in liquid Steem to be distributed in community contests.

On the other hand, as you know, we won the booming tier 2 for September. Since we have won the booming support program, we POWERED UP all rewards coming from the posts upvoted by booming.

Furthermore, we also have a clear strategy here. In order to fund these contests with less cost, we demand 100 % upvotes from every user who wants to participate in the contest. In this way, we conserve more rewards coming from the posts and dedicate almost all of them to Powering Up.

All admins and moderators of our community have access to our curation account and its voting , but since each admins and moderators have their own task in the community, we elected @revan746 for setting and adjusting the whole voting process. However, we choose The Writing of Day for upvoting with the mutual consensus of all our admins and moderators, especially after we won the booming support program.

The current Voting CSI score of @steem-azerbaijan is 7.2 ( 2.99 % self, 246 upvotes, 62 accounts, last 7d ).

plagiarism and abuse.png

As in previous months, our community did not receive any warnings of Plagiarzim and abuse in September. That's one of our greatest successes that no posts within our Community have received any plagiarism warnings until this time.

On top of this fact, especially after we won Booming Support Program in september, almost each member of our community started to be very very careful about Plagiarism and Abuse. Even there are some community members that although we (admins and moderators) did not asked for any help for checking the posts, they started to check all posts inside the community during the past 22 days. Thank you very much, @orxan-m-50, @tortug, @vasifalibeyli, @miri97 and @gulaybagirzade for your massive help!!! :)

Also, as we mentioned in the previous application, If our community did not get any plagiarism and abuse warning until now, this is absolutely the result of our regular awareness-raising policies and our individual approach to each post within our community. That is, we urge community members on our Discord and Telegram channels almost every day to be careful about plagiarism and abuse. On top of that, we also regularly share contents about plagiarism and abuse on our Curation Account and Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube channel.

You ask who are specifically responsible for checking the posts shared in our community. All of our management members are responsible for this important task. One of our admins, @cameron99 specifically works on this hard task.

On the other hand, you ask how we check plagiarism and abuse. We are trying to use cutting-edge tools for this purpose. Now we mostly use Google Search and SmallSeoTool.


During this one month(september), Steemit Azerbaijan Community gained the highest participation and engagement rate of all time.

engagement success.png

The percentage ratio of the number of subscribers to the active posters was around 13% in our last application. But this figure increased by 5% and reached 18% during September even.If we consider that our community is not even more than 6 months old, this is a pretty good number.

Especially after winning the Booming Support Program, there has been a great revival within the community. While some of our inactive members have returned, some new members have joined our community.

The figures above were about the overall engagement performance of our community. Now we will now tell you about the role of our community team in this engagement and commenting.

All posts shared within our community are carefully checked daily, especially because of the danger of plagiarism and abuse, and so, all of our team members try to comment on each checked post as far as we can as well. Our community team members are really like bots, they are always there and scrolling community page. up and down. We try to comment each post as far as we can.

On the other hand, our community members opens various FORMS in various topics withing the community almost every day. In these forms, various topics are opened for discussion within the whole community and our community members are really actively participating in these forms. We have to say, this is super-working method to increase comments and engagement, in general.

While our most active commenters were @orxan-50 and @nurengizbagirova last month, from this month @isa545, @ceylanmumoglu and @vasifalibeyli have also joined them. Thank you very much, guys!!! :)


As Steemit Azerbaijan, we are about to reach all the targets we set for September. This month has been the most engaged and active for our community. Inspired by this success of ours, we also prepared very strict and well-prepared plans and innovations for the next month-october.

One of our plans is for contests held in the community. So, all the contests organized in our community until today were prepared by our admins and moderators and published by @steem-azerbaijan, the official account of the community. With our new plan we will launch, every member of Steemit Azerbaijan Community will be able to organize contests from their own account and the funding will be covered by the official account of our community..

Of course, the plan won't be that simple. We are currently discussing the details of the plan with our community members and by the end of the month, the details of the plan will be announced on our curation account.

Even, this month almost each week , LOGIC GAMES were organized by the dear member of our community, @isa545, and the winners were rewarded by our community curation account. This idea of Jesus made us to think on this idea.

On the other hand, one of our admins @cameron99 is going to start sharing new informative content about Steemit Platform, Cryptocurrencies and cutting-edge technologies on Instagram TV from next month. We believe that this initiative of our admin, who has a large audience on social media, will be very successful. For a long time, @cameron99 had been cultivating himself to carry out this plan. Our faith in our admin is endless! His. :)

In general, almost all the plans and updates related to the community are shared by our community curation account - @steem-azerbaijan. Of course, some news might be shared by our team members.

Furthermore we share the lastest and fresh innovative crypto news on @smartmtoken in order to give our community members up-to-date information about the cryptocurrencies used in Steemit. Thus, our community members access the latest news about Bitcoin, Steem, SBD and Trx in our native language.

Others of our plans are related to our new promotional ideas. We have provided more detailed information in the promotion section below.


Although the Steemit Azerbaijan Community was established in less than 6 months , it is now at the top of the list of the most active communities on the Steemit Platform.We are growing more and more each month.

