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It is great to see so many communities being established on Steem.

This is a strong indication of the growth and diversity of the Steem community.

However we are becoming concerned about the sustainability of many of these communities.

Setting up a community and just hoping @steemcurator01 will arrive to support it is not a plan that will succeed.

Steemit is keen to help communities to grow and thrive but there are now too many for us to support them all.

We are therefore looking to establish some guidelines for communities to help us select those that we will be able to give more support to.

Starting Points

  • Avoid Duplication
    Before setting up a new community look around to see if there are already any existing communities covering the same topic you plan to cover. Ask around and use the Explore Communities Search facility.
    We are unlikely to be able to support more than one community in each subject area.

  • Don’t Go It Alone
    It is hard to run a community effectively by yourself. Try to find two or three others to join with you to help spread the load and generate extra ideas. If your community is not country specific then try to get people with other languages to widen the appeal.

  • Have some SP in your Wallet
    You do really need some level of initial voting power to encourage people to join your community. Maybe wait until you have at least a few thousand SP before starting a community unless you know you can get some quick delegations from the start.

Methods of Operation

  • Community Description & Statement of Purpose
    Every community should have a clear description that states what its purpose is.

  • Admins & Mods
    Ideally communities should have at least two Admins. That way if one Admin leaves or loses their keys the community can still continue.
    Recruiting at least one or two Moderators early on to help run a community is also a good idea.The number of Mods should grow as the membership and activity of the community grows.

  • Community Curation Account
    Every community really needs a separate community curation account. That account can build up SP by posting community announcements and contests for example. It should also be the account that community supporters delegate to. We prefer to give votes to community curation accounts to help build the community. Ideally community curation accounts should never be powering down.

  • Delegations & Growing SP
    For a community to grow and be successful it must build up its own voting power through its community account. This can be achieved by earning rewards from posting on that account, through delegations and through beneficiaries.
    Getting delegations from members is the most popular way to grow the strength of the community account. Many communities offer some form of delegation rewards to encourage delegations but this is not compulsory.
    A growing number of communities are now asking members to set a beneficiary on their posts to help build up the SP of the community account. Again this is not compulsory but up to the choice of the community and its members.

  • Community Rules
    Communities generally have some rules covering for example type of accepted content, languages, NSFW, etc.
    The number one rule for every community should be a clear and robust policy about non acceptance of plagiarism. This should be backed up by consistent and thorough checking by Admins and Moderators.

  • Engagement
    Ideally in a community every post should be commented on by an Admin or Mod. If a community team is not able to do this then it is a sign that more Mods are needed. Hopefully they will also be voting on a good number of the posts in a community as well. Members of the community should also be strongly encouraged to comment and vote on each other’s posts as well.
    When we visit a community and see large numbers of posts without comments and almost no votes we are discouraged from wanting to support a community that makes little effort to support itself.

Growth and Promotion

  • Plans and Updates
    Communities should have clear plans for how they intend to develop and grow. Particularly for how they intend to build up their voting power to become more self-sustaining.They should post regular updates on progress.
    We are particularly keen to support communities which have a clear vision for their future development.

  • External Promotion
    Communities obviously need to promote themselves to build up their membership. Contests are a popular way to do this.
    Promotion to the outside world to recruit new people to Steem is also something we are keen to see in communities.

How Steemit Can Support Communities

While we have considerable resources through @steemcurator01 and the @booming accounts to support communities, our voting power is not unlimited.
With the growing number of communities all wanting our support we are going to have to become more selective.
We will be reviewing and refining over the next few weeks how we can most effectively support communities. Regular community voting visits, supporting ‘Picks of the Day’, and promoting contests are some of the ways we can help.

This post and the guidelines are a starting point for our review process.

We welcome any thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


I'm currently spending a huge dollars (last month purchased 1.5 million Steem) from my pocket to support all my community members, but, it's quite unfortunate that no support come from any steem developers & curators. Shame!!

