ColorChallenge - Indigo Saturday

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The nature does indeed fascinates us in ways that we can not imagine. We get to see many things that were unknown to us and when you do find that it sure feels like a blessing.

While I as for one got to be with the nature and witness its beauty from time to time. As a gift I have seen things that just amazed me and those moments are indeed very memorable and they are worth it by the way !

As for today's color challenge I got this flower which really looked very pleasant and wonderful I should say. There were many of them but I was able to get a clear shot of this one.I do really hope you like it.


Copyright © 2018 the image is captured by me

It always seems IMPOSSIBLE until it is done !

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Have a pleasant day everyone !

Thanks for Stopping By


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So mesmerising and wonderful photography @rehan12. Indigo color is one of my favourite!💜💜💜


mine too and thanks for the support of yours it means a lot :)

Apner post gola onake valo hoy..r khop sundur full


Thank you Moni :)


Thanks for the visit

you made a good shot of the flower. I adore the color of indigo. you know that I'm an artist. One of my favorite colors on the palette is indigo.


Well so do I :)

One of my favorite color besides white and Blue

Glad that you liked it :)

Beautiful flower.


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What a gorgeous color ! ❤ lovely light depth and tones 😊👌
I like the angle and the clarity.📷


Thanks mate for the kind words.


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Beautiful purple flower.
perfect combination of purple with yellow..


Thanks buddy