Even compared to august, the number of active posters and posts in our community increased almost 2 times in September. Moreover, the number of new members joining our community has increased by more than 100, and also the percentage ratio of the number of subscribers to the active posters increased by 5, compared to last month.

Of course, winning the Booming Support Program also have an impact on it. However, we don't attribute our success to this alone.

The biggest reason for this success we have achieved in such a short time is most importantly related to our digital and traditional (network) marketing policy. In general, these are the two main aspects of our promotion strategy.

We conduct our digital marketing policy mostly on Facebook and Youtube. Steemit Azerbaijan Community has its own Facebook page and Youtube channel. Thanks to our hard work, a lots of new people have joined us through these channels this month alone and some of them are one of the most active members in our community now.

These include @aga93, @mandello1, @afer1952, @zeka313, @aybenizmemmedova and @orkhanus (he is one of our biggest delegators with 1,020 SP).

youtube channel image.png

On the online side, we also have Telegram and Discord channels with a wide user base. Compared to the previous month, the number of members in these channels has increased considerably. In addition to the community curation account, all updates and news relating to Steemit and our community are also shared on these channels. Important newness are first discussed in these channels, and community members' opinions and suggestions are always taken into consideration as well.

Coming to our traditional marketing strategy, we basically do this in two ways:


The first way is that we are doing meetings with new members who want to join us, also we organize meetings on Sundays with community members. Here we are doing extensive conversations about the community, our future plans and updates.

Furthermore, If at first only the admins and moderators were promoting Steemit wherever they went, now everyone in the community is trying to do this and they are trying to introduce the Steemit Platform to people in the cities they live in and in the workplaces they go to.

The second way is that we also make some promotional tricks to attract people's attention to the Steemit Platform wherever we go. We call these promotional tricks "WALKING ADS". :)

New Project (27).png

So, we prepared and distributed T-shirts with Steemit Azerbaijan Community written on the front and back of almost all our members. These members wear these T-shirts wherever they go and thus somehow draw people's attention to Steemit Azerbaijan Community. We even gained a few new Steemians this way. :)

Another promotional trick of us is that one of our community members, Yusuf started a campaign. That is to say, Yusuf prepared a Poster with written Steemit Azerbaijan on it and suggested that everyone who has a car might stick these posters on their cars. That was truly great idea!

yusif steemit.png

Our other and biggest promotional business is related to our Steemit Cafe idea, which we plan to open in the capital Baku. Although we did not launch this project yet, the business plan, logo, payment methods and even the area of the kafe is ready. If the growth of our community continues like this month, we will implement this project by the end of this year at the latest.

Steemit Cafe Logo.png

This cafe will not only be the place where our community members will gather, but it will also be the place where all the great writers, bloggers and thinkers in our country will gather and will introduce Steemit Platform and our community to all people coming there.

anything else.png

Why should Steemit Azerbaijan Community be chosen?

We think Steemit Azerbaijan Community is a really valuable and useful community for this platform. We have listed 3 main reasons for you why you should consider our community:

  1. As we have stated in detail above, we have very clear and strong goals and plans that we have set for the future of our community. All we need is to get stronger and stronger. Of course, the first condition to be strong on Steemit is to have more SP. Choosing one of the communities of the month will give us a chance to collect more and more SP again.

  2. Since Steemit Azerbaijan Community won Booming Tier 2 for September, so in the last 22 days, the SP amount in our community's curation account has increased more than 6 times. All community members convert Booming rewards into SP and delegate to our community's curation account, @steem-azerbaijan.

    We do not know how other communities use these rewards. But as you can see from the figures, Steemit Azerbaijan Community is making maximum use of this month's support program.

    We would also like to share a statistic with you. So, the community curation account of Steemit Azerbaijan Community-@steem-azerbaijan is currently ranked 22nd in the "List of total sp of curator account of all communities of steemit"published by @toufiq777.

    comparing data.png

  3. As the only community representing Azerbaijan on the Steemit Platform, we have become one of the most active communities of Steemit in less than 6 months. We would also like to share one more statistic with you.

    Below you can see the change in the number of subscribers to the active posters in the Steemit Azerbaijan community last month and this month. Although the rankings have declined, our community has seen a 5 % increase overall. Even the number of active posters in the community is over 70 right now, unlike the 50 shown in the statistic below.

    activity statistics.png

    The Data above was taken from an article called "List of Communities according to Subscribers and Active posters"published by @toufiq777.

One of the most important things that make our community special is the Trust and Credibility we have earned among our community members. Everyone is sure that the upvotes are distributed fairly. All members believe in the future-oriented initiatives and activities of our community. That is why the number of our delegations is constantly increasing as well.

We assure you that all posts shared in our community have the #steemexclusive tag. Our admins, moderators are regularly reviewing all shared posts. We have no concerns regarding this important issue.

Dear Steemit Team, as we mentioned above, our community tried to make the most of the September Support Program and collect more SP. Our biggest goal for October is to raise up the amount of SP in our community curation account to 50 thousand.

Thank you very much for your time and attention!


Steemit Azerbaijan Community

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