I'm currently maintaining a language-based steemit community আমার বাংলা ব্লগ (Amar Bangla Blog). Our mother tongue is "Bengali", the most widely spoken language of Bangladesh & India. Approximately 265 million people's native language is "Bengali" ( বাংলা ). But, unfortunately, there was no such community in the Bengali language in the steemit platform. Our community আমার বাংলা ব্লগ (Amar Bangla Blog) is the first community in Steemit which is only in the Bengali language. Within 3 weeks we got a lot of subscribers & active bloggers in our community. But, it's quite unfortunate that we do not get any support from @steemcurator01 & other active steem curators. Our enthusiasm is decreasing day by day & without any support from steem curators we'll be completely collapsed & our endeavor will fail.

So, please, help us to communicate with @steemcurator01 & give some suggestions to develop our community better.

Our community link:


Hi @rme thank you for joining Steemit community. With that amount of steem power I can say that your community is already self-sustainable and no need for support anymore, if you compare to other smaller communities here without big start-ups like yours.

But can't the support of the Steem community be expected? It is true that the entrepreneur himself has invested heavily in the community but the way our members are growing and trying to provide as much support as possible between active and quality completed posts. We are all trying to increase the capacity by giving delegations. But still there is a question remain......

So I think the support of the Steem team is always important to maintain the morale of the community entrepreneurs and the quality of the members. I am not counter your response just trying to adding the point. So I hope and expect the subject will consider @steemcurator01.

I'm not sure what the entrepreneur's intentions are but if he really wants to support the community that he has started he should not have delegate almost all of his steempower to @tipu or any other accounts that delegate to get upvote kind of account. Good luck in getting support with steemcurator01 with that situation.

Hi @cryptokannon thanks for responding.
Yeah, you are right on your point. But, do you think is it quite enough to support all members in my community with this power? I think no, it's not enough. So, I've invested my power to increase it. From @tipu investment I'm now getting approximately 1K SP daily. Within 2 Years I will accumulate more powers & then my investment will be ended. Then I'll no need of supports from outside. Currently, I've in total 1.95 millon SP in all my curator accounts from which I invested only 1.2 million SP. In the rest of the amount is being used for post curation only. I'm posting only 1 post daily & upvoting 50+ posts in two communities. That's all :)

you could ask your community members to set beneficiaries to your community curation account to accelerate your ROI. anyway good luck in building your community and getting back your ROI in 2 years. Thanks for joining Steemit community and helping the members to grow.

Thank you ma'am.
Actually, I'm an active crypto trader, and have less time to give to my communities. I was starting this community for giving a support to all Bengali authors. And that time I was fully unconscious about steemcurator01 bomming etc. I thought the community admin needs to accumulate SP to support his community members & somedays ago one of my moderator informed me about this. If we get support (only for our general member) from outside then it would be better.
Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions . Have a nice day:)

I thought the community admin needs to accumulate SP to support his community members....

you are right about this. the steemcurator01 and booming support are supplementary only to support the main community curation account. The creator of the community or admins should find a way to become self-sufficient as they won't be supporting the community forever because there are a lot more communities emerging on Steemit that need support in their start-up.. Have a nice day to you too.

Hi @hafizullah , you are right. It hand in hand

Dear steemit team.
I have been working with you for a long time. You are a wise team. Thanks to your efforts, the steemit platform is now gaining widespread popularity. The Amar Bangla blog community has embarked on a huge effort to bring the steemit platform to 270 million Bengalis in the world. Your cooperation is very much needed at this moment. This will make it easier to reach the goal of the steemit platform. Because the community is under the control of an expert guardian @rme, it will not take long to go to the moon. This is good for steemit platforms. So your support is highly desirable.

Your initiative and investment in the Bengali community really deserves a lot of praise. With 259 members and 145 active posts in just a few days, this is undoubtedly a very good achievement. But yes, so far there has been no support from the Steem team which is sad for us. However, I hope that our initiative, investment and efforts will be well received by the Steem team and will support quality users.


We are committed to following all the rules of the community and maintaining quality. We look forward to the support and cooperation of all.

