Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 13 - Winners Post

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Every week, being a judge gets harder and harder, the judges get more and more animated cheering for their favorites. So if you see a barrel (yes that's the collective word for judges) of judges brawling, by all means, stop to take photos. Thank you to all the contestants who put in entries in round 13, we hope you had as much fun creating the entries as we did laughing at the great posts. Every week we get new people joining and the bigger we grow the better it becomes, so go out and tell your friends. As we grow bigger, we will increase the rewards.

Thank you to @dandesign86 for creating this logo for us

People's Champion – 2 SBD

This week it's the other man with a beard, so wonderfully weird we hope he sticks around. Last week we got worried he would cut off the beard but it turns out it was a false flag. This week's People's Champion is:

Mourning Noodles - ComedyOpenMic ROUND # 13 - ENTRY # 1

Court Jester - 45SBD

Nominations for Court jester this week were:

There was a hair's breathe between them. But, in true COM style, a quick sword fight and the winner was chosen by default.

The ComedyOpenMic Court Jester for round 13 is:

@samueldouglas : Steem weekly horoscope - Comedy Open Mic Round (lucky) 13

Punchy's Top 10 list - 40 SBD (4 SBDeach)

The top 10 in order or preference are:

  1. @sisygoboom: The Hardship Of Having No Hardships - Comedy Open Mic Round 13
  2. @doomsdaychassis: comedy open mic round # 13 :My whole life has been a lie
  3. @myndnow: SUPERTALENT | DComedy #165
  4. @dreemit: The Magical Powers of My Seated Butt
  5. @anouk.nox: Bob the "WhaleBot-Hunter" | Comedyopenmic Round 13 | Entry No.2
  6. @walkingkeys: Trying New Jokes While Hosting Open Mic
  7. @amirtheawesome11: Fat! Fat! Fat! (Pop Song of the Summer) - Comedy Open Mic Round 13 Entry 1 AND 2nd Language Problems - Comedy Open Mic Round 13 Entry 2
  8. @bobaphet: Career Advancement Surgery - My Entry Into Round #13 of @comedyopenmic
  9. @damianjayclay: The Ballad of Billy and the Green Dragon (Comedy Open Mic – Round 13)
  10. @imjustsaying: Help Save The Multiverse (COM 13)

1Amir has yet again caused a stir. This week it's due to having produced two entries both of which made it into the top 10. Hope you all enjoy.

Lucky Door Prize - 10SBD (2SBD each)

The lucky door prize goes to 5 lucky contestants this week who have great promise.
Lucky door prize winners:

Bonus Prizes - 8SBD (1SBD each)

Best Video Award (5SBD Each)

Our Video Judge has spoken, the best videos this week are (in order of preferance):

  1. @buttcoins: THE BROTHERS DARK
  2. @mourningnoodles: Mourning Noodles - ComedyOpenMic ROUND # 13 - ENTRY # 1
  3. @myndnow: He's BACK | DComedy #164

Other Honorable mentions

If you guys would like to come along and say "Hi" to the judges or get tips on improving or just chat with other contestants we have opened up a ComedyOpenMic discord channel. Don't be shy, come say "hi".

Round 14 is now under way so remember to put in your entries, upvote our contestants and share the laughs all over steemit and beyond!!

Over 13 weeks we have managed to give away 831.01 SBD and 270 Steem (current value of >$2,650USD, at time of posting). So don't forget to keep upvoting @comedyopenmic when you see it. The more upvotes we get, the more we will give away.

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

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Congrats to all winners and the newly inducted

pops champagne

Oh crap... The cork hit my balls

whimpers outta the door


That's some good shooting Tex...

Must have been quite some ricochet to pull that one off.


the universe was just jealous of my cock.

Ayeeee! Thank you so much. I promise this will go straight to my dick.
I mean, I promise this will NOT go straight to my dick. head.
My head. not... go to.... dick head.

