Keep your Hope's Up in this Bear Market

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There are tons of possibility out there in the world but many of us choose this Steem Blockchain above of them. One of the reason is beacuse we believe (at least most of us) in this community and it has proven that it holds significent amount of possibilities for quality content creators. Be that it may be financially or in social standard.

There are users who have seen many downfall in the market and have been a prt of the uptrend swing that theuy really loved. While I wanted to say to the new users who are in a PANICK mode now that "this a phase that will be over and whoever grabs onto the pilow he/she shall see the sunrise soon enough".


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This ups and down are like day and night, they will be there as long the market exists. Just think of the current phase of this Bearish market as darkness while it shall pass inthe coming days.Just hold onto with whatever you have. As if you empty your pocket now than you are already in loss, so waiting should probably be the best way for now.Well everything is your decision, afterall it is your money !

So Steemians hold onto the Ship of Steem as there are many good news coming for us in the future.

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All who believe will be rewarded! 😁😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗


That goes without saying love :)

It is difficult to stay positive but I try to just keep creating original content and posting to Steemit in hope that Steem will go back up.

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Yes that can be said and believe me I am in hell lot of trouble but yet panik is not the solution not atleast for now . Hoping to see some changes in the coming days.

Accumulate Steem at these low prices

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That is exactly the plan and that is what we should focus on at the moment :)

Thanks buddy for being here and sharing your thoughts !

Yes, Hope allows people to approach problems with a mindset and strategy-set suitable to success, which increasing the chances they will actually accomplish their goals. Great article @rehan12.☺💚


After all Patience is indeed something delightful and tiresome but the result of it is worth the stress and all :)

This blog gives inspiration to new users and me too...
Awesome article friend...


Thanks for the words mate

It means a lot


You are welcome friend...

Thanks for the encouraging words during these difficult times...


Glad that the words helped :)


It did..thanks :)