We can all hope that @steemcurator01 Sir will try to make your initiative a success. With the combined efforts of all, the ecosystem of #Steemit will be much better.

@amarbanglablog is a fast growing, best quality posters, huge investment and native language bangla base community. There we have some skilled moderators also who have been judging every post created by every members. We have a strong team also to stop plagiarism. We are very active to ending plagiarism. So every Active Stemians are hoping the support for steemcurator01 and also steemcurator team. This is a timely demand, which must be met.

@rme I think your community is big and you have nothing to worry about. It all about dedication. Thank you.

Our all Moderator and Honorable admin @rme working hard day-night to Build this Community. its just 25 days our community ranked 14th position and We have 145 active posters. Everyday allmost we curating 25+ posts. our community member incrising day by day. lots of posters post in our community. In future its very hard to curate all good post,

So we need Steemit community help to give support to our member.

আমার বাংলা ব্লগ community is a very good community. I support this community. The steemit team needs support to move the community forward.

The Steem team always welcomes and supports good initiatives. You've taken a lot of good initiatives and built a very strong community with a lot of active users and There are a lot of good posts out there every day which is really very important for Steemit. So we believe that the community will be supported by the steem team.

Huge number of Bengali native people are using the steam blockchain and for them there should have such a community like আমার বাংলা ব্লগ where they will be able to express their ideas, thoughts, poem, story everything in their native language. It's such a wonderful initiative which has created the opportunity for both the countries India and Bangladesh people using Bengali as their first language.
The impact and success of the community within just 3 weeks is showing the story behind the importance of such a community of bengali native. Admin and moderators are supporting a lot but still some big support from the whales can make the community more successful.
আমার বাংলা ব্লগ Community Rank is 14 Now.

It's very unfortunate that being the 14th ranked position (with 250+ members, and 145+ active posters), আমার বাংলা ব্লগ isn't getting any support from steemcurator and booming accounts. Without any support from steem developers and curators, it's difficult to vote those quality posts which really deserve rewards and acknowledgement. We hope steem developers will look into this matter and support আমার বাংলা ব্লগ community very soon.

This is a very thorough and clear community guideline that all the community admins should be aware of and follow if they want to have continuous support from Steemit. I've been bombarded by many messages from community creators asking how they can get support from Steemit or Booming and complaint and being frustrated when they being rejected or not getting support...

Community admins should start building their community curation account and emphasize in growing it. In the past, most community admins around here creating another community so they get to organize contests or other community activities/pick of the day post/etc with their own personal account so they get big upvotes on it and then end up selling that steem payout instead of building their communities curation account with that payout...

Good encouraging post about newely created communities.

@Cryptokannon Thank you for having guided me in this, I feel that my community is little by little on track.

you have hit the point, I have raised a proposal that I would like you to review ...

I knew this would happen, sometimes people are unconscious and abusive and create communities and communities without caring how they will do to sustain them. How will they do to motivate the users that participate? and above all expecting the steemit sc01 and booming team to solve their life

As I said before, I have seen several communities for the same country. Different communities for the same topic and so on.

Wouldn't it be better to unify all the efforts in one community per country... grow one single account among all the users to make it grow as much as they can and stop depending on the mercy of the curators.

This post should have been shared earlier.

If we continue like this in the future there will be as many communities as the number of users, since the people who create communities only do it for the support of the curators.

You should announce which communities you will decide to support during the next months or weeks. Then people will be placed in the right communities.

This is my humble thought. Hope I am not intruding.


For communities who don’t have the knowledge or resources to do this they might want to connect with the @endingplagiarism team to see if they can help.


We are also happy to be added as a moderator to all communities as this allows us to mute plagiarised content. If you choose to do this, please send us a message so that we know to subscribe.

Just a few days ago I guaranteed Joanna from the Booming support team that Deutsch Unplugged is a very "clean" community in terms of rules followed, especially plagiarism. But you never know and so I would be very happy to welcome you as a member of our German speaking community and integrate you into the mod team.
Best regards,

It'd be a pleasure - please add me as a moderator if you'd like me to be able to mute plagiarised content👍

Te invito a formar parte de RECREATIVE STEEM y seas moderador de mí nueva comunidad

Thank you - I have subscribed and if you would like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, please add me as a moderator 👍

I totally agree with you, I also want my community to be clean of plagiarism. community admin Steem Education also supported you by delegating SP

Thank you. I've subscribed to your community. If you'd like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, please add me as a moderator 👍

I have added you as a mod in our community, thank you for your cooperation

Great, thank you. I look forward to working with you 👍

It looks like I've been given the label of "mod" but to have the "mute" ability, I need the role added within the "Edit Roles" section 👍

You already have the ability to "mute"

Ok Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Voy a darte la etiqueta de moderador

5 representatives for the steem women club community and I are very meticulous about this. We will be glad to add you as a mod.

Thank you - I will do my best to support your community 👍

Please can you also help #steempromoafrica fight against plagiarism

One for @endplagiarism04 (who needs to stop replying to his own posts with his other account)

Hello team @endingplagiarism, we openly invite you to be part of our community. We reject plagiarism and anything like it. Thanks for the support

Thank you - if you would like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, then please add me as a moderator 👍

Hello, We just released a community It's still under development and will start our activity on this page soon. We look forward to connecting with you to remove plagiarism activities on this Page.

Thank you very much !

Thank you - I have subscribed and it you'd like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, please add me as a moderator 👍

I invite you as a moderator as well

Thank you - I have subscribed so if you would like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, please add me as a moderator 👍

@endingplagiarism I invite you as a moderator to the ArtSteemit community!!

I would be grateful for your help!

I have subscribed - please add me as a moderator if you would like me to be able to mute posts 👍

@endingplagiarism I added you to the community moderators! Thank you for your help!


👍 I look forward to helping

Hello, @endingplagiarism
Is there any language restriction for your work? Our, community is in Bengali Language. And we wanna discourage plagiarism in our community also.
Please, review our community & if you agree to help us then inform me please.
I'll add you as a moderator & will delegate some SP to you also as a honorarium.

Hello @rme, although Bengali isn't our native language, we've caught plagiarism in many languages, including Bengali. I've subscribed to your community so please add me as a moderator if you'd like me to be able to mute plagiarised content 👍

Hello Dear @endingplagiarism,

I've set up you as a moderator in our community & delegated 1K SP, will delegate more in the future. Thanks that you want to co-operate.



That's great, thank you. I look forward to working with you 👍

Hello @endingplagiarism, I invite you to be part of my Colombia-Original community.

I have subscribed. If you would like me to be able to mute plagiarised content, then please add me as a moderator 👍

@endingplagiarism, ready, you are already a moderator in colombia-original. Thanks for offering to help!

Saludos a @steemitblog y al amigo @endingplagiarism

Estaremos complacido de que pueda ayudarnos a detectar y evitar los plagios en la comunidad #scout a través de su cuenta curadora @hive-181136.

Nosotros rechazamos el plagio pero no contamos con las herramientas para detectarlos.

Le estamos nombrando Moderador para la revisión de plagios.


Esperamos su pronto respuesta a nuestra solicitud.


We will do our best to help 👍

This is very timely step taken by @steemitblog team.

My Suggestion

  • There should be a monthly Review by Steemit Team on all the communities receiving Booming Support.

  • You can set some criteria like Admin Behaviour, Community Goals and Missions, Power Ups, Users engagement, Active Members, Value Addition, Growth Plan and Development Projects etc.

  • The communities not doing good on these criteria should be withdrawn from Booming Support.

  • Chance should be given to communities that are doing much better than those lazy and less active communities.

I hope you will consider this suggestion and it will ultimately improve the Steem Ecosystem.

Divider 1.png

Admin (Steem Infinity Zone)

Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) is thankful for your support, we believe we do it right
About suggestions: may be it could be also possible in future to receive delegations about 5k-15k to community curator account? Of course, if @steemcurator01 thinks it would help to the community development.
Anyway, thank u!

Greetings @steemitblog, we think it is very important to be clear on the points you mention, it is clear that we are more and more communities, many with great human and monetary potential, others not so much. Colombia-Original arises thanks to our first Representative for Colombia (@nahela), in search of growing steemit in this country, exploiting different themes linked to it, and with a sense of social support that we hope to develop, our content is exclusive to this country but without being exclusive, at this moment we are a team of two people, but we are in the process of recruiting other moderators since our community passes 440 subscribers, we have just over 1800 sp in the community account, in addition to the support of the representative from country (5000sp) and our moderator @josevas217 (3000sp), we have created a curation trail (so far with 22 subscribed users) and we have kindly requested delegations from our users, we are looking to grow, we have clear established rules (zero plagiarism ) both for users and for the two moderators who do the daily work, all the contests, content and top 5 are managed through the community account, All the rewards are for prizes and power up, as well as we have been participants in the monthly power up that take place (on two occasions we participate in the SPUD), we comment on each publication of our users, we help and guide whoever needs it, we are present , no post is a total zero, even though we would like to be able to give more and help our users more, as well as make steemit grow in this beautiful country, we have the strong conviction that we are on the right track.

Thankful to the curators for their support.

Blessings for all.

Muy agradecida a esta comunidad @colombia-original y en especial a @nahela y @josevas217 por su apoyo en todo momento a pesar que es una comunidad que apenas a comenzado están haciendo bien su trabajo muy atentos con todos los usuarios que la conforman porque no es nada más los votos que dan es que les comentan a sus usuarios cosa que se agradece porque motiva así sabemos que nuestros post no quedan sin ser vistos y eso motiva muchísimo. A pesar de que solo son dos personas a cargo, los felicito por su gran labor, sigan así les deseo éxitos y bendiciones 🙏💖

Saludo amigo de colombiaoriginal con muy poco tiempo estan realizando un hermoso trabajo gracias por el apoyo y los consejo que nos dan felicidades y exito.juntos somo mas

Excelente gestión de nuestra amiga @nahela y nuestro amigo @josevas217 muchísimo trabajo, pero pronto se verán sus frutos.
Saludos y bendiciones.

Excelente amiga @nahela y @josevas217 por tan bello trabajo, siempre apoyando a nosotros los usuarios con sus consejos agradecidas con ustedes tranquilos pronto se verán sus frutos, de poquito a poquito vamos hacer una montañas unidos todos. Bendiciones y exitos.

Buenas @colimbia-original, para mí es una comunidad que ha venido trabajando transparentemente en beneficio de los usuarios y de la plataforma Steemit en general, creando concurso de publicidad a Steemit, concursos para los usuarios, sendero de curación, etc. Una comunidad muy diversa dónde todos cabemos. De mi parte tienen todo mi apoyo en lo que pueda ayudar y desde ya me postulo para darle apoyo a la comunidad en el campo que uds dispongan, porque para poder seguir creciendo es necesario el apoyo tanto de los usuarios, Steemblog y además de los grandes curadores, porque a medida que vaya creciendo la cantidad de usuarios será mayor la demanda de curaciones.

Tengo mucho que agradecer @colombiaoriginal y muy personalmente a @nahela por prestarnos a nosotros los nuevos usuarios de Steemit la orientación y el apoyo para enfrentar los retos que nos toca a cada uno de los que decidimos ser parte de este gran mar, y creo firmemente que está comunidad puede lograr muchas más cosas buenas pero hasta un niño que aprende a caminar necesita que alguien lo sostenga hasta que se pueda equilibrar

¡Excelente! Un arduo trabajo que ha generado fruto a corto plazo... Bajo la dirección de @nahela y su equipo, cada día serán mas fuertes y al mismo tiempo harán mas fuerte a Steemit en Colombia.

Se que el equipo de Steemit Team no dudara en dar un apoyo de SP para el crecimiento y sustento de esta hermosa comunidad que día a día va creciendo a pasos agigantados...

Un fuerte abrazo a @colombiaoriginal @nahela y su equipo de trabajo, que los éxitos les acompañen hoy y siempre.