Definitely some talented jesters out here. Lookin forward to battling for the top prize next time

Great stuff COM. I love letting my inner comic out in these contests and letting the ideas run wild. Winning a bit of steem is just the icing on the cake. Thanks for all your hard work keeping the contest going :-)

#COM is really going viral.
Many lives have been touched through this.
people now have where to ease their tension by just visit #comedyopenmic hash tag.

I commend you guys efforts and I say big congrats to all the winners


come on give us your next entry jephtha, you know you get better the more you participate right?

The stuff coming out of here is amazing. Congrats @samueldouglas

Congrats to all winners, Kudos to @samueldouglas, thanks for the top ten again, and a Big thanks to @comedyopenmic for creating this :)

Holy shit!

Thanks everyone. It's a real privilege to be part of such a great community, and I'm thrilled that you were all deluded enough to pick me as Jester for Round 13.


fcuk you for winning we have to let you back into the rocket heading to Mars

Aw wow!

Thank you so much. That was a lovely surprise in my wallet this morning. Yay. You've made my day.

Thank you to all the wonderful judges and participants and upvoters and lovers of humour.

Love you all


Thank you so much for the bonus prize, folks!!! :-)
And congrats to all the other winnuuuuuzzzz!


with all the awesome surfies helping us grow the community, very soon we'll be riding the tsunami to trending....yup you read that right, we've been increasing our Jester from 20 SBD (Round1) to now 45 SBD (Round 14), when it goes >200 SBD, we're planning to put at least 1 Jester Comedy entry into Trending every week (right now a 250-300 SBD bid = $600+ upvote will easily put any post into 1st Page trending, now imagine a community of 50,000 Comedy Connoisseurs Piling on to make it go 4 figures....tell me we won't hit #1 spot and show Steemit how it's done)

and yes Next Round, Prizes likely going up again.


Surfies... haha! Then let's do this :-)

Hell yes! Love this place! Love you guys! I think I need a tissue...


stop spunking all over comedyopenmic....err...actually, nevermind, as you were

Congratulations to all the winners and more power to @comedyopenmic team

Great week of content was a pleasure going through the entries... there is a real talent problem around these COM parts! Congrats to all you winners as well as the close to winners...

Thanks so much @comedyopenmic! Congrats to all the winners and to all who entered, keep those jewels of humor coming!

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup

....thank you! thank you! thank you.!
"I'd like to dedicate this to my wife, and all those other girls that know me"

That's as much grovelling as I can do in one comment.

but cheers anyway!


congrats lucy dude, you rock!

Wow thank you @comedyopenmic !! And congratz to all the other winners!!!


well done anouk, lets see what you do in Round14

That was fun. Let's do it again

Well done you slimy Weiners. Now let's do that again.


go upvote the post belemo....set the example for new community members


I honestly thought I did. Done


yeah sometimes the upvote button is a bit sticky.... it's ok, I'm a stickler about minnows and dust not learning to show upvote love.... see those fcukers down below....they don't give their $0.003 love, they don't even get the 2% from me!


True though, givers never lack after all


ok.....go practice what you preach, go upvote the last COM post, you keys didn't stick there either

Awesome work, team! I need to remember to tag you guys for my skits haha


Kevin! where is that entry you promised us.... don't make me go down to Melbourne...or is is Sydney and blow up your favorite coffee shop in retaliation

Congratulations to all the winners! Lets make laugh!

wow thanks!

Congratulations for the winner, let's kick ass all post #comedyopenmic with upvote button

congratulation to the winner.have a nice day.highly appreciated for this @comedyopenmic

thanks for your informative post dear..
I appreciate it..👌👌👌


welcome to comedyopenmic @ayeshasiddika, ok i'm calling you ayes for short... care to put in an original funny entry, doesn't have to be very funny, for a good effort, you'll get an upvote from the community account

Congrats to all the winners.

Congratulations to all the great entry of this contest!

Congratulation comedyopenmic! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 42min with 30 votes.


we're looking for some Portuguese curators and future entries to expand #comedyopenmicespanol, welcome to comedyopenmic @cnaranha