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RE: The Communities of the Month Support Program - Applications for October [Deadline extended]

Dear Sir / Madam,
Would you be so kind to accept our Application for October, 2021.


Best regards,
Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community


I can assure you that you will definitely not regret it!) We have everything and it will be very interesting))) Steem-BRU is the best))

I don't mean to talk out of context but We all know the Crypto Market is unstable and you can't tell if it’s going bearish or bullish, and am not gonna lie we all need professional guidance And getting a response from the popular ones, it’s like waiting for mars to be habitable😂😂 that’s why i contacted an analyst/trader some months back, I admit she’s not the best nor famous but after seeing her T.A i was thrilled and convinced so i join her trading team and started using her signal and strategies to trade. She called the sell off back in May before it happened and I wished I had listened to her and tethered my assets. But now I know better and since using her services , I have almost recovered all I lost during the crash back in May. She also has a wonderful Trading community with members that are most ready to assist anyone with knowledge . I’m also using this opportunity to recommend Ann bargy y'all can search her on the web Annbargy .

BRU the best

A community that has become significant for me. Thank you BRU for the opportunity to develop together with you, you are the best!

A community that is worthy of support. BRU you're the best!

Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community - The Best!

Одно из самых позитивных и классных сообществ на платформе–это BRU!!! Вне конкуренции!

Guys, you are so cool😊

Steem - BRU the best! Koool

Steem-bru kind and active community!

The most friendly community! Friends, you are great!

сообщество развивается с невероятной скоростью и это круто. Стим-БРУ заслуживает внимания и поддержки

Крутое сообщество

This cool community is developing at an incredible rate!
So Steem-BRU deserves attention and support!

"We are the best community ...."

BRU is the best! We are worthy of support!

The very friendly community! I love it!)

Приветливое, общительное сообщество, достойное поддержки!

Steem-BRU the best!)

Steem-BRU - это не просто сообщество, это люди которые подскажут, выручат, сделают все, для того, чтобы вы чувствовали себя собой. Это семья, сплочённая, дружная. Благодарен вам за проделанную работу, за развитие, мы растем и продвигаем steem в массы♥️

STEEM-BRU лучшее сообщество!

I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the BRU community for being active and investing in SP. Hopefully we will become one of the largest and fastest growing Steemit communities!

Стим -БРУ замечательное сообщество!

Жаль, что таких сообществ, как Стим Бру сильно мало. Здесь реально приятно общаться и работать.

Классное соо. Планирую присоединиться

Я тоже с вами

Best community!

Beautiful community Steem-BRU!👍💖‼️

Awesome community

Очень крутое сообщество
Я тут обрел друзей)

Steem-BRU is cool!

Thanks everyone, friends! Thanks to each of you, our community exists! 😉

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