Nahela en el poco tiempo que tengo de conocerlos he notado tu excelente trabajo junto al amigo Josevas deseo que continúen creciendo, no dudaré en apoyarlos en un futuro no muy lejano. Sigan adelante los admiro.

Hola a todos los usuarios #steemit, les comparto que me gusta el trabajo que vienen realizando en la comunidad @colombiaoriginal y en especial a la representante de colombia @nahela que me ha orientado full, para mi crecimiento en la plataforma como usuario, por lo cual, les felicito y le insto que sigan avanzando en sus labores y apoyo.

¡¡¡Bendiciones y Abundante Fidelidad!!!

Saludos a los amigos de #colombiaoriginal, siempre apoyando a los que hacen posible que siga avanzando y creciendo está bonita comunidad, @nahela y @josevas217 quienes siempre están atentos a los post que realizamos, orientando, prestos a cualquier duda e inquietud, siempre con humildad y calidez.. sé que lo mejor está por venir, deseo los mayores éxitos y las bendiciones en abundancia, un abrazo fraternal🤗😊

#onepercent #twopercent

The @colombiaoriginal community has been doing a great job, it is the only community that managed to bring us together and works every day to grow the community and keep its members active.

Hello! I have familiarized myself with the parameters of the ideal community and I am not ashamed to say that Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) meets these criteria. We plan to continue to grow the community, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Curators set a great example for participants by increasing their voice power. We are grateful to @steemcurator01 for their support! I also believe that the delegation of additional power to the community accounts could motivate the participants!;)

Ксения, извините, что вмешиваюсь))) Я вроде бы ПОКА вне Стимита...Но все же можно подсказку дать?
Думаю, что сообществу БРУ, если оно готово участвовать в отборе сообществ для курирования на август, нужно дать ЗАЯВКУ на участие в комментариях под этим постом:
Я так поняла, что этот пост официально дает старт отбору сообществ.
Ну, без обид)))

Привет. Мы в курсе. Спасибо:)

Hello dear team Steemit @steemitblog, @steemcurator01. I know the effort that it takes to reach out many people, so there are many communities that are building up their own curation accounts. In this matter, I think that a way for the team to help reach out many people is that Steemcurator01 delegates SP to the curation account in several big communities. That can help the curation account to grow faster and every community could have enough SP to curate its members.

I think that if you only visit the communities, that would not be reaching the expected amount of people. If the Steemit team offers SP delegations to the main community curation accounts, that could help to reach out more people since the community admin and mods would be in charge of taking care of their members. As for me, that's a better way to help with curation system.

We could do this for a couple of months as inicial or experimental phase, so that every community can have a potencial curation account to curate, and that could decrease the Steem team's efforts regarding having to visit every community. I think it could be a good idea and a way to solve this type of lack of support issue.

Monday, July 5th, 2021.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable


Your post has beem manually rewarded by the Seven Team.
Delegate Steem Power and receive 80% curation rewards!

| 100SP | 500SP | 1000SP | 2000SP | 5000SP |

We are the hope to the helpless posts.

Greetings, dear team. Each of the considerations exposed in this publication are very clear and pertinent, especially for incipient communities like our RECREATIVE STEEM. Barely a week founded, we have more than 100 subscribers, which speaks to us of the receptivity that our reason for being provides to the platform in general.
We are very enthusiastic and willing to work, as well as the intention and close plans to add new members to #steemit. We consider that building a community from scratch, as we are doing it, is an arduous task, but we are an interdisciplinary team that support each other so that no one is exhausted, if not that each one makes use of their potential in each of the proposals that we ask ourselves every day.
We would certainly appreciate being seen and considered by the team of respectable curators of the @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 and @booming accounts; since one of the forms of growth would be to inject into our steem power all the profits generated by the posts of the community in question.
We have the support and tireless work in everything related to advice and evaluation of our Country Representative for Argentina, the dear @graceleon. She is an example of work and perseverance on the platform, that is known to all of us.
Success to all, and may we continue to grow exponentially on the #steemit platform
With sincere